Monday, July 27, 2009

Build me a snowman

A quick rundown of my weekend:

When I arrived at work on Friday, Kobus told me that he and Kobus Jr. had made a very quick decision that they would be travelling up to Bloemfontein for the Springbok vs All Black game on Saturday. Before he left I asked him to please take the camera, and when or if they see snow, to build me a snowman.

Wynand, Nadia and Christian left for Storms River on Friday afternoon and left little Lukas with me for the weekend. Much too cold for the little one to camp with them in a tent. I went off to buy some Woolies purity and all his favourite foods (that is what Oumas are for). When I got into bed on Friday night, Lukas woke up and the pattern for the weekend was set. He slept in Ouma's arms on Friday and Saturday night, this way we both had peaceful nights. On Saturday morning I was woken by Lukas trying to force my eyes open with his chubby little fingers...saying "Ouma lig"(meaning it is light outside)!

I enjoyed bonding with him. When his Oupa is at home...I come a sad second! So he played happily and when he was tired he climbed onto my lap and fell asleep. I am so sorry that I did not take a photo of me and my little teddy bear.

The two men enjoyed themselves immensely. Went for a round of golf in Bloemfontein on Saturday morning, loved the rugby...after all, our team won, met up and had supper with other friends and family. DH says he can't remember when last he laughed so much. On their way home they stopped in Graaff Reinet for another nine holes of golf.

Oh yes...about the snowman...this is not quite what I had in mind...but when I first saw these pics I laughed so much my tummy hurt.

I guess the golf was much more important:-D. The photos were taken in the Loots Berg Pass.

Have a lovely Monday.


  1. hehehe... next time you best specify HOW BIG a snowman you want. Men need specifics!

    Re the cuddling... my mom would so understand you... when my son stays with them she also doesn't get much of a look in as my son and Papa bond very well.

  2. They made you a snow-midget!
    Obviously needed the time for other rugby and kuiering etc.

  3. That is so funny! Sounds like a great weekend for you all. Sjoe - yskoud jong? And here I am packing to take the kids to the beach after school today - its HOT!

    Er, yes...the straight not sure how that hair is going to work out when its been washed....I really was upset by how short it was cut. I had said ON THE SHOULDER...but they girls are happy so I guess I will have to deal with it. Am thinking seriously of layering Honey's hair like mine - its so thick and unruly - it just has to be tamed!!

  4. At least they remembered!

    Hope you're going to scrap this one.

    Nothing like quality time with your grandchild. special memories i'm sure.

  5. Love it! Mini snowmann, very very cool! (or should that be very very cold??)

  6. So glad you had some real bonding time with Lukas and that excuse of a snowman ... now come on guys next time we want to see a snowman of with some great stature!

  7. Thats SO funny!
    At least they remembered-

    My grandchildren are just the same when DH is around - they all adore him. . . and I also take a back seat.

    This time will have been super-precious to you I'm sure.

  8. ha,ha - I can see why that had you laughing.

  9. How fun that you have snow right now!

  10. please mail me your mobile no :

    and when would suit you? I have wed/thurs?

    looking forward to it!

  11. LOL...well officially the DID do least they had a wonderful dad & son bonding time (& lots of golf!)...& lucky you got to snuggle a baby all weekend ;-D These days I only have my 2 kitties & they don't like being cuddled ;-(

  12. Thanks for the laugh.... that's so funny!

  13. Dit lyk meer soos 'n sneeu kuikentjie! Ek dink dit is oulik dat hulle onthou het en darem 'n poging aangewend het.
    Bly jy het jou naweek met Lucas geniet - oumas is spesiale mense. Alle kleinkinders weet dit. Ek onthou nog hoe lekker dit was om ouma te druk.
    Baie liefde

  14. Oh my goodness! That is so funny! I cannot wait to see what you decide to scrapbook with these photos.

  15. Hey girl......remember me? I can't believe I am looking at snow! It is 90 in Arkansas today!!!! What a funny little snowman. LOL

  16. I think it is a gorgeous, very special little snowman!


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