Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random thoughts

First I want to share with you my most favourite quote by Emerson...I just love how this is so totally opposite to what the world views as success.

I was awarded the following award by a brand new blog buddy....Cat over at "the juggling act of life.

Here are the rules:
By accepting this award I am required to tell you six things about myself that you don't know and then award it to six other gorgeous bloggers.  Now that is a tad difficult because I have had quite a few memes on my blog and most of you know more about me than my IRL friends.  So I had to go and dig deep for my inner most secrets and this blog would possibly be deleted again soon. So here goes:
  1.  Now this one is something that I am really embarrassed about.  I can tend to become a bit obsessive about some of the things I do.  When I did my counseling course, I had to have every book available on each of the subjects.  When I took up x-stitch, I had to have just about all the colours of embroidery floss you can make your own conclusion when it comes to scrapbooking.  There was a point in my life that I had to take myself in hand and lay this down.  Anything that becomes more important in my life than the Lord and my family is an idol.
  2. When I was at school one of the idiotic teachers told the class that children of large families will never achieve much.  I am one of six I had to prove a point. When I studied I had to get A's.  When I started working in the private sector I had to reach the highest level in the shortest space of time.  Which made me the ideal donkey at work...because the harder I worked the more I was loaded with work.
  3. I am a bit of a mouse and never go out without make-up.  Now this probably has its roots in the time that DH was still a manager at a large supermarket chain.  I was expected to always look my best when I went grocery shopping...FOR CRYING OUT wonder I HATE shopping.
  4. Then there is my need for having very deep roots.  As a child my family moved around A LOT!  I was in three different schools in my grade 1 year.  My family moved to Cape Town when I was in Grade 12 and I stayed behind with my grand parents.  I never lived with my parents again and their home was therefore never my home.  So there was no going "back home" ever so often.  In our first 8 years of marriage DH was transferred every few years which took us from PE - George - PE - Bloemfontein- East London and back to PE.  I always had this deep need to have A HOME.  A place where my children could grow up and will always be home to them even when they are grown up.  I think that we have achieved creating this home.  DH will have to sell me along with our home on day.
  5. In the first 10 years of our marriage my DH was very jealous and very possessive.  I think if there was a "back home" for me I would possibly have walked out of the not having a "back home" was probably the best thing for me at that time.  It was a terrible time of not wanting to go to social events because "who was I looking at?" "Why were you smiling at...." (You get the picture?...not pretty)   When he phoned me at work it was "who was the man who just answered your phone...what are you doing?". I could never just be myself and life with a jealous man is no pleasure. When he started having a relationship with the Lord all things changed and our life became normal for the first time.
  6. My mom and dad both come from  families of five children.  I am one of six children.  DH comes from a very large close knit, very Afrikaans family, you know... the kind that are friends with "dominee so-and-so and doctor so-and-so" when you meet them they will ask you " Now which Van Rooyens are you related to?" and if you are not from the branch that has status...YOU ARE OUT. (That is probably why I have such a deep rooted feelings against pompousness and status)  We have our fair share of wacky and weird family members and this can mean all sorts of k*k and drama.  Sometimes I sit back and think that I am living in the middle of a soap opera...I KID YOU NOT!  I could write a best seller, but that would mean that I would lose most of the family.(now that gives me an idea:)
Now you all know more about me than what I am comfortable read quickly because this post WILL be deleted.

Now I have to tag 6 gorgeous bloggers:


  1. Thank you for sharing these little nuggets about yourself , Lynette !

    Loved the last point ! :)

  2. glad i dashed over and read them for you hit delete. i enjoy these kinds of thanks for tagging me.

  3. That's just one of the reasons why I LOVE blogging! In real life one would have a frienship with somebody for years without knowing these kinds oof things about the other person! Thanks for sharing and for the tag Lynette. I will try to give this a bit of thought and post my 6 things before the end of the weekend. :)

  4. Hi Lynette. Now just when I thought I knew you well ... your surpise me once again. It was very interesting te read about the green monster you experienced, but I am thrilled that the green monster turne pink. Thanks for tagging me and I will take you up soon.

  5. 8 is the new 6.
    Will give it a go.

  6. Thanks for sharing... I LOVE big families, BTW, so you are in good company! I am the youngest of 4 girls, and so far we have produced 10 grandchildren for my Mum!!!
    Thanks for the tag,you gorgeous bloggess! x-x

  7. When you deploy your internal thoughts as monologue, it becomes in the end a great dialogue and that means you have nothing to hide. You feel confidence in your life and this is good for you and your family. Warm regards.

  8. Sjoe - I feel like I just climbed into your head and took a good *krap* around! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself...and for the tag - will play next week!

  9. I love how, we get to take on new family traits when HE becomes our Father! We are of THE family with the highest yet the humblest status, with a new royal heredity and genetics.
    It's so true - all things DO work together for good for those that love the Lord!
    (.....but that novel sounds like a great idea)
    A brave and generous post, Lynette <3

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  11. i can relate to a few of these "did not know thingies" of yours;)

  12. Wow!
    Thanks for letting us in like that, Lynette.
    Where less determined people might have crumbled, you have used difficulties as challenges - bravo!

    Thanks for the tag - will give it a shot

  13. Aaah Lynette please don't delete this post - it gave me a real chuckle - especially your idea for getting rid of your family LOL! Actually no need to feel uncomfortable at all...we are all a lot more similar to you than we dare say belive me!


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