Saturday, July 11, 2009

Allie's MEME.

I am: genuinely me, whether you like it or not. (Very boring most of the time)
I have: so much to be grateful for.
I know: that the more knowledge I acquire the more responsible I have to be.
I think: I still have far to go.
I don’t think: I will ever stop learning
I want: happiness for my children...then I am happy.
I have: a whole lot of peace.
I like: solitude at least one day per week. Spending one-on-one time with each of my grandchildren on a weekly basis.
I dislike: opinionated, arrogant, and negative people. Grocery shopping.
I hate: lies and the abuse of vulnerable people
I dream: big dreams of happiness and laughter
I fear: that my DD will have another seizure.
I am annoyed: I would say more irritated by materialism, arrogance and pompousness
I crave: winegums and dark Lindt chocolate
I usually: call everybody I love "bokkie".
I search: for truth and genuine people
I hide: behind a mask until I know people can be trusted
I wonder:what little children, that cannot talk, think.
I know: that I am loved
I just can’t help: buying pretty papers and scrapping goodies
I regret: words spoken without thought
I love: The Lord, my family and our ministry.
I can’t live without: DH, children, grandchildren
I try to: do my best and if that is not enough I rest in the knowledge that I tried.
I enjoy: being alone, sitting on a dune staring over the sea.
I don’t care: about cleaning up until after my little ones have gone home.
I always: put on makeup before I go out....I call it VANITY.
I never want to: have an unteachable spirit
I rely on: My Heavenly Father
I believe: He is all I really need.
I dance: beautifully with DH, joyously with my grandchildren and often do a little jig in a supermarket isle to embarrass my daughter.
I sing: because I can't help myself...but feel sorry for those who have to hear it.
I argue: seldom...just gloat quietly when I am right.
I write: because when it is out there I can make sense of often jumbled thoughts.
I win: when I don't loose my cool under stress.
I lose: it when my children go through a difficult time or when I feel things are out of my control.
I wish: there was a button that when pushed erased all the wrongs and hurts of the world.
I listen: between the lines
I don’t understand: how people can hurt each other physically or emotionally...can't even watch it on TV.
I’m scared of: missing the voice of the Lord.
I forget: birthdays, unless I have a reminder on my phone.
I am happy: with my life right now.
Most of my blog buddies have already been tagged...but I am going to tag:

Waiting to read ALL about you.


  1. Thanks Lynette - will get to it on Monday morning! You sound like the person I aspire to be...

  2. DH and I call each other 'bokkie' :-)

    Love your wondering what little children who can't talk yet, think about. .

    Now understand even more why we should get together.
    One day . . .

  3. Great to get to know you inside and out ... TFS. Hugs from Desire

  4. TFS...That was wonderful!!

  5. Can just picture you doing a jig in the supermarket aisle!

    Thanks for the glimpse into your life!

  6. Yay for Lindt chocolate!

    Bokkie is such a cute nick name.

    Ian and I call each other about a thousand different nicknames, I can't even pick a main one - maybe bubs? Ha, ha.

  7. Nice to learn just a little bit more about you.


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