Thursday, July 16, 2009

From the outside looking in....

UPDATE: After receiving some comments I feel I should clear up any misconceptions. With this post I was not intending "knocking" anybody or placing myself beyond others. I was merely trying to put in words how different we experience life in ministry to the secular world and how different the value systems are. I have a lot of respect for people in the secular world and we did feel honoured receiving recognition for the community work we do. It was also not my intention to romanticize ministry...I assure you nothing can be further from romantic.

I think I told you a few weeks ago that Kobus received an award recently for the humanitarian work we do. Generally we like being behind the scenes and don't like being pushed into the public. After all it is just a calling.

It is at times like these that it feels as if I am on the outside looking in. The whole ceremony of banging a gavel against a gong to start proceedings and then doing a toast for this... that... and the other... I sat there and initially I found it very far removed from what we consider"Real Life". Gradually my amusement turned to mild irritation and when the evening was over, I was just thankful. It also reminded me of another awards evening and I went in search of my 2007 Journal. I was nominated for a Woman's Day award by the Premier of the Eastern Cape. This is what I wrote in my journal:

I attended an awards evening on 15 August 2007 where I received the Premier's Woman's Day Award in recognition of the work that we do in the community. Being a Woman's Day event the venue was filled with many business women and politicians and as you can imagine the speech given by the MEC for Development and Housing just went on and on about the role of women in a man's world, the empowerment of women and on...and on...and on. I sat there and my mind started drifting...I realised how far my world was removed from these people. That there is such a broad divide between their world and mine that there is probably now way of ever bridging it. My world is a world where poverty has no discrimination between race, creed, sex or age. A world that knows brokenness and rejection. Where everyday politics and feminism has no place...where everyday is lived with one goal in survive that day. A world filled with so many people that has lost all hope.

If you have a wordly mindset, what will you say to a 22 year old man that was sexually molested by his own father from the age of 12 and this demasculated him totally, how do you empower him to overcome this and move onto a productive life? What would you do about a 12 year old girl whose innocence was stolen by her father and who has now become sexually aware way to young? What do you do about little children that molest other little children because of what has been done to them? What do you say to a 60 something woman that had a successful business and is now totally destitute and rejected by her family? What do you say to a man that just found out he is HIV-positive? What do you do about the 70 year old lady that was abused by her own children, her pension money stolen by them and left to starve in a back yard room? Where is the ointment that will heal these wounds? What will politics, womans rights and the empowerment of women do to change their situation?

This is my world... and no...I do not have all the answers. I know that we have been called by God to this world and therefore we try on a daily basis to be His hands and feet in this place where so many has found a home and a new family. I have an ear to listen, often times all I can do is cry with them. I know that all I can do is trust Him...Who can heal all hurts, that will dry all tears and that can cure their brokenness.

So this is my world...and I would not change it for a life back in the secular world. Two weeks after the evening I received this photo by e-mail. I have been trying to figure out what exactly I can read in my facial expression. What do you think?


  1. Amazing post. shew.

    Exactly why I can't understand how people out there in the world manage without God.
    In a way, I sometimes think they are braver than me - I am SO glad I have the "salvation ointment"! I would not cope in the "real" world without it :-)

    PS I spot a very familiar company logo in your picture!

  2. Hi Kate, the very familiar company hosted the evening. I agree with you, I am also much to weak to face the world without the my CRUTCH in this upside down world.

  3. Hoe sal ek nou se, baie geluk met jul erkennings. Julle verdien dit deur en deur al voel jul asof julle dit nie vir enige eer en roem doen nie, maar slegs vir Hom. Ek weet al te goed watse invloed julle toegewydheid op gebroke lewens kan he. Al voel dit nie altyd so nie, wees verseker dit maak ''n groot verskil in die groter skema van dinge. Mooi bly.

  4. I am just glad that is your calling and not mine..but as He calls so He equips.
    Your face looks beautiful...what was the lady in Kobus's photo thinking?

  5. It really is sad to think and remember sufferings that we and other people have faced some greater then others, but that is the beauty of our Lord Jesus taking on every suffering as he died on that cross for us. Isaiah 53:5 He alone understands and can bring comfort for EVERY hurt and suffering we may have faced, because He took every last sin on Him when He hung on that cross.

    Watching the Lord work in the lives of many wounded and broken people through my parents and their drug and acholol ministry "U-turn for Christ" has been a true eye opener that JESUS can heal, restore, and revive our lives when we surrender to Him! My mom always use to tell that the Lord could remove those boken and bad memories; He can and HE does, but it also takes washing our minds with the WORD of GOD and not the things of this WORLD! True restoration and freedom (from any and all hurts, wounds, sins, etc) come from BEING IN HIS WORD and in HIS presents! I am so thankful for the blood of JESUS that washes me WHITE as snow! My heart and soul ach for those that don't have JESUS and my prayers are with all those hurting.

    May the LORD strengthen you and your family and bless you TEN fold for the ministry you are doing!
    I don't know what to say about the picture, but I do know that you have shown that your heart is like the heart of our SAVIOR aching for the hurting and the lost! Keep serving our KING!

    Blessings my friend!

  6. OH Yeah... even though the world seems oh so much bigger then us. It is NOT bigger then our LORD! Keep fighting the good fight! Your LOVE and BOLDNESS for JESUS are contagious!

    Philip 4:13
    2 Thes 3:13

  7. Your writings are so interesting Lynette. They keep me inspired to continue on my walk with the Lord.
    He has truly used you & Kobus for amazing work!

  8. Very interesting Lynette...ESPECIALLY the facial expression...I'd say it says that you are really beyond them...just not even relating to all their nonsense - which is just great!!! I also HATE those type of events and ABHOR feminism & a whole lot of people getting together to TALK about things...especially when it all becomes so superficial & they are dripping in jewellery with fresh manicures & pedicures...I laways want to leave too!

  9. I also wanted to say that strangely one of the things I enjoy most about living in Africa is what most people hate - I love that it is so real - that there is so much suffering around (not that I want it IYKWIM) but that it keeps me real & grounded. And also that I don't go to church here because I have tried a few but I can tell you that most people in those huge fancy buidlings are not touched by the Lord in my opinion...they are way too wrapped up with looking good & being seen in the right place on a Sunday morning...they are even given NUMBERS instead of, no,no!!!! If that is the case I would rather not be involved...

  10. I'd say you look as if you're humouring them by being there?

    But Lynette, i can understand why they want to honour you. It takes a very special kind of person to deal with what you do, on a daily basis. You are definately an inspiration!

  11. I read through this again...and I do sound cynical but I am not really:)

  12. Helen...I would not say that I was beyond the people...probably a bit detached because of day dreaming during the speeches.

    Shayne...I did feel honoured and I would not say that I was humouring the people there because that would be disrespectful...and would not be my intention.

  13. When I said you looked beyond them I didn't mean you looked ABOVE them. I simply meant that you looked like you didn't belong did ask us to guess LOL! So don't worry...I know what you meant ;-D


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