Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LSOS Sketch #56 - Love

This is Tanya Leigh's sketch this week.  If you would like to win a prize, make a layout based on this sketch and upload it to Little Shop of Sketches. Here is my take on the sketch.

This photo was taken in 1978, shortly after Kobus and I started dating.  I have wanted to scrap it for ages...and now I did it.  You can see why I fell in love with him more than 31 years ago.  While I was preparing to scrap this I started thinking about the journaling...what was I going to say?  Then I knew...I would just journal some of the reasons why I love him so much.  This is what the journaling says:
  • I love the way we finish each other's sentences.
  • I love the fact that we will grow old together.
  • I love the way you protect and defend me.
  • I love how you feel when we cuddle.
  • I love the way you make me laugh.
  • I love how you treat our children.
  • I love the way you look at me.
  • I love how I know you'll always be there when I need you to be.
  • I love the way I can't imagine a day without you in my life.
  • I love your ability to speak without saying a single word.
  • I love the way I know you'll never give up on me.
  • I love our life together.
  • I love you for you!
I really enjoyed doing this one...probably because I love the subject I was scrapping SOOOO much:) He pulled his nose up about the flowers...but I like it.


  1. I like it too!!!!!!!!
    how blessed to have such a relationship!

  2. aw i love it. the colours are gorgeous - not flowery. its really special. xxx

  3. It is simply stunning.
    I struggled a little with this one, but you managed beautifully.

  4. i have never taken part in such a challenge you know. . . i love your layout, did you stitch the paper yourself?

  5. It sounds sooooo like my DH whenever I put flowers on a page!!!!!

    Very touching words..... I always love your layouts!!!!

    How 'bout some pics of your scrapspace?????

  6. Tania - I like stitching on my paper but this was paper from Sassafras Lass that I have had in my stash for ages.

    Charmaine - I will try to take some pics and post it.

  7. Oh wow, this is just out of this world and such special tribute to your partner in life. What is it about men and flowers?

  8. very happy for you Lynette that you can scrap about Kobus this way ! He is one swell guy I have to agree ! lol

    These Sass pps are awesome with this layout design !

  9. Enter the non-scrapper.

    I will leave all the artistic comments to the experts - just wanna say how wonderful it is to be married when it works as it should.
    As yours obviously does.

    He is a blessed guy - and like a good wine, he started out good, and has just got better (talking about looks, but that is probably true in every way, hey) *grin*

  10. I love the journaling.

    More than I love the LO.

    But the LO is beautiful too.

    as always.

  11. That is so beautiful, Lynette!
    I think its incredible that you have such a wonderful relationship with your man.

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  13. I absolutely LOVE this layout - everything about it is just too beautiful, aesthetically & in sentiment.

  14. Its a wonderful l/o and so very special.

  15. I love your take on the sketch, and don't worry, I freely use flowers on my guy pages (as long as they're not pink or purple).

  16. A beautiful layout Lynette. He was a bit of a looker back then. Your journaling gave me goosebumps.
    Irene :)


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