Thursday, September 17, 2009


mislead; be dishonest

bamboozle*, beat, beat out of, beguile, betray, bilk, buffalo, burn, cheat, circumvent, clip, con, cozen, cross up, defraud, delude, disappoint, double-cross, dupe, ensnare, entrap, fake, falsify, fleece, fool, gouge, gull, hoax, hoodwink, hook*, humbug, impose upon, lead on, outwit, play joke on, pull fast one, put on, rob, scam, screw, sell, skin, suck in, swindle, take advantage of, take for, take for ride, take in, take to cleaners, trick, victimize 
Everyday we drop her off in front of the college. 
Every afternoon I pick her up.
Today I received it in the mail. 
The attendance register. 
She has been cutting ALL her classes for the past three weeks.


  1. Please tell us more, is it your daughter...???


  2. Oh my...I am so sorry to hear that Lynette...these girls. I also discovered something that had been going on for about the same amount of time actually, with mine. It makes you wonder how much more you can do, how much more reasonable you can be, and makes me really, really sad too...

  3. Oh Lynette, what can I say? We have all felt like this sometimes. They let us down so badly, and then what do we do? We start to think where we went wrong. Just remember that you can not take ownership of somebody else's choices in life. You don't need to condone bad choices, but you must love without question.
    I remember so well many years ago my daughter was caught smoking at school. Not at the bicycle shed or in the toilet like other children. Not even behind the hockey field, but IN THE RELIGION CLASS!!!!! of all places. She was dared, so what was she to do? (yes, I can laugh about it now). I learnt a very valuable lesson from my husband that day. He is normally the one that loses his cool and screams and shouts, but that day he sat in the principal's office, begging them not to expell her and when we left that office and expected him to kill her in the car, what did he do? He took her by her shoulders, looked her in the eye and said: "You do realise that there is nothing you can do that will make me stop loving you, don't you?" That was the only comment he made till this day. Let me tell you, that shook her more than any scolding ever could and she never, ever did such a stupid thing again.
    My thoughts are with you and I will say a special prayer for wisdom to handle this the right way.

  4. Oh my friend! YOu are taking some hard knocks at the moment. Hugs to you.

    I must tell you...I cut MANY classes and I wasnt trying to hurt my mom. In fact, I didnt give her a second thought, I was just up for the jol. Please realise that kids sometimes do really dumb things without being aware of the consequences OR the people they are hurting.


  5. cling to Him. i can hear the hurt. but He is your refuge and your stength. xxx

  6. Unfortunately we never know what our kids get up to when we're not around, but if this is not normal behaviour for her, perhaps there is something else that's wrong.
    Good luck, sis. I've had my fair share of ups and downs with mine. In the end all you can do is continue loving them and praying for them.
    Lots of love

  7. Ouch!
    I have felt that same way very recently and boy does it hurt!
    It pulled the rug right out from under me and then trust became a HUGE issue in other areas as well.

  8. Thats so sad but there's always a reason- not always bad or horrible maybe just a thoughtless escape. I hope you realise that other peoples choices are not reflective of you but their own conscious choice. Sending prayers & best wishes.

  9. I am sorry that this is going on. I can only imagine what it is like, the blow that you feel...

    But with that being said, you sharing is a testimony for us and our own children. Even though I do not wish these kinds of things on anyone I am thankful of them because it helps as my own daughter grows. Hearing others voices speaking truth, suggestions, prayers, etc are very important.

    I will be praying for her to see the light and grace from God.


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