Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I always thought it so true that children are "your heart walking around outside of your body"...but I do believe that this is even more true of grandchildren. They are just so special and so close to your heart that sometimes you look at them and your heart swells with so much love that you think you can burst.

Here is a recent photo of Dewan and me. He has grown so much in the past 4 months...and looks nothing like the premature baby he was...he is now a soft marshmallow baby.

I am so blessed to have all my children and grandchildren living in the same town. Last week Lukas was still not well enough to go back to the daymother and they brought him to our house every day to stay with my domestic worker. If I think of Lukas...I think of laughter and dimples. He is the happiest little chap that I have ever seen.Here he is with his most favorite person!
Leane het her second birthday on the 10th of August...but the birthday could not be celebrated because she was so sick. On Saturday my mom and I took her shopping. Her great grandma bought her the dress...that could not be taken off after the fitting and was worn for the rest of the day over her clothes. The toyshop with all its choices just confused the little one and all she wanted was a Barney lucky packet...Oupa and Ouma bought her this purple bicycle.

She was not in the mood to pose so this was the only pic I got of her looking at he camera.



  1. Lynette you have beautiful grandchildren - can't believe how Dewan has grown.

    Such a cute little thing - you must just want to cuddle and kiss him all day everyday!

  2. Ja - that's my sister. Just keeps getting younger looking each year.


  3. You have a beautiful family. I love how you described Dewan - marshmallow baby...too funny. :)

  4. You make being a glamorous Granny look so good...pity I still have parenting ahead, I think I could be a swell Grandma.

  5. You have wonderful grandchildren. cute pictures.

  6. Love the pictures! What beautiful babies you have for grandchildren!

  7. Gorgeous pics! Especially like the little one in her dress over her clothes...

  8. Children are just such wonderful human beings & all the more so when they are your own & you can really get to know them. I can't wait to be a granny either & am looking forward to lots of grandchildren to cherish. Lovely photos & your love for them really comes through in your writing Lynette ;-D

  9. You have adorable grand bambinos and I like your saying i.e. "your heart walking around outside of your body" for them.


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