Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A little nervous...and a little excited

Yesterday the 112 Miss World contestants arrived in our city for the Sports leg of the competition.  Tonight they will be taking part in a fashion show at a Gala event at the Boardwalk.  The Mission has been chosen to be the beneficiary of the ticket sales for the event, so little old me will be there too.

Now...what to wear?


  1. That is great news...I'm sure you will look great in whatever you wear...!!!

  2. Your smile on the outside and God's courage on the inside.

  3. you are going to have so much fun lynette, this is a great event! enjoy, and remember the photo's!!

  4. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your mission will be the beneficiary? - thats awesome!

    Hmmm, clothing thing?
    Not so easy - but you will look lovely in anything. . .

  5. Hey lynette, i am first time here, cant really comment about this post of yours, but i can say that i love your blog,and in the mean time take care now and God Bless.

    indeed, work is in prorgress, we are the clay, he is the scupltor

  6. Show and tell, Sista!
    You'll look great in anything of that I'm sure, but I want to see the pics please.
    I trust there will be loads of money for your mission too.
    God is good all the time.

  7. wow - how amazing.

    apparently you need to wear a swimsuit with high heels and a sash.

  8. Oh my goodness! How exciting!! Have fun little old you!!!!!

  9. Really exiting!!!!! WOW!! Now its time to go SHOPPING!!!!!!

  10. Tania...if they allow me to take the camera in...I will shoot like crazy.

    Allie...isn't it awesome, we came a long way to the place where people start believing in what we do.

    Stefanie...I somehow knew that you would want the minute by minute in pictures...I wonder why? ARE funny my friend!

    Darien...just shopped for 3 weddings we were invited one of these dresses will have to do, no more shopping for me!

  11. Now if it was me, I'd go shopping, but you, no, I think you should dress as frumpy and 'old lady' as you can, because they might just mistake you for one of the comtestants and what would the people say if you won?

  12. Fantastic! that's is exciting Lynette..Wow! It's gonna be a lot of fun.
    I agree with Tertia. You don't need to go shopping.
    You are wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful inside and out.

  13. Who knew hey?!? Have fun & don't worry about what to wear...all those types are so gorgeous that they usually dress down in jeans & t-shirts when they are not on the ramp! Photos pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease...

  14. Fantasties dat Vistarus die beneficiary is. God is goed.

  15. What a gorgeous bevy of beauties and remember now, age is all in the mind!


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