Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ten everyday things that make me happy

Allie and Mel's recent posts left me reflecting on the little things that truly make me happy.  Here are some of them in no particular order:)
  1. The last cuddle in bed with DH before we have to start our day.
  2. The warm feeling of sunshine on my skin.
  3. Wet and sticky kisses from my grandchildren.
  4. Hugs from my sons.
  5. My first cup of coffee in the morning.
  6. Long, leisurely baths in the winter.
  7. Finding a warmed towel (thanks to DH) when I get out of the shower.
  8. The smell of vanilla or lavender.
  9. The taste and smell of freshly baked bread.
  10. The laughter of children.
What are the things that truly make you happy?


  1. I think that your 10 daily things that make you happy, make me happy,too.
    Have a great day!

  2. What a lovely insight & hope happiness blooms everywhere in your life.

  3. Yes Lynette..for me it is also the little things that can be taken for granted that make me happy. Hot water, bed, my electric blanket, and my little girl hopping onto my lap intermittently when I am blogging..."just for a cuddle" she tells me ;-D

  4. What a wonderful list of simple everything things that brighten your life. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. Love your list and especially love number down

  6. What a great list idea , Lynette ! I might even scrap this one of this days ! lol

    BTW congrats on your Prima Aug BAP layout getting honorable mention over at the Prima blog if you didnt realise yet ! So glad to see a name I know up there !


  7. What an eviable life, you certainly deserve it. I read out your list to my DH, nudge nudge wink wink about the towel!.

  8. Pearl - thank you...I did not know.

    Joanne - he showers early in the morning and then switches on the towel rack so that my towel is warm when I shower later...I so appreciate it and it makes me smile everytime.

  9. ooh, ditto for me on the first cup of coffee in the morning - LOVE!

  10. Reading your list just filled my heart with joy! The everyday little things are SO precious. Thanks for sharing this:)Here is my list:
    1. Knowing I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.
    2. My first cup of coffee in the morning.
    3. Crisp sunny Fall days.
    4. Yummy pumpkin candles.
    5. The laughter of my children.
    6. The taste and smell of freshly baked bread.
    7. Hot baths in the winter.
    8. Waking up to a sparkling kitchen.
    9. Reading a really good book.
    10. Spending time with God.

    Our lists would make great LO's *hint*

  11. Hhmmm, i may just steal this!

    We have such similar taste!

    except i like tea in the morning and not coffee!


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