Monday, July 6, 2009


Friday was one of those crazy days...where there seems to be not enough hours in the day to do what should be done. Add to this a dental appointment in the middle of that day and getting ready for a fellowship group social for the evening and you have a recipe for disaster. When I got back from the dentist it was 4 o'clock and I had one hour to do the wages for 150 people. I phoned the kitchen and asked our chef to make me a salad for the social....just knew that there was not going to be time to stop at shops and still make the salad. Shortly after 5 o'clock I left the office with bag, laptop and a very important file in my hand. This file had some vital information our attorney needed and R56000 worth of acknowledgements of debt.

When I got to my car the kitchen staff was waiting with the salad and I found that I did not have a free hand to unlock my I took the very important file and put it on the roof of my car to unlock the door.....then two people wanted some of my attention.....and you can guess what happened?

An hour later I wanted to fax the important information and the file was gone! I went ice cold and had that feeling of " can I please just turn back the clock an hour and a half." I phoned my DH in panic and owned up to my stupidity. The file was nowhere to be found! I sank down on my knees and my prayer went something like this. "Lord, I know I don't usually come to You to help me out of a situation that I got myself into because of my negligence and stupidity....but please I need Your help."

Twenty minutes later DH phoned me...they found the documents about 30 metres from the Centre next to the road, the file must have fallen of the roof of my car when I turned out of the gate of the Centre into the traffic. Somebody picked it up, ripped the documents out and dumped it. Can you imagine my relief? I am so thankful:)


  1. Happens to the best of us.... Too much to do too little time.

    Glad it worked out.

  2. Its quite normal, so join the rest of the mad bunch. I am just so glad that the story has a happy ending as we all know how crucial that info is to you. Don't worry I often dump my washing in the waste bin, only to be rescued by DH's unusual discoveries in the waste bin. Hugs from Desire

  3. I've driven 10 minutes with a friend who had left her cell phone on the roof of her car. It fell back and "rested" between the bottom of the back window and the boot, though turns and stops.
    I have driven with a cake on my roof, people hooting and staring made me stop.
    What about the baby strapped into the carseat, they found in peak traffic on the freeway where he had landed safely and uninjured.

    You're in good company.
    God is good.

  4. You are so not alone - just yesterday we saw someone driving with the keys in his boot!

    Trying to do too much in a hurry - that's normally the problem!

  5. Don't you just LOVE it when God answers those "SOS" prayers?
    It doesn't seem to phase Him at all if it was our fault - He just helps.
    Such a wonderful Dad!

  6. Phew! What a relief! We serve an Almighty God - nothing too big or too small for Him!

  7. Hi Lynette. Trust you are well. I have tagged you over at DOING LIFE.
    Hope you will play along.
    Hugs from Desire

  8. Yay that you found it! A little Miracle for a busy day!

  9. Oh dear...I was so worried for you...just so glad you got all your papers...really an amazing miracle. My poor DH lost a CD shuttle full of his favourite CDs, some of them irreplaceable collector's items as he is a music connoisseur & some of those were studio not the regular thing. He also drove off with them on the roof the night before we emigrated from Zimbabwe & we were stressed out with so many things to finish!

  10. Oh BTW we realised that night & trailed our pathway back to where we were & I walked on foot along the verges but it was nowhere to be found - obviously "collected"
    by some passer-by...doubt they realised the treasure they had in their hands - also cost R600 to replace the CD shuttle for his Merc!

  11. Yep...the Lord has really stretched me in all directions to start trusting Him all things, large and small. How great is our God!


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