Friday, July 31, 2009

Unconditional Love

You would think that after 11 years of being active in a ministry that works with broken and rejected people that one would know just how to handle what comes your way....I was so wrong. This week I realised that I know very little and that I have so much to learn.

A lot of the people that cross our paths are hardened, angry, tough and sometimes more than a little obstinate. They cannot stand people in authority. So often we look at this hard exterior and we judge on what we see, when what we see is only the tip of the iceberg.

We started working with the women in the Mission the past few weeks and the subject was "abuse".
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Mental abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Spiritual abuse
Did you know there are so many forms of abuse?
As these women started to share I felt so convicted....I had judged them, saw them as square pegs that did not want to fit into the round holes of society. Some of them are on anti-depressants because they could not cope with their feelings. Others were just hard and angry...real fighters.
It was one of those WOW moment! They did not commit suicide, they did not become schizophrenic...they survived. They became hard, angry and tough and although they needed so much love, these very things kept people from coming close. These were their coping mechanisms. It makes them hard to love and easy to reject. They expect and live in rejection.
The characteristics that we find negative are the very things that kept them alive. Now the task is to love them through their pain, be there for them when they fall apart and teach them to walk with the Lord on the path to wholeness. Unconditional love...the love that does not expect good behaviour, the love that covers all and expects nothing in return...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coffee with the lovely Shayne

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up and have coffee with Shayne yesterday afternoon. What a lovely lady...she is a great blogging buddy but I do believe that she would make an even greater real life friend. Thank you Shayne for taking the time to meet with me...and sorry for talking way too much.

I came across this wordart on Melanie's digital creations ...and I love it. Remember my word for this year is LAUGH and we all tend to do way to little of it.
Well if it is going to spread to my hips, I had better not suppress it again:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Build me a snowman

A quick rundown of my weekend:

When I arrived at work on Friday, Kobus told me that he and Kobus Jr. had made a very quick decision that they would be travelling up to Bloemfontein for the Springbok vs All Black game on Saturday. Before he left I asked him to please take the camera, and when or if they see snow, to build me a snowman.

Wynand, Nadia and Christian left for Storms River on Friday afternoon and left little Lukas with me for the weekend. Much too cold for the little one to camp with them in a tent. I went off to buy some Woolies purity and all his favourite foods (that is what Oumas are for). When I got into bed on Friday night, Lukas woke up and the pattern for the weekend was set. He slept in Ouma's arms on Friday and Saturday night, this way we both had peaceful nights. On Saturday morning I was woken by Lukas trying to force my eyes open with his chubby little fingers...saying "Ouma lig"(meaning it is light outside)!

I enjoyed bonding with him. When his Oupa is at home...I come a sad second! So he played happily and when he was tired he climbed onto my lap and fell asleep. I am so sorry that I did not take a photo of me and my little teddy bear.

The two men enjoyed themselves immensely. Went for a round of golf in Bloemfontein on Saturday morning, loved the rugby...after all, our team won, met up and had supper with other friends and family. DH says he can't remember when last he laughed so much. On their way home they stopped in Graaff Reinet for another nine holes of golf.

Oh yes...about the snowman...this is not quite what I had in mind...but when I first saw these pics I laughed so much my tummy hurt.

I guess the golf was much more important:-D. The photos were taken in the Loots Berg Pass.

Have a lovely Monday.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Court day (Update: VICTORY!!!!!)

Update: Just as a background you can read what this is about here. Our day went something like this:

