Friday, September 11, 2009

My little trip

Yesterday morning Anita and I left for Kidds Beach (20 km from East Londen). The three hour trip passed like magic with us chattering away and making up for time that was lost through the years. When we arrived in Kidds Beach, my mother had freshly baked bread and a lovely meal ready. After lunch we went for a walk on the beach.

To me Kidds Beach is a magical place because there is still no major development and the little village is unspoilt and beautiful.

Somebody laid out this cross with pebbles and shells and my mother tells us that whenever the tide comes in and takes part of it away...somebody lays it out again.

This is the beautiful view walking back towards the village.

Shortly after 4 o'clock I left and Shayne had to explain how to get to their farm. The farm is high up in the mountains above Stutterheim. I never realised what a beautiful area this is until now. By the time I arrived it was bitterly cold and the mist had set in. I was welcomed by Shayne and her lovely family and felt at home immediately. I find it amazing that we could just chat as if we have known each other all our lives.
Oh yes....and Shayne has been holding out on us. She is very artistic and these beautiful canvasses were painted by her and hangs above the fireplace.
Another of her beautiful paintings.
This is what our dear friend looks out on from her sun room...a gorgeous crab apple....

....and a beautiful old oak tree...where you can see many hours of play is spent.
The time passed all too soon and I had to be on my way again. Thank you my friend, for your hospitality and your friendship, you can never know how much it means to me.


  1. I am so glad that you had a lovely time up on the farm with Shayne, glad that your travels went well and that you are home safely.

  2. You naughty girl!

    When did you take these photos????

    Thank you for coming to stay.

    It was wonderful to have you.


  3. She has been holding out on us. Lovely paintings, The 4 in 1 is superb. Glad you could spend some time together "kuiering" and catching up. Friends are a wonderful blessing.

  4. Isn't Anita looking great? I am very proud of all her hard work and determination.

  5. i'm so glad that you had a so good time. Quite beautiful photos! :)

  6. Shayne - heehee...I can't keep such valuable info to myself. I took them while you were drying your hair.

    Stef - Anita looks great...I am so proud of her.

  7. Nice you got to spend some time with Shayne, GFs are always great to hang out with...

  8. the Kidds beach is beautiful and I think the cross is cool..nothing is better than homemade freshly bake bread.hmhmhm..
    I love the paint that Shayne made..It's beautiful.

  9. Sounds & looks like you had a wonderfully refreshing time & Shayne'
    s home looks as lovely as expected. Shayne why are you hiding it???We need a tour!!!

  10. i loved this post and the tour through her home and art.

    you both look lovely in that picture.

  11. So glad you and your sister could have that catch up time, Lynette!
    MMmmm home made bread!
    Lovely home, Shayne! Love the trees, and the paintings.
    So did you also 'fix' the pebbles on the cross? or leave it to the mysterious someone?

  12. Lynette it seems like this little trip is doing your soul good.

  13. Okay - I'll admit it. I'm jealous, jealous, jealous. Need some Lynette-time of my own. Hope next year things will slow down so I can come for a visit. I can already imagine relaxing in your beautiful home and garden.
    Will still be studying next year, but at least the wedding will be over and time and money can be put to other uses - like visiting ones sister. :-)

  14. It feels almost as though we were with you, being able to see the views, the wonderful paintings and hear about "Shaynes place" through your eyes.

    So - thanks for including us in your visit, Lynette.

  15. How wonderful you got to spend the time with your friend..and she is indeed talented! I love her paintings!!!

    How are you, lovely?

  16. Love Shayne's paintings too ! what a rteat to get time to spend with your friends in such awesome surroundings ! fab pics , Lynette !

    Thank you so much for making my day with your encouraging comments about my work ! lol .

  17. It was a good lunch, that bread is probably the best whole-wheat bread I have ever eaten! It was lovely spending time with you and our mother!

  18. I love the cross in the sand and that someone replaces it when the tide takes part of it away. How fun for you got get to visit a new friend and yes what talent she has for sure. You know, you always have a friend in Seattle too! =O)


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