Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As the year draws to an end....

...yep that is how I feel!!! Random reasons:

  • As you know we run a Non Profit organisation....therefore we are very strictly audited.  Last week they advised me that the audit will start on 30 November.  Joy...what a way to end off a year.
  • When people start winding down operations at companies for year end...our operations speed up.  There are Christmas parties to be organised for our 101 (dalmations) children in the center. One of the parties is on Saturday when the children will be taken to the Toy Run by bus.  Christmas Lunch has to be organised for approximately 260 people.  Gifts are collected for our "golden oldies".  We make up a parcel for each of the 147 adults on the program. I think you get the picture.
  • A holiday program must be worked out to keep the children busy and out of mischief...or 101 children can quickly feel like 200! 
  • I have not bought a single present for my family that gives me heart palpitations. Actually just thinking of the busy shops and the crowds, gives me heart palpitations. (!)  I so wish that I could afford a "personal shopper".Shopping spree
On a positive note.
  • I got my car back (do you see my big smile?)FunnyI have come to the conclusion that it is not a lousy choice of car...there is just NO after sales service.  You want to know why it took seven months to fix.  Actually quite simple.  When they had to redo the engine they skimmed the cylinder head...and you are not supposed to do that with a diesel powered vehicle.  Expensive mistake for cost them R20000 to replace the cylinder head. Now I can just imagine the fights if the vehicle was not still under warranty...they would have probably made us pay for their mistake.  I am so enjoying having my car back...and it drives like a dream.
  • Bianca finished her first year of Journalism no more "mom's taxi" until next year....yay!
Now it is off to work I go....papers to shuffle and people to see!


  1. Don't feel bad, we also have not started our shopping...!!!

  2. Hi Lynette i missed you too!!!
    I am glad that you got your car back.
    I got the picture!!!
    I've not started shopping, too!

  3. Hooray to getting your car back - no more pfaffing with the locks & windows!

    I know how you're feeling.

    I'm completely exhausted and am counting the days until school closes and mom's taxi can take a rest.

    Good luck with the audit and all the organising.

  4. Thanks so much for the visit. have added you to my blog roll...another South African blogger!!!! yippeeee.

    Am happy to say today the scale was very kind to me....that kilo has gone!!!!

  5. Wow Lynette... that IS serious work ahead of you! Good luck... but knowing you, I know it will be fab.
    I have a wee thank you gift for you... will mail it soon!

  6. I always love the pictures you come up with. Stuuners all of them.
    Loved reading the catch-up too.
    I also feel the need to begin the Christmas shopping stuff...can't we postpone Christmas this year? Just until we're ready maybe?

  7. Feeling exactly like that! Marking exam papers, drying tears of DD who broke up with her boyfriend of 6 years, looking after grandchildren ) (not complaining about that one!)
    Shopping seems to be a distant memory.

  8. as the year comes to its end, it almost feels like it speeds up somehow, with so much to do, with what feels like so little time. Have fun with it all though, while you are organising! Im sure those 101 children will;-)

  9. Your "to-do" list makes my head spin.
    I am constantly amazed by what you manage to accomplish.

    May it all run smoothly for you and all those under your care.

  10. Kirsty - seriously you shouldn't have.
    Stefanie - the pictures are all courtesy Mr. Google. I would love to just skip Christmas this year...but then we will be in Cape I have to get that shopping done in the next two weeks.

    Tertia - Shame poor girl. They fall in love and out of love so many times before Mr. Right comes along.

    Robyn - Thank the Lord for Fatima, our PRO...I would NEVER manage without her.

    Allie - we have a wonderful team that helps us...or else it would be impossible.

    We really have 101 children at the children...NO JOKES!!! I NEED A HOLIDAY!

  11. oh gosh..Lynette.. that pic reminds that i will be like her next month too.. payments to be made before deadline...sigh...

  12. Wow, that does sound hectic! But its all for a good cause, it will so be worth it!

    Glad you got your car back!

  13. Christmas shopping in the crowds kinda has it's own charm y'know?! ;-D Yipee for the car! Uuuugh to all the duties but look at it as a way of blessing people {which it is...} & all the blessings that will c ome your way as a result! Please e mail me at to let me know where Bianca is studying journalism. Chelsea is having to make decisions about where to go next year & I need to find out which places are still safe & acceptable to learn. Thank you ;-D

  14. Lynette your plate sounds SO full this time of year! But what a joyous reason!! I do pray that you find peace, solace, and time to reflect and be quiet as well.

    This year, I am on top of the gift buying! I have my extended family done and will mail that sometime next week. And I am almost finished with D&A too! :) I hate crowds so doing it early was the way to go! I hope that you find the time to get things for your family!

    That is a lot of $ for them to have to pay, but glad that you got your vehicle back!

    Have a wonderful and blessed day!

  15. one thing at a time sister! slow and steady winsthe race!

  16. Hello Lynette, was at Reanaclaire's Blog about to check out noticed your lovely profile pic, and slammed on my brakes, made a U turn here.

    Lynnette, allow me to say, if you were to hold a bouquet of a dozen Red roses in front of your mirror,...
    You will see 13.

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  17. oh my friend....sjoe, that is too much for one person - i do hope you have a great support staff that you can DELEGATE some stuff to?

    I would seriously suggest you employ the services of Toys, books, watches, music - really there is something for everyone. I have used them for YEARS. One evening of CLICK CLICK and 3 days later you will hear DING DONG and your Christmas shopping will be there!

  18. I like Mel's suggestion! We also haven't started Christmas shopping, but will get there eventually! 101 kids, my, my .... And I struggle to keep my 2 busy ...

  19. Ugh, I though that I was a bit overwhelmed, but you certainly have your plate full!

  20. Wishing you everything of the best with everything on your to do list ... your plate does seem a bit overcrowded ...

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