Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Shop of Sketches #52 and other recent scrapbook layouts.

Do you ever get days that you feel down and you don't know why, and then at the same time you have this twisty feeling in your stomach? When it happens it feels like I am missing somebody that I don't even know. Maybe it is hormones:)


This is sketch 52 by the very talented Tanya Leigh of Little Shop of Sketches. Why don't you scrap your take on this sketch and submit it to the gallery. Tanya gives out awesome prizes from time to time.
I scrapped this lovely photo of my beautiful girls DD Bianca and DIL Nadia.
Lukas started walking last month. These were the first photos I managed to take of him walking. LOL! He is now running:)
Little Lukas helping Oupa with the irrigation system.
I did this layout of the photos taken on Christian's 7th birthday. I had this Scrapkits page for years and it seemed ideal for the photos.
I did this layout last month for "Six degrees challenge" on Personal Scrapper. Somebody scraps a page and forward it to #1 on the list of lifters. They'll lift the LO which is wide open for interpretation (lift the products, photo placement, theme, color scheme, title, etc.). Then the new LO will be forwarded on to the next person on the list. After six lifts, all LO's will be posted in a PS thread for everyone to see how we got from beginning to end (for a total of seven LO's with six "separations).

Thank you for looking and for your kind is much appreciated.


  1. Sjoe! You were busy. I love what you have done. When you are finished with your Mojo, send him this way please.

  2. As always, lovely.

    Particularly like the walking one. very cute.

    hope you feeling happier. xxx

  3. You have been busy GF,love them...

  4. Maybe you're missing me ;-D.

    Lovely layouts as always!

  5. let's just blame it on the hormones...I feel very sorry for myself at "that" time.
    Hope you feel brighter soon.
    Lovely LO's.
    Can't believe Lukas is running now...time rushes by too fast.

  6. I see that your mojo is back Lynette! And if you get in quick & e mail that layout to Stefanie you will be in with a chance to win on the Siblings layout challenge over at JJ as there are now 5 entries so far! I feel just like you at times & reckon it must also be the hormones - feeling very much like that this week actually...hate the twisty stomach thing but good to know it's not just me that gets that!

  7. Sure hope that awkward feeling parts with you soon ... I know the feeling. Wow, but you have been busy on the creative front. Gorgeous layouts and my very favourite is the Addo layout. Just love the design, details and photos on it.

  8. wow ! what a treat to see so many wonderful layouts in one post ! you really do rawk the multi photo layouts !, Lynette ! awesome !


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