Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sushi and Champagne Fashion Show

Okay...this was what I decided to wear. Did you know that we had a bitterly cold and windy evening?  So I was covered up in a coat all evening long.

I tried everything to download photos taken by the Media to no go here and you will see a lot of pics of the event.(See Stefanie, you will have your show and tell after all)  You will also see a pic of me and Fatima (our PRO) if you look closely, directly after the  Chinese young ladies (in yellow).

It was a lovely evening, despite the cold.  It was the first time I tried sushi (DH is allergic to sea food) and sorry, Shayne and Meriel, but give me a steak any day.

The Miss World contestants are beautiful, thin and SO young.  They wear the highest heels I have ever seen. I would fall on my face after two steps if I ever tried to balance on those things.

Now for the good news. The amount raised from ticket sales were substantial and when the cheque was handed over, Mrs Julia Morley, the director of the Miss World contest tripled the amount.  The money is earmarked for the education of the children of the mission and we feel blessed and deeply thankful.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOh that is great news - so happy for you! And just BTW I absolutely LUUUUUUUUUUURVE Sushi - not crazy about seafood but as soon as I tasted sushi it was love at first bite!

  2. I too am a red meat girl...not wild on fish nor sushi.
    You looked fabulous, pity no-one else could see the dress being wrapped up against the cold the way you must have been.
    Awesome that you got so much money in for the children.
    Blessed indeed!

  3. You look amazing Lynette.
    Ohh what a blessings. God is so good. I'm happy for you guys and glad that the event went well.

  4. Sorry You dont like sushi, I LOVE SUSHI!!!!! But I love Meat too!!! Hehe! You look beautiful!!!!!! You can wear anything!!!! Great News!!!!!!

  5. you are so beautiful ! i love that dress.

    and yay about making a lot of money.

  6. You looked beautiful. Pity it was covered in a coat all night.

    Yay to lots of money.

    And i don't do the raw fish either - but the californian rolls (mainly rice & avo & tuna/salmon) are YUM.

  7. Good to hear that such blessing comes from such a futile contest! (my opinion anyway)

    Lynette - you look awesome, you are a beautiful woman - inside and out!

  8. sounds like a lovely evening, except for the sushi, which I don't care for either!

  9. first thing first, Lynette.. U LOOK SIMPLY GORGEOUS!! i like the color, sea blue..
    2ndly, i also dont like sushi much, give me chinese dishes anytime! lol...
    3rdly, wonderful to hear that you all raise the substantial amount for charity!
    God Bless U All!

  10. i just looked at the click through pic - wow, you look........what word did i use the other day...graceful.

    and i am going to teach you to love sushi when you come visit me.

  11. You look fabulous Lynette, pity about the weather. Sushi - start slowly stick to the prawn dishes first and then branch out, I love the stuff, I would eat it everyday if i could.

  12. Thank you for all the compliments.

    Shayne - what you I could eat that. Problem was that I did not know what was cooked and what was raw...and the thought of raw fish just makes my skin crawl.

    Mel - I believe that the Lord can redeem any money in the world for use in His kingdom.

    Meriel - I would love it if you could teach me to like sushi...or just teach me which ones are not raw:)

    Jo - thanks for the tips...will ask Meriel to teach me in December:)

  13. ooh la la, beautiful dress! Love the colour, you look stunning!

    Incredible about the funds raised - must be a real answer to prayer. Yay :-)

  14. Yes, I don't know where this sudden cold spell is coming from, we are all wearing jackets again here in Gauteng as well. Wow you look radiant in that dress. The colour really suits you and one would never tell that you were not actually one of the Miss World contestants! Glad it was a huge success.

  15. Well Lynette, after checking out the gallery, I have to tell you that you can hold your own at ANY event. Sure, the girls are young and beautiful but they have yet to add the maturity that you offer. Not taking away from the contestants, their time will come.
    Congratulations on being the beneficiary of the Fashion Show. I am sure it will go a long way in the work you do.
    Cheers, Irene

  16. Wowee! You looked fabulous Lynette! Pity you had to cover THAT up! :)

  17. Wow! Beautiful dress! You looked great! What a blessing that they choose your mission!


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