Wednesday, July 22, 2009


J was a street child that broke into one of the outbuildings at the Mission. He was only 17 at the time and was a runaway of the SOS Childrens Village. After the police let him go he came back to the Mission and we took him in. A few months later he was diagnosed HIV Positive but had a loving large adoptive family in all the people at the Mission. He will always need to live in a place where he is sheltered and has really "come home". He has now been living at the Mission for two years and grew to love one of the ladies that attend the church on Sunday nights (to him she is his mother) and he always waits for her outside until she and her DH arrives. This is what you will see every Sunday night and it still gives me a lump in my throat...those hands entwined...proof that godly love has no boundaries.


  1. LOVE that picture and how beautiful the whole story is! Wow.

  2. So I might be a bit more emotional at the moment, but this story really got me going...

  3. Thats lovely Lynette!
    Seeing moments like those give me hope for better things for us

  4. Lovely...if only there were more of that going on around here...

  5. Now I've got a lump in my throat too! Such a beautiful story that can't help but give me a little more hope for the future of this beautiful country of ours! :)

  6. Dankie weereens vir 'n inspirerende skrywe.
    Mooi bly


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