Monday, June 1, 2009

My weekend.

My weekend started on a relative traumatic note. Little Lukas swallowed a large flat battery (about the size of a 50c piece) last week Monday. It remains a mystery how he swallowed it without suffocating. The ignorant staff at the emergency room told my son and daughter in law that it he will pass it naturally. By Friday nothing had happened and we urged them to take him to a doctor, you never know what can happen when the battery starts corroding and poisoning the little one's system. They were immediately referred to a surgeon and sheduled for surgery a few hours later. They did an endoscopy under anaesthetic and removed the battery from his stomach through his oesophagus. They struggled for an hour to get it through the tiny valve in his throat. Good news is that an hour after the procedure he could go home.Needless to say Ouma and Oupa was there all the time and we eventually went home at 11pm when Lukas was discharged. Other than left with a very sore throat, the little one is fine.

Saturday evening we went to celebrate Pastor Robin's(the pastor helping us at the Centre) 50th birthday.

I started working with the wonderful Personal Scrapper May 2009 kit this weekend.
My current favourite photo of me with Dewan. I love this is so versatile.

An old pic of 1995. Stephanie and Sean (my nephew and niece)
I just adore these little boys...they lived with us for a while, so a very special bond was formed.
Pictures of Bianca and her friend Deonella with Kobus and I. Deonella lived at the Centre where we minister. We started taking her home with us over weekends and she became very much "at home". She is now a wonderful 21 year old lady that is doing very well for herself and we are proud of her.
Bianca and my Sharpei, Smokey in 2003. Note the funny blue tongue!
Photos of Bianca fooling around with her hair.
Bianca with her two little cousins and Rocky. Rocky was a gift my sister Ansie received after the birth of her son Joshua.
A photo taken at Ratanga junction in 2003. This layout was done with the very last scraps of the kit.This month there is a L.O.A.D.(Layout a day) Challenge on Personal Scrapper. I am hoping to do all 30 challenges.



  1. Oh my word. How horribly frightening, this episode with Lukas. Ek is vrek bly als is nou reg jong!!

    Loving all the LO's girl - you know how to crank them out!! How do you do so many - how long did it take you? I especially love the one of you at Ratanga - the vibrant freedom in your body language - not a Lynette we see all that often ne?

    Say Happy Haps to Robin from us all! (me and my mom)

  2. Shame, you guys must have been so worried Lukas.
    I never had one of mine swallow a battery, I suppose there is a frist time for everything, hey?
    I agree with Mel.
    I love the hair-larious title too though.
    Love the number you created, awesome job.

  3. Happy to hear that Lukas is fine after that ordeal...the things kids swallow! I remember well spenging SO much time at Emergency rooms with my 4 kids when they were younger. Thank the Lord with Cami now almost 9 those days seem to be behind us at last!

    Just love your vibrant, bright layouts - so full of life & passion! You really are a full-time scrapper aren't you???!!! I just wish I had more time to churn the layouts out. I have done 4 for the LSS but am not allowed to post them on my blog for THREE MONTHS!!! You have done a fantastic job & used up the WHOLE kit ;-D WOW!!!

  4. Mel - Yes I must say it is seldom when I let down the guard! MUST LEARN TO DELIGHT IN LIFE MORE!

    Stef - I thank the Lord that somebody noticed when he swallowed the thing...just imagine if they did not!

    Helen - Full time scrapper, I wish! I did all these layouts on Saturday. I only scrap on Saturdays and Wednesday afternoons. The wonderful thing is I have my own space so I can just close the door on the mess when I am in the process of creating a layout or two.

  5. Sjoe Lynette, I am quite relieved to hear that little Lukas is doing okay after his ordeal. You gave me quite a scare at the beginning of your post. Thats little ones for you, everything are explored via the taste buds!
    Love your latest collection of layouts which are all once again unique to your personal style. 30 layouts in 30 days, now thats a real challenge ... way to go girl. Hugs from Desire

  6. OH MY GOODNESS, Lynette.....poor little Lukas. I am so thankful all is ok now. I dread those things ahead for Mr. Perfect. Praise the Lord for looking over His little ones!

  7. Thank God Lucas is alright..I can't imagine what could and would happen if the battery stays inside longer..
    I'm so glad to hear that he is fine.

    I love your layouts, the color, the shape, just gorgeous.

  8. Sorry Lynette...I meant it as a compliment, not iterally, I know you do a lot of church work, etc, too. I wish I could produce layouts like yours in that time...I am a slow coach!

  9. LOL! Helen don't be so offense was taken my friend. I just do a lot of planning and make sketches before I get cracking...and I get the photos out or printed at the same time.

  10. I'm glad Lukas is ok, yikes! that must have been scary!
    I love your layouts! you are an awesome scrapbooker!

  11. phew - glad Lukas is ok.

    Your layouts are really beautiful.

  12. WOW Lynette, I wish I was as organized as you. I still can't believe Lucas could swallow such a large battery. I am so pleased that things worked out in the end.
    Thank you for your prayers they are much appreciated.
    Cheers, Irene :)

  13. Ooops, Lucas' drama through me, I forgot to mention that your layouts are gorgeous. I love the bright colours.

    Cheers, Irene :)

  14. Lovely old memories on gorgeous layouts!


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