Sunday, September 6, 2009

A dreaded virus!

I ask myself :"How is it possible to get an awful virus on you computer when you pay your annual $$$ subscription to Norton, never visit "danger" sites?" But dear, oh dear, it happened anyway and my computer is soooo sick. The virus is called "Personal Antivirus" and is known as malware. This horrible trojan embeds itself in your computer and pops up ALL the time to tell you you are infected. It stops you from using any of your usual favourite sites and closes down and blocks all the blogspot does not want me to see my friends and that makes me mad. I got hold of Norton and they want to charge me $100 to manually remove hacking into my more mega bucks. They also only guarantee that you will be problem free for 7 days....sound awfully much like a money making racket. Fortunately for me my DS has IT training and will hopefully come and doctor my computer. In the meantime I am using my laptop to stay connected.

I want to share with you this beautiful piece I read yesterday:

"The life of the heart is a place of great mystery. Yet we have many ways of expressing this flame of the human soul. We describe a person without compassion as 'heartless', and we urge him or her to 'have a heart'. Our deepest hurts we call 'heartaches'. Jilted lovers are 'brokenhearted'. Corageous soldiers are 'brave-hearted'. The truly evil are 'black-hearted' and saints have 'hearts of gold'. If we need to speak at the most intimate level, we ask for a 'heart-to-heart talk. 'Light-hearted ' is how we feel on vacation. And when we love someone as truly as we may, we love 'with all our heart'. But when we lose our passion for life, when a deadness sets in which we cannot seem to shake, we confess, 'My heart's just not in it.' In the end, it doen't matter how well we have performed or what we have accomplished - a life without heart is not worth living. For out of this wellspring of our soul flows all the true caring and all meaningful work, all real worship and all real sacrifice. Our faith, hope and love issue from the heart as well. Because it is in our heart that we first hear the voice of God and it is in the heart that we come to know Him and learn to live in His love." (The sacred Romance - John Eldridge).


  1. Lovely! Really like the heart stuff:-)

    Sorry to hear about the virus,they area pain, thats for certain.Hope DH manages to get it sorted for you:-)

  2. Ah my friend
    We have the same heart (*g*) for the same books!

    The thing about Nortons makes me irritable (and ja, I KNOW I shouldn't be!) but you pay a lot for their protection, and then when it doesn't work, you have to pay them again to fix it.
    And then all they offer you is 7 DAYS!
    What IS that?

    Its a bit like car guards -they get paid and tipped but if someone steals your car while they're on duty, toughies for you.

    Oh well, we should know - there will only be righteousness when His kingdom arrives in full

  3. Nortons make me angry at the way they just shy away from my question "Why did the antivirus program not do what it was intended for?" They just did not answer my question. ( do I handle this in the way the Lord wants me to)

    It is amazing how we lose heart along the way as life unfolds. A song written by Dan Fogelberg says it as follows:

    Joy at the start
    Fear in the journey
    Joy in the coming home
    A part of the heart
    Gets lost in the learning
    Somewhere along the road.

  4. Oh dear!!
    Sorry to hear about your 'puter woes Lynette...these virus companies all pretty much suck...hope it gets sorted out pronto!

  5. I was also having problems and blogger told me to download something called Spybots which I did and then it slowed my pc down horribly. My IT friends all laughed at me fro being gullible and trusting.
    Hope your DS gets it sorted out very soon.
    Loved the heart-ful bits too.

  6. Love the part on the heart - so true!!

  7. oh, i am so sorry to hear about your computer. I hope your son can fix it up for you. THanks for sharing the heart

  8. I love the heart for the virus we use free AVG & I have had one problem in a year. Not sure if that is good or bad & hope I haven't spoken too soon!

  9. Hi Lynette

    I came across your site whilst you do!!

    love it it!

    Some great works of art here! If you love to do challenges, I run two challenge sites, and would love to get a piece of your art work to showcase.... so,

    If you're bored lol...... and looking for a challenge with a twist, why dont you try one of my challenges at either ARTastic =
    From Screen 2 Scrap =
    I would love to see you participate and have a go!!


  10. Shazza...I will be over for a visit.

    As for the virus. DS found it had attached itself to internet explorer. So he uninstalled Norton...installed AVG 3,5...disconnected internet explorer and installed Firefox. Guess what? AVG removed the what is up with NORTON?...and I am running beautifully on Firefox.

  11. Looks like Norton is out to make some serious bucks from unsuspected victims. Scary stuff - I also have Norton. Glad you got the problem sorted though.

    Absolutely love the heart piece!

    Have a great day!

  12. grrrrr - that's daylight robbery! Norton should be ashamed!
    LOVED your heart piece (with all my heart!)x

  13. I sure do hope you will be virus free soon ... how frustrating.

  14. Ah, I see your woes are over. You can download very good software, Avast, for free. Way better than ripoff NOrtons.
    Firefox rocks - I gave up IE years ago and have never looked back.

    Am also an Eldrige fan and the passage you quote has lived with me for a few years now. xx

  15. Hi again! Have been following all the follow-up comments with interest. DH has always told me that AVG is the best despite the fact that we use the free version (they have the paid version at this factory) & I switched to Firefox months ago (forgot to mention that in my last comment) Remember all those IE problems with the blogs some months back...I never experienced ANY trouble getting into blogs & leaving comments with Firefox. Have always been a fan & done a few posts singing it's praises. Luckily my IT man switched me over almost as soon as I began blogging & it is the best ;-D At times Firefox is so strong though that it will not open PDF's etc. So you need to get your DS to leave IE installed (with a button on your desktop) so that if you have a situation where Firefox will not allow you to upload to a gallery (because it disables cookies) or open a pdf you can go in in IE & it will work. So IE is good as a back up in those cases where you use it only seldomly. Very happy to hear that you are back on the mother ship!

  16. Hi Lynette!
    I'm sorry hearing your computer problems.
    The thing about Nortons is outrageous.!
    I love the part on the heart. Really so wonderful and true.
    That photo is amazing!

  17. it is indeed a beautiful article. even though our heart is place under our head, heart always wins.

    I'm sorry to hear about your computer. 2 weeks ago, my computer here at work got a lot of virus and I was out of computer for a day and half. I'm glad that the network guy had managed to saved all of my stuff in it.
    I don't like norton. Once you installed it in your computer, it is impossible to take it out, and it'll keep asking you to renew once your subscription ended.


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