  1. We were greeted yesterday morning with a bitterly cold day and torrents of rain.
  2. Our friend and attorney told us to be ready any time from 8:30. At 9:00 he phoned and told us to be at court on the double so we dodged potholes, taxi's and roadworks in Govan Mbeki street (Old Main Street). (The nerves were shot after this:)
  3. We arrive at the court and are informed that our opponents witnesses have not arrived and he is pleading for it to be postphoned AGAIN.
  4. We speak to the clerk to find out who his witnesses are and send our driver to get the sleeping witnesses out of bed and into court. Needless to say our opponent never told them to be in court. We also phone a captain in the police that he wanted as a witness and he agrees to be there pronto.
  5. Believe it or not....the magistrate agrees to wait until everybody is there.
  6. Legal aid had withdrawn from the opponent and he defends himself in court...very silly thing to do. He proceeds to fall into the hole that he had dug for us.
  7. The magistrate is appalled when he hears about all the allegations the opponent made against the organisation and our attorney supplies him of all proof that shows that the organisation was cleared by the Commercial Crimes unit of all the allegations.
  8. Our attorney comes down on him like a ton of bricks when he really puts his foot into it and advises our attorney that he laid a charge against him (attorney) at the Cape Law Society.
  9. Magistrate rules that if we find him suitable alternative accommodation he will grant the Eviction Order, at the same time he says that he sees suitable accommodation as "a roof over the head."
  10. We make a call and get him a bed in the local night shelter...and pay for him for a week.
  11. Three hours later the Sheriff of the court arrive at the Mission with a bakkie and starts packing up the man with all his groceries.
  12. Praise the Lord for the victory!!!!
I do however believe that we have not seen the last of him. He is on a mission to destroy, but he does not realise that his battle is not against us and that we just have to stand our ground while God is fighting for us.
Off to court this morning to bring to an end 6 months of tremendous unpleasantness. Please pray for righteousness in the proceedings and that it would have a positive result that would bring honour to the Lord.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


J was a street child that broke into one of the outbuildings at the Mission. He was only 17 at the time and was a runaway of the SOS Childrens Village. After the police let him go he came back to the Mission and we took him in. A few months later he was diagnosed HIV Positive but had a loving large adoptive family in all the people at the Mission. He will always need to live in a place where he is sheltered and has really "come home". He has now been living at the Mission for two years and grew to love one of the ladies that attend the church on Sunday nights (to him she is his mother) and he always waits for her outside until she and her DH arrives. This is what you will see every Sunday night and it still gives me a lump in my throat...those hands entwined...proof that godly love has no boundaries.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More childhood layouts and a MEME

I did this layout with a photo taken of the 5 of us (sisters) The photo was taken in 1974 when I was in st 5. My mother made all our clothes and I believe that it must have been a challenge to keep 5 girls clothed on a small budget. Here you see from the left: Anita, Ansie, Herlien, me and Elsa.
Another wonderful memory of childhood was Christmas time. My maternal grandma had this wonderful talent of keeping the family together. On Christmas eve we children were taken to the "Playland" and when we got back to Ouma and Oupa's house around 11 'o clock on the evening we were each given a pillowcase where we could put our gifts after Oupa handed them out. Christmas Days were a feast of eating and playing.
This photograph of my brother and I was taken in May 1961 when I was 4 months old. The layout was a step-by-step by Robin of Swirlydoos.

Due to lack of anything else to blog aboutI stole this MEME from Shayne's blog.
  1. Are your parents married or divorced?Married since 1957

  2. Are you a vegetarian? No I am a true South African and love "braai vleis."
  3. Do you believe in Heaven?I do, and in hell.
  4. Have you ever come close to dying?No

