Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To see you all better...

I had some laser eye surgery I am not supposed to be sitting here and blogging. But try as much as I like...I can't stay away. So this is just a short post to say that I will catch up on your blogs when my eyes allow me to.

I am just posting these layouts I made this weekend. The first is the photo of Kobus and me with our gorgeous grandchildren.
This second photo of Kobus and his two little ones I did for a Fathers day challenge and made it pink as part of the challenge. But you will amount of pink will make him look less masculine:) Things are looking up in his life as well. I was so worried about him a while ago...he appeared so depressed. He has however set clear boundaries in his marriage and now things appear to be not quite as dark anymore. So please continue to pray for this little family and that God will bring healing.Lastly my gorgeous girl. Somehow the age of 20 seems so magical...For years she was this angry teenager...I don't know if it because of the epilepsy or because she was going through a identity crises because of her adoption. I guess I will never know...sometimes she said incredibly hurtful things to me. Now at 20 she is telling me that she loves me and I even got a SMS today from her just to tell me that she loves me... I cherish that.

I will be back to leaving comments soon.


  1. Hi Lynette. Ek vertrou dat die laserbehandeling baie suksesvol sal wees, maar luister maar wat die dokter se, nie te veel blog hopping te gou nie. Jou uitlegte is pragtig en altyd so betekenisvol met jou skrywes daarby. Eks mal oor veral die laaste een, daardie blommeversierings lyk na baie werk, maar oor en oor die moeite werd. Mooi bly.

  2. Ek het gewonder hoekom jy so stil was. Ek het jou gemis.

  3. Teen girls can say the most awful things to their moms - but they morph into such incredible friends later on that you completely forget all that.

    Hope your eyes heal quickly and completely.
    God bless!

  4. Gee Lynette ALL those layouts are absolutely incredibly stunning that I can't choose a favourite! You have really outdone yourself this time & they are all so special & meaningful as well. The love of your children & grand-children really shines through in your scrapping passion - that is what I love so much about scrapping & makes me know that I will never tire of it. I am struggling so much with my teenage daughter at the moment & your words have really given me hope that things will not always be like this & I may get an sms like that one day! I am so interested too to hear about your eyes as I need that op too but have so far been too scared I would end up blind! Please let me know how it all was when everything is as it should be and healed ;-D

  5. That op is awesome hey! Russ had it done 7yrs ago and was back at work the next day; a few friends have done it recently and I have noticed the docs are more cautious with recovery periods now so take it easy.

    I am also taking it slow on the blog front - dont want my kids seeing my on the computer; unless its my 'designated time'!

    btw - I have *no idea* what allie is talking about. ;-)

  6. Helen - my dear friend, hang in there it gets better I promise. I know how many times I had to force myself to go up to her and give her a hug when she deserved it least but probably needed it most.

    Mel - LOL! Yes, I am sure you don't know what Allie is talking about. The Lasik is amazing...I don't even need my specs to read at the moment and my reading refraction was is that not just amazing.

  7. Yr style is changing Lynette! Beautiful beautiful LO's.

    My 11 yr old has already started with the moodiness etc and some days i just feel so very helpless and just do not know what to do.

    clearly i've still a long road to travel!

  8. I'm loving your beautiful LOs, they each have something unique on them...great job!

  9. Stunning layouts much beautiful detail on each of this blog post...:)


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