Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bubble Fun - Little Shop of Sketches #47

This is sketch 47 by Tania of Little Shop of Sketches.

This layout of Leane is with photos taken at home after buying her second birthday present. She was not interested in anything at Toys R Us. She just wanted a Barney lucky packet and after she discovered the jelly sucker inside we had a very sticky little girl by the time we got home. She then discovered the little container or bubbles and was happily blowing bubbles...then Ouma had to blow so that she could catch them...then she got bored and pored the rest of the soapy liquid into the fountain. Then the fountain was bubbling over:)

I loved working with the soft "girly" colours. In the background over the photos you can see the neighbour's house. These photos was taken after the old vibracrete wall came down and before the new 8 foot wall was built.

  • My sister Anita arrived yesterday from Cape Town. We are the closest in age of us five sisters...but we have never had a relationship - I am so happy that it is not to late to build a good relationship. Today we are going to spend some time together.
  • Tomorrow we drive down to Kidds Beach where I am leaving her with my parents.
  • Then I am driving through to Stutterheim to spend the evening with Shayne - can't wait to get to know her in her environment.
  • On Friday I am driving back home - I hope my DH miss me:)
Don't miss me okay!


  1. enjoy your time with your sister!

  2. Gorgeous layout Lynette and as you rightly say the soft colours really complements the subject. Have a safe trip and enjoy your family.

  3. I hope you take your camera and do loads of blogging when you get back.
    Can't help feeling a little jealous that I can't be there as well. Will have to try and visit soon.
    Lots of love

  4. Love your soft colors too , Lynette ! Just adorable your GD is !

    Have a good time with your sister - it's wonderful to hear that ! that never too late bit ! Have a great time ahead !

  5. Travel safe see?

    We'll see you tomorrow.

    Lovely girly LO - she's such a cutie.

  6. Love the photos! what is it about bubbles that provides such endless entertainment?!
    Travel safe, give my sister a hug from me (im jealous...) and have fun.

  7. Lovely layout Lynette! Beautiful soft colors. Safe travels and enjoy your time with family.

  8. Enjoy time with your sister and Shayne (lucky you!)
    Hope its a real time of bonding.
    And ja, we will miss you, ok!

  9. I hope that you guys have an awesome time chatting, catching up and bonding. Love the LO too.
    Give my love to them all.

  10. Nice always..
    Have fun with your sister and be safe driving. I'm sure your honey will miss you.

  11. Oooh you are in for a fun week ;-D Hope you have a safe journey & a lovely time...and your layout is so sweet & girly with those gentle colours - well done ;-D

  12. Have fun! It's great to meet blog buddies! Your grandaughter sounds just like my munchkins! Pour all the bubbles out and then ask for more! x

  13. Lynette! I just wanted you to know that it isn't my blog that is closing, it is TTS where I was on their sketch team!! :)

  14. Wowza!
    I just love that page, Lynette...utter perfection!

  15. I am grateful that it is never too late to build relationships with family members, being sisters is so special.


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