Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to my first love

We are so blessed to be part of a wonderful home cell/fellowship group. We consist of 6 couples and most of us are people that some will call "mature" christians. A few weeks ago the one couple joined and here we had a brand new 10 month old christian. What a blessing, this man was absolutely bubbling over with his love relationship with the Lord. This new christian challenged us all and I know that I for one yearn for that "first love".
A few months ago my dear friend Allie reminded me of a very precious daily devotional called "My Utmost for His Highest". When I found out that there is a workbook that you can use with this devotional I immediately ordered it. Yesterday when this book landed in my hot little hands I just knew that I am in for a new journey back to my first love.
Now my only predicament is whether I should start another blog to document my journey or whether I should blog about it here. I just know that I am going on a journey of discovery and I would never be able to keep all of the treasures for myself. Only a few days ago I commended Allie for combining her two blogs and now I am wondering whether I should place my life into two compartments.
Any suggestions?


  1. Being a christian is part of who you are and can never be seperated. Why try to compartemantalise who you are? I have a very old copy of the book and it has always been a favourite of mine.

  2. Don't you dare!!! It is all part of who you are and I can't wait to share your journey with you, learn from you and grow with you.
    Lots of love

  3. I am happy to follow 2 blogs if you go that route, but I agree that it is a part of who you are so why not continue to share it here?

  4. Well, I have 3 blogs (family, crafts, and cooking), but it all depends on if you like to keep things compartmentalized or all in one place!

  5. Please share your journey with us... Whatever you decide on where to blog your new journey, please let me know so that I can follow.

  6. Sharing is caring (as my littlest would say!).

    I'd love to journey with you.

  7. I always enjoy whatever you post you are inspirational in so many ways! I will follow both or whatever you decide!

  8. Lynette, your journey will touch so many lives no matter what blog it is on but in my opinion it would be easier to do one blog logistically (and I'm a logistical person lol!) Your excitment is contagious, can't wait to hear more!

  9. It's a never ending controversy of whether to have one blog or various. Personally I have chosen to separate the two because I set out to have a scrappy blog & then felt that I was side-tracking too much - although I still throw in some personal stuff because it is fun to share at times & lightens the mood I think. It is really up to you as everyone's blogs is their own space. I love to read about all the different aspects of your life in any case & it would seem that so does everyone else, and at the end of the day one blog is certainly easier to manage!

  10. My five cents is that this decision is very personal.
    It's good to hear people's views but at the end of the day, its your call.

    I have never regretted having Sonsearcher as a separate blog for a season: I think it was the right thing but now it feels right to put the two into one space.

    I'm sure whichever way you choose to do yours, there will be many who will travel this road with you and will grow profoundly through doing so.

    I'm glad you're putting such rich stuff out there.

  11. One blog! Easier for you and easier for us!

    But ultimately up to you! ;-)


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