Thursday, July 23, 2009

Court day (Update: VICTORY!!!!!)

Update: Just as a background you can read what this is about here. Our day went something like this:

  1. We were greeted yesterday morning with a bitterly cold day and torrents of rain.
  2. Our friend and attorney told us to be ready any time from 8:30. At 9:00 he phoned and told us to be at court on the double so we dodged potholes, taxi's and roadworks in Govan Mbeki street (Old Main Street). (The nerves were shot after this:)
  3. We arrive at the court and are informed that our opponents witnesses have not arrived and he is pleading for it to be postphoned AGAIN.
  4. We speak to the clerk to find out who his witnesses are and send our driver to get the sleeping witnesses out of bed and into court. Needless to say our opponent never told them to be in court. We also phone a captain in the police that he wanted as a witness and he agrees to be there pronto.
  5. Believe it or not....the magistrate agrees to wait until everybody is there.
  6. Legal aid had withdrawn from the opponent and he defends himself in court...very silly thing to do. He proceeds to fall into the hole that he had dug for us.
  7. The magistrate is appalled when he hears about all the allegations the opponent made against the organisation and our attorney supplies him of all proof that shows that the organisation was cleared by the Commercial Crimes unit of all the allegations.
  8. Our attorney comes down on him like a ton of bricks when he really puts his foot into it and advises our attorney that he laid a charge against him (attorney) at the Cape Law Society.
  9. Magistrate rules that if we find him suitable alternative accommodation he will grant the Eviction Order, at the same time he says that he sees suitable accommodation as "a roof over the head."
  10. We make a call and get him a bed in the local night shelter...and pay for him for a week.
  11. Three hours later the Sheriff of the court arrive at the Mission with a bakkie and starts packing up the man with all his groceries.
  12. Praise the Lord for the victory!!!!
I do however believe that we have not seen the last of him. He is on a mission to destroy, but he does not realise that his battle is not against us and that we just have to stand our ground while God is fighting for us.
Off to court this morning to bring to an end 6 months of tremendous unpleasantness. Please pray for righteousness in the proceedings and that it would have a positive result that would bring honour to the Lord.


  1. Don't know the details but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in any case Lynette! :)

  2. I do remember all the details & have already prayed that you will be free of all this unpleasantness asap - keep us posted!

  3. Trusting with you for the *best* possible outcome....let us know asap okay?

  4. oh good, glad it all came out fine for now:-)

  5. Shew, I read the background info and this is one of those situations that would make my fruit drop off the tree very very fast as well because I abhor injustice and lies!

    I go into Lioness mode at the slightest provocation when it somes to this sort of thing!
    I think there is a difference between when to love the person and "turn the other cheek" and when you have to protect the rest of the flock - for me this is a protection one!
    I am SO glad that things in court went in your favour!
    You have the power of Heaven behind you - He is faithful in these things as well and vengence is His - so just know He has your back and is for you.
    Hope the worst is over now. xx

  6. YAY!

    You must be so incredibly relieved.

    God is indeed good!

  7. What a relief after reading this post. Some more proof that justice always prevail.

  8. isn't it amazing. His ways and His timing.

    So please that you have reached a milestone.

  9. Oh I am so happy for all of you. It must be such a relief. Lets hope that he realises that his battle is fruitless.

  10. Wow - what a story! Bet you all smiled & waved him goodbye ;-D This is certainly something that only God could have acheived & I'm sure your prayers will continue to keep this man subdued & eventually repentant

  11. Hopefully now this will be over for the most part...hugs!

  12. I have been praying for this!! I just checked in to see how you were doing! what a PRAISE report!!

    God is good! This battle belonged to the Lord! There is VICTORY!

  13. Delighted to hear the verdict.


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