  5. What jewellery do you wear?Usually my wedding ring and sapphire ring and whatever costume jewellery I feel like.
  6. Favorite time of day? Late afternoon
  7. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes
  8. Do you wear makeup? Would never go out without it.
  9. Ever have plastic surgery?I have
  10. Do you color your hair? Yep, I believe in growing blonder as I grow older.
  11. What do you wear to bed?pj's
  12. Have you ever done anything illegal? No
  13. Can you roll your tongue? Yup
  14. Do You Tweeze your eyebrows? No, I have them waxed once a month.
  15. What kind of sneakers? Asics only when I exercise.
  16. Do you still own vinyl? Nope
  17. What is your hair color? brown with golden blond highlights...all artificial
  18. Future child’s name? NO WAY
  19. Do you snore? No, but DH makes up for me
  20. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Greek Islands
  21. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Duh...I am way to old for that.
  22. If you won the lottery? Fot that to happen I actually need to buy tickets.
  23. Gold or silver? Gold
  24. Hamburger or hot dog? Hamburger
  25. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pasta, you can do a lot with it.
  26. City, beach or country? city...but would love the wide open spaces of the country.
  27. What was the last thing you touched? mouse
  28. Where did you eat last? At the tea time this morning
  29. When’s the last time you cried? The day Bianca had her seizure
  30. Do you read blogs? Oh yes.
  31. Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? Nope, I love being a girl.
  32. Ever been involved with the police? Meaning in trouble with them... Nope
  33. What’s your favorite shampoo, conditioner and soap? Elvive and Lux soap
  34. Do you talk in your sleep? I have a sleeping disorder and never go into a deep enough sleep to talk
  35. Ocean or pool? heated pool...I don't do cold.
  36. What’s your favorite song at the moment? I don't have a favorite
  37. What is your favorite color(s)? blue
  38. Ever met anyone famous? Oscar Pistorius...also depends on what you define as famous...our previous Premier, Nosimo Balindlela.
  39. Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life? Depends on how you define success and yes.
  40. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?Twirl
  41. Ricki Lake or Oprah?Neither
  42. Basketball or Football?Neither
  43. How long do your showers last? As long as it takes to get clean
  44. Automatic or do you drive a stick?stick
  45. Cake or ice cream? cake
  46. Are you self-conscious? Use to be...but we talk in front of huge congregations about our no more.
  47. Have you ever drank so much you threw up? No
  48. Have you ever given money to a tramp? Yes
  49. Have you been in love? For the past 31 years yes.
  50. Where do you wish you were? Here
  51. Are you wearing socks? Yup
  52. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?Yes when my second son was knocked down by a car and again three years later when same son had complications after surgery.
  53. Can you tango? I wish I could, been one of my dreams to go for ballroom lessons.
  54. Last gift you received? Dark Lindt chocolates from second DS and DIL on Mothersday.
  55. Last sport you played? Athletics at school many moons ago
  56. Things you spend a lot of money on?Food and scrapping supplies
  57. Where do you live? In the same house in Port Elizabeth for the past 22 years
  58. Where were you born?Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  59. Last wedding attended? February in Cape Town
  60. Favorite alcoholic drink? Pink champagne
  61. What’d you do last weekend? Planted seedlings, blog hopped, watched British Open golf, went to church
  62. Most hated food(s)? Brussel sprouts, maltebela
  63. What’s your least fav chore? ironing
  64. Can you sing? I can....very poorly
  65. Last person you instant messaged? my daughter
  66. Last place you went on holiday? Plettenberg Bay
  67. Favorite regular drink? Coffee
  68. Current crush? DH for the past 32 years.
  69. Oops lost one!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

From the outside looking in....

UPDATE: After receiving some comments I feel I should clear up any misconceptions. With this post I was not intending "knocking" anybody or placing myself beyond others. I was merely trying to put in words how different we experience life in ministry to the secular world and how different the value systems are. I have a lot of respect for people in the secular world and we did feel honoured receiving recognition for the community work we do. It was also not my intention to romanticize ministry...I assure you nothing can be further from romantic.

I think I told you a few weeks ago that Kobus received an award recently for the humanitarian work we do. Generally we like being behind the scenes and don't like being pushed into the public. After all it is just a calling.

It is at times like these that it feels as if I am on the outside looking in. The whole ceremony of banging a gavel against a gong to start proceedings and then doing a toast for this... that... and the other... I sat there and initially I found it very far removed from what we consider"Real Life". Gradually my amusement turned to mild irritation and when the evening was over, I was just thankful. It also reminded me of another awards evening and I went in search of my 2007 Journal. I was nominated for a Woman's Day award by the Premier of the Eastern Cape. This is what I wrote in my journal:

I attended an awards evening on 15 August 2007 where I received the Premier's Woman's Day Award in recognition of the work that we do in the community. Being a Woman's Day event the venue was filled with many business women and politicians and as you can imagine the speech given by the MEC for Development and Housing just went on and on about the role of women in a man's world, the empowerment of women and on...and on...and on. I sat there and my mind started drifting...I realised how far my world was removed from these people. That there is such a broad divide between their world and mine that there is probably now way of ever bridging it. My world is a world where poverty has no discrimination between race, creed, sex or age. A world that knows brokenness and rejection. Where everyday politics and feminism has no place...where everyday is lived with one goal in survive that day. A world filled with so many people that has lost all hope.

