Monday, October 12, 2009

Can't complain about the service...there isn't any!

This must take the cake...on second thoughts maybe not the cake...the bakery!

My DH bought me this beautiful RED Peugeot 307 diesel as a I love my little car... I did not even let any of the ones I gave birth to drive it. It has now been in for repairs for the past six months. You read correct SIX MONTHS. The fact that I have not complained once...and not mentioned this on this blog in this time must surely tell you that God must have done a miracle in my life where patience and long suffering is concerned:)

In the beginning of April we were returning from Plett after a weeks holiday and just before we got to the Van Stadens Bridge my car blew out a huge black cloud of smoke and all systems in the engine shut down. Lovely end of a weeks vacation, don't you think:) We were towed into Port Elizabeth and the next day DH towed the vehicle into the local Peugeot dealer garage. Now I feel I should tell you...the vehicle has less than 60000km on it's clock and has a full service history...for crying out load, it still smells new.

In the first four months we were led around by our noses and lied to. First they were waiting for parts from France, then they were waiting for more parts from France...then they were waiting for computer settings....and so it goes on....and on.... I think you get the idea?
Two months ago I went with DH and was told that the vehicle was "fixed" but was still smoking excessively, and they could not hand the vehicle over to us in that see it was still under warranty. I tried to stay calm and asked them how it was possible for their factory to assemble an entire car in less than a day but it takes 4 months to fix an engine. I was SO frustrated....I SO wanted to throw a tantrum....only the thought that I will be losing the battle kept me together.

Getting a call from PG Glass a few days later, asking whether they can replace the shattered windscreen of our vehicle that was at the Peugeot garage did not charm me at all. We questioned this and Peugeot personnel tried to convince us that the vehicle was "like that" when we brought it in. HELLO!

So a week before we were due for vacation last month, I sent an e-mail to the assistant general manager of Peugeot SA complaining about the whole affair and my frustration about being without a vehicle for this time. His response: It was the first they hear about the problem...all this time the local dealer had lied to us. He promised to send an expert from Johannesburg and that the local dealer will have to foot the bill, in the mean time the local dealer had to supply me with a courtesy vehicle, and if they refused he will hire a vehicle for me and charge it to them. That afternoon I receive a call: MY VEHICLE CAN BE COLLECTED. It is still smoking but they are sure that it is just oil in the exhaust system. I think they just did not want to pay for the expert.

Needless to say...we did not sign it out. We drove it for a week.

  1. It blew out the most disgusting sticky black smoke.....(oil in the exhaust system - my eye.) Even this mechanically handicapped woman knows that oil gives white smoke is diesel.

  2. There was a huge puddle of oil under the car every morning as I drove out my garage.

  3. The turbo made a singing noise that pitched just before I shifted gear.

So little red car is back at the garage. It has now been SIX MONTHS. I am now driving a courtesy car supplied by the dealer. How would you deal with this?


  1. I was gonna say you have the patience of Job , Lynette !!
    ( we just had a sermon on Job this Sunday past actually ! )

    I dont know what to say really !

    Owning cars in Spore is quite different from many places in the world I have to say . I am glad to hear at least you have that courtesy car for now .

  2. Oh how I feel for you! We have been without a car for about 3 weeks and I am ready to tear my hair out. Getting my new little baby on Wednesday, but now you made me worried. They promised Wednesday, but this is Africa after all, so we will wait and see. At least it is not a Peogot.
    I would have thrown my toys a long time ago. Maybe you should go back to head office and demand a replacement car!!!!

  3. Oh Lynette my heart goes out to you as no matter how much you throw your toys out the cot I am not sure they really care.

    My sister had a very similiar experience. She had a Landrover Discovery which in the 4 yrs she had it, it spent more time been repaired than driven. It even broke down here in EL when my mom had it with all the grandchildren. Lucky she was on the dirty road leading to Yellow Sands so my brother towed it home and then they came and fetched it the next day. It was in for repairs for the umpteenth time and they gave my sister a range rover to drive and when it was time to collect her car she said keep it and order me a range rover and it has never ever given her a days problem.

    Oh and the best was at one stage they told her to please not go over bumps and it is a motor vehicle meant for the off road.

    Hope all your problems are sorted out soon and you are back to enjoying your car.

  4. I had to laugh at the "it was like that " comment. I mean do they really think we are all that stupid? They were probably hoping PG would just fix the windscreen without you knowing about it. They don't sound very ethical to me.
    I trust the headoffice gets it sorted for you quickly. Give the VP another call.

  5. unbelievable. and the windscreen takes the cake....

    i find HELLO PETER very useful for getting things sorted but I just searched and see
    they seem to have a terrible track record.

  6. Meriel -I went and checked out your link. I am totally shocked, I never realised this was nationally such a big problem. I will never, ever buy a Peugeot again.

  7. I have a story similar to the one above, we had a brand new discovery 14 000km on the clock and the entire gear box blew up (not sure if that is the correct terminology) but anyway they (Land Rover) hired us a car and we waited 8 weeks and guess what we were sued for the car rental which totally R 11 000 as they had hired us a big vehicle because we had guests from Norway. So check the fine print on the hire docs.

  8. I think you have found the solution to the problem...

  9. I would not have left it this long before contacting Head Office that's for sure! I am so used to hearing these stories of being lied to & given the run-around (& hearing others' stories too...). If you are happy with your courtesy vehicle I would only be dealing with the Head Office now - not phoning the local branch - I would tell HO that they are liars there & there is no point talking to them. I would give them a time limit of 3 weeks to completely repair the car & give it back to you perfect & threaten that if they did not do that you would be reporting them to Hello Peter & the Consumer Council. I would carry through with my threat if they did not deliver before 3 weeks was up. I would also send a letter in to our local neighbourhood paper for hopeful publication. If there is still no joy after a couple of weeks I would look into the cost of legal action. And I will certainly never touch a Peugeot anywhere in the world now...So sorry for you!

  10. Sorry to hear that,hope it gets sorted out soon. Also would take it further and threaten them...

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  12. sorry, I deleted my prev comment as it was a tad too 'hormonal'. Suffice to say, I definitely think they should NOT get away with such unprofessional service!

  13. Really feel for you. But I have always said that, if you know how to fix a car's engine, you will be a millionaire and live a stress free life. Good luck ... will hold thumbs the GM lives up to his promise this time. I take my hat off to you for all the patience.

  14. 3 words of assvice:
    Never. Ever. Buy. French!!!!!
    OK - so its 4 words - sorry! Peugeot and Renault... run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.
    And I agree... Hello Peter is the way forward. Failing that, network around your friends friends etc... someone will know some-one who is high up in Peugeot.... and WHAM! Problem will be sorted.


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