Monday, August 3, 2009

My weekend in pictures

DH decided that our pool does not see enough drastic steps have to be taken. The very tall trees next to the pool has to go...a new wall will be built and decorated with rockart and then the garden will have to be redone. Now that all sounds simple and easy. But this is how my garden looks at the pool....very can't even see the neighbours.

Here you can see them starting to remove the plants.
After most of the plants were removed. You can now see the neigbours and no more privacy. What a shock! DH promised a 8 foot wall so we should be private again. I must be honest and say, seeing this makes me feel sad.
On Sunday we met up with Wynand, Nadia and the boys on the beachfront. It was a glorious day. Lukas was thrilled to see his Oupa...Ouma no longer counts:) He hitched a ride on Oupa's shoulders.
His fingers were firmly hooked into Oupa's ear.
A view of the beachfront from the Pier.
From here Port Elizabeth looks quite nice...don't you think?
We got somebody to take this pic of us at the end of the Pier. This was the 14th try. Christian is still at the funny stage...not looking at the camera, tongue hanging out of the mouth etc.
Pretty Nadia with Lukas.
Two brothers enjoying ice cream.
Such a cute little face.
Christian flying his kite.
We are so blessed to have such perfect weather in the beginning of August.


  1. What lovely photos of your family! I can't believe that Lukas is so big already. It is sad seeing your garden without the huge trees, but I am sure it will look great once you are finished with the changes!

  2. So nice to see your family relaxed together. Wow, such a huge change in your garden. You'll have so much more sun impacting your flowers.
    Fingers in Oupa's ears make steering Oupa much easier.

  3. Wow, it is sad to see nice greenery like that removed!!!! Loveley pics!!!! I must post some more pics again.....

  4. Noooooo! Ai, my heart breaks to see all that beautiful greenery inner environmentalist wants to picket!!

    Am sure it will look lovely once done though. thanks for sharing these lovely photos - looks like an epic weekend.

  5. LOL Lynette, my "being Published" is a mock up. Creating Keepsakes offered a free download of one of their mag covers. Must admit it gave me a thrill to see the finished product.
    I would have needed therapy after seeing all those lovely plants being pulled out. Hope they found another home. I know that your new garden will look specular. Hope your new 8'fence will not block the sun. hehehehe
    Your day at the beach was PERFECT in more ways that one. Now I know what ears were made for.

  6. Lovely photos Lynette! I once did a pictorial post like that, of our whole holidays, 45 pictures, but it was hard work!! It does certainly tell the story in the best way though & PE looks great. I like the look of it a lot, having never been. You are brave allowing DH to remove all that beautiful foliage - but I'm sure you both thought long & hard first & have something even better in store ;-D

  7. Love the photos! And the pool looks so nice and is about 100* here right now and water sounds and looks good!

    I enjoyed all the fun family photos and I am picturing you quickly putting them in more of your wonderful scrapbooks! =O)

  8. Everything of the best with the poolside make-over. They do say, a change is as good as a holiday. PE is still the best!

  9. Glad you got some family time over the weekend Lynette. Sad about the trees though! It looked beatiful before - it would've been heart breaking for me to see them taken out but I once again - it's "work in progress". I'm sure the end result will look teriffic! :) Have a great day!

  10. Wow - PE looks amazing from that angle! We are coming in September for an outreach - I wonder if that fab weather will hold!

    Lovely photos! xx

  11. I am still a bit sad about our lack of privacy...and I now have to close the curtains before I can get undressed:( I did not remember the neighbours house being quite as close.

    I have to laugh at the new use for ears Lukas found.

    Kate - I hope we can meet during your time here in PE...have an outreach to the Mission:)

  12. First of all--your family is gorgeous!! But about that pool-- I think I would miss all the vegetation, too. Hope it turns out in a way that you enjoy.

  13. GORGEOUS family!! I love your pool:)

  14. I would have loved to have your pool here this summer! We've had really high temps for Oregon. I'm excited to see how it all turns out!

  15. Gorgeous pictures Lynette!! I do have to admit that I loved the greenery around your pool. What a drastic change it made by taking it out!! I can't wait to see the finished picture (and I'm sure you can't wait for the privacy!)

  16. Love your pictures..
    Nice pool, I'm sad about your plants being gone.. Is there any snakes in your area? just thinking about all those plants..

  17. I always enjoy seeing your photos.
    I hope you get the privacy you want for your pool. :)

  18. Oh I hope you werent there when they cut down those trees? I am sure you will love the new result. Gorgeous family!

  19. Joanne - I spent the day in my sunroom scrapping...trying to distract myself from what was going on outside:(

  20. Fabulous photos!! You live in such a beautiful part of the world!

    Thanks for the blog love!!

  21. checking in/catching up... what a beautiful family!


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