If you have a wordly mindset, what will you say to a 22 year old man that was sexually molested by his own father from the age of 12 and this demasculated him totally, how do you empower him to overcome this and move onto a productive life? What would you do about a 12 year old girl whose innocence was stolen by her father and who has now become sexually aware way to young? What do you do about little children that molest other little children because of what has been done to them? What do you say to a 60 something woman that had a successful business and is now totally destitute and rejected by her family? What do you say to a man that just found out he is HIV-positive? What do you do about the 70 year old lady that was abused by her own children, her pension money stolen by them and left to starve in a back yard room? Where is the ointment that will heal these wounds? What will politics, womans rights and the empowerment of women do to change their situation?

This is my world... and no...I do not have all the answers. I know that we have been called by God to this world and therefore we try on a daily basis to be His hands and feet in this place where so many has found a home and a new family. I have an ear to listen, often times all I can do is cry with them. I know that all I can do is trust Him...Who can heal all hurts, that will dry all tears and that can cure their brokenness.

So this is my world...and I would not change it for a life back in the secular world. Two weeks after the evening I received this photo by e-mail. I have been trying to figure out what exactly I can read in my facial expression. What do you think?

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Heritage

Sooo....I decided to start a "Book of Me" at last, and a week ago I posted a layout of myself as a tiny baby. I used the fabulous "Swirlydoos kit" What I love about this kit club is that they have a technique add on every month, so you learn something new. I missed out on the Tattered Angels add on last month and had to order some glimmer mist and screens from an online store. This is a kit club where stocks run out a day or two after the sneak peeks are posted and most of them are gone by release date.
Both the layouts I did was inspired by layouts by one of the design team members, Robin. The first layout is of my mom and the photo was taken in Main Street of the city centre. She was only 17 years old at the time. I made the pearl swirl with liquid pearls on a transparency.
The next layout is of my mom and dad's wedding on 21 December 1957. They have now been married for 51 years...a long time.
When I wanted to do journaling on these layouts I realised that I know very little of the story behind the pictures. Today I sent my mom an e-mail to fill me in on the background of what it was like way back in 1955 when she was a young girl, how she and my dad met. I also need a lot of info about myself during those first few years. So I will have 12x12 pages with just journaling among the few photos that I have.
So if you haven't started your heritage album yet...I would suggest you get all the info you need ahead of time and remember your children will want to hear your story.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Allie's MEME.

I am: genuinely me, whether you like it or not. (Very boring most of the time)
I have: so much to be grateful for.
I know: that the more knowledge I acquire the more responsible I have to be.
I think: I still have far to go.
I don’t think: I will ever stop learning
I want: happiness for my children...then I am happy.
I have: a whole lot of peace.
I like: solitude at least one day per week. Spending one-on-one time with each of my grandchildren on a weekly basis.
I dislike: opinionated, arrogant, and negative people. Grocery shopping.
I hate: lies and the abuse of vulnerable people
I dream: big dreams of happiness and laughter
I fear: that my DD will have another seizure.
I am annoyed: I would say more irritated by materialism, arrogance and pompousness
I crave: winegums and dark Lindt chocolate
I usually: call everybody I love "bokkie".
I search: for truth and genuine people
I hide: behind a mask until I know people can be trusted
I wonder:what little children, that cannot talk, think.
I know: that I am loved
I just can’t help: buying pretty papers and scrapping goodies
I regret: words spoken without thought
I love: The Lord, my family and our ministry.
I can’t live without: DH, children, grandchildren
I try to: do my best and if that is not enough I rest in the knowledge that I tried.
I enjoy: being alone, sitting on a dune staring over the sea.
I don’t care: about cleaning up until after my little ones have gone home.
I always: put on makeup before I go out....I call it VANITY.
I never want to: have an unteachable spirit
I rely on: My Heavenly Father
I believe: He is all I really need.
I dance: beautifully with DH, joyously with my grandchildren and often do a little jig in a supermarket isle to embarrass my daughter.
I sing: because I can't help myself...but feel sorry for those who have to hear it.
I argue: seldom...just gloat quietly when I am right.
I write: because when it is out there I can make sense of often jumbled thoughts.
I win: when I don't loose my cool under stress.
I lose: it when my children go through a difficult time or when I feel things are out of my control.
I wish: there was a button that when pushed erased all the wrongs and hurts of the world.
I listen: between the lines
I don’t understand: how people can hurt each other physically or emotionally...can't even watch it on TV.
I’m scared of: missing the voice of the Lord.
I forget: birthdays, unless I have a reminder on my phone.
I am happy: with my life right now.
Most of my blog buddies have already been tagged...but I am going to tag:

Waiting to read ALL about you.

Friday, July 10, 2009

South African humour.

Firstly I have to share with you that my list of 10 honest things was not totally complete. VANITY should have been right up there at no.1. You know the old saying that there is "No gain without pain"...not true! You know that I had eye surgery last week Monday...well this very vain girl does not go out without makeup. So I can tell you first get pain with NO gain. Imagine trying to get pieces of mascara out of eyes that are not healed...

Just want to share some truly South African humour with you.

Hope you had a little giggle:)
Happy Friday

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Shop of Sketches #41

My second layout as Guest Designer over at Little Shop of Sketches . Thank you Stefanie for inviting me as guest designer...I loved it.My daughter Bianca and Deonella have been friends for many years and whenever they get together it is as if they were never apart. I used the WeR Memory Keepers Tiffany line for the layout and added a bit of bling.

I got this "honest scrap" award from Helen and Desire.
I am required to share 10 "honest" things about here goes.
  1. I am extremely loyal to my friends and family and expect the same loyalty in return.
  2. I am "a wee bit" of a neat freak. When my space is in chaos I can't think.
  3. I don't trust people easily...I have been let down way to often for when you smile at me, I will always wonder what is "behind the smile".
  4. I don't like lies...not even "white ones".
  5. I have feet and hands that turn into ice blocks the moment winter sets in.
  6. If what I do does not bring honour to the Lord, I don't do it.
  7. When I start something I will always finish it....I am too stubborn to give up even if the odds are against me.
  8. I am totally and completely addicted to pretty papers and everything to do with scrapbooking.
  9. I have a voice that is completely off-key...but when I sing I imagine that my voice is music to the Lord's ears...and then there is no holding back.
  10. Our social worker(and good friend) told me the other day that she finds that I still keep her at arms length and easily clam up. I reluctantly agree with her. See...still a work in progress....maybe one day....
I am now meant to tag some of you...but I never do what I am supposed to, so if you are feeling bored and don't know what to are tagged.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Friday was one of those crazy days...where there seems to be not enough hours in the day to do what should be done. Add to this a dental appointment in the middle of that day and getting ready for a fellowship group social for the evening and you have a recipe for disaster. When I got back from the dentist it was 4 o'clock and I had one hour to do the wages for 150 people. I phoned the kitchen and asked our chef to make me a salad for the social....just knew that there was not going to be time to stop at shops and still make the salad. Shortly after 5 o'clock I left the office with bag, laptop and a very important file in my hand. This file had some vital information our attorney needed and R56000 worth of acknowledgements of debt.

When I got to my car the kitchen staff was waiting with the salad and I found that I did not have a free hand to unlock my I took the very important file and put it on the roof of my car to unlock the door.....then two people wanted some of my attention.....and you can guess what happened?

An hour later I wanted to fax the important information and the file was gone! I went ice cold and had that feeling of " can I please just turn back the clock an hour and a half." I phoned my DH in panic and owned up to my stupidity. The file was nowhere to be found! I sank down on my knees and my prayer went something like this. "Lord, I know I don't usually come to You to help me out of a situation that I got myself into because of my negligence and stupidity....but please I need Your help."

Twenty minutes later DH phoned me...they found the documents about 30 metres from the Centre next to the road, the file must have fallen of the roof of my car when I turned out of the gate of the Centre into the traffic. Somebody picked it up, ripped the documents out and dumped it. Can you imagine my relief? I am so thankful:)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Book of Me

I have decided to start a "Book of Me". My children love to hear stories of my childhood and every now and then I read something on somebody's blog that takes me down memory lane. As you can imagine not many photos were taken when I was little and with constant moving I think a lot of photos went missing.

When I did this layout I came to realise that I will have to go and sit with my mom and get more information about my early childhood...what I was like as a baby, what I weighed and all the stuff that we don't know. This photograph was taken when I was four months old. It was very discoloured and grainy and I had to do quite a bit of photoshopping it. When I look at the photo I realise that this could be a pic of any baby...and you would probably make anybody believe it is a photo of them...not very clear. The little bit of information like my birthdate and place of birth is journaled and hidden on a pull tab behind the photo.
I have decided to use papers that give a vintage feel. I want to start with photos of my mom and dad and their marriage and then go on to scrapping the few pics of myself that I possess. I used MME Bella Bella and some Daisy D's Modern Romance line. I used my wide format printer and printed some of the Rhonna Farrer swirls on the edges of the paper.

Happy scrapping

Thursday, July 2, 2009

F.I.M. Disease

On a lighter note:


Since the beginning of time.

It can be spontaneous, unexpected, or planned.
Cannot be erased.
It can be contagious.

Who is at risk:
Anyone who speaks.

Hurtful to yourself or others.
Makes you look like a complete idiot.

Common Cures:
An apology.
Think before your speak.

If there was an award for displaying this disease I would say it should go to our national rugby coach....what was he thinking?

Have you ever experienced F.I.M. Disease?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I surrender all...

I have been incredibly challenged in my personal life in the past few weeks...with my son's marriage being very rocky and Bianca's uncontrolled epilepsy. Allie, I have gone and bought another copy of"My utmost for His hightest" and am working through it again. The piece I worked through this morning had me down memory lane in no time....the whole topic of "total surrender".

It took me back to the time when Kobus and I were asking the Lord to show us what our destiny is in life...and at the same time promising that whatever He says we will do. At the time our thoughts were of buying our own supermarket business and we just wanted His stamp of approval on our plans. That reminds me of what He says in His Word...that His ways are higher than ours and that His thoughts are not ours...we sometimes so easily promise without counting the cost. At the time we knew about all the hardship the people at Vistarus were facing on a daily basis...the Centre was without electricity and water for two months back then.
When the Lord answered it was out of the Word in Mark 10 of the rich young man. I can't tell you what went through my mind when I read this: "And looking at him, Jesus felt a love for him, and said to him, "One thing you lack: go and sell all you possess, and give to the poor and you shall have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me." I remember clearly how I closed my bible after reading this, convinced that this word was not for me. I mean...I grew up poor as one of six children, surely He knows how much my security means to me. He then took me to Isaiah 45:9. "Woe to the one who quarrels with his Maker - an earthenware vessel among the vessels of earth! Will the clay say to the Potter, 'What are you doing?' Or the thing you are making say, 'He has no hands?' Now, that got my attention... and all I could say was "Lord, Kobus is the head of this home...if this is from You, he will get confirmation from You.

Needless to say, a month later we took over the running of the Centre and God slowly and gently started getting us to let go of our possessions. When He calls you, He calls all that you are and all that you think you own for His purposes. I remember how in those early years we always had the back door of our own possessions, and while that back door was open we did not trust Him to provide. Five years down the line we were no longer the same people that walked into the centre in July 1998...we were forever changed. In those difficult years we tried to make it work in our own strength and when everything we owned were depleted....only then could we start to completely surrender to Him. No amount of worry, no amount of stress would be able to keep this ministry afloat. It was in this time that I began to realise that when God calls, it is usually for something that is humanly impossible to do. That way all honour and glory can only belong to Him. When our finances were gone...the extra vehicles gone....all the trappings of wealth gone....only our home remaining....God started to provide. When we realised that we are weak and totally dependant on Him and started to cling to Him in total surrender...then He came through for us.

Today 11 years down the line....the Mission is blossoming with new reborn life...many lives have been changed. Visitors to the Mission always comment that they can "feel" the love and hope when they walk through the Centre and when they talk to the people. Currently we care and house approximately 500 people and daily we see how God provides in every need. It has become a place of hope, love and the fullness of Him. He has shown us His blessing in providing abundantly above and beyond what we could have ever dream of. His blessing is so abundant that we can now bless other organisations with food and clothing...He is amazing! Oh yes, just in case you wondered...He is blessing us personally as well and I do believe that He has given us back more than what we sowed into this ministry.

Last week when I felt so absolutely devastated by Bianca's epilepsy and my son's marriage He reminded me again....that even in these circumstances...He is in control and I must just surrender it to Him.