Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am guest designer

at Little Shop of Sketches for sketch #40 and #41. Go and check out there super sketch site and leave some love. Here is sketch #40 and my take on it. I scrapped my favourite subjects as usual.

This photo of Leane and Dewan was taken only hours after his birth.
I took Bianca to the neurologist on Tuesday and he feels her medication is still at relative low levels. He increased the medication and it will increase again in two weeks. Instead of 6 monthly appointments she is now scheduled to see him every 2 months. I imagine he will keep on increasing her medication until he is satisfied with the results of the EEG. He does not want to give her a mix of medication until he is sure that it is we will just have to ride this one out.
Other news on the homefront....I am looking after my grandson Dewan today and tomorrow as his mother is doing a estate agents course. Sjoe, I wish I could password protect some of my posts as they do on Wordpress...there is so much I could add to this....


  1. hello there
    I have been missing your regular postings. Just thought I'd tell you~ not to add pressure but just so you know your fans have noticed your reticence of late.
    Now I will have to guess and read between the lines...

  2. I'm glad the doctor's being a bit more pro-active with Bianca. He's probably wise not to want to mix her medication immediately - one never knows what might be needed in the future. It's always good to keep something in reserve in case a change is needed in future. Hopefully increasing the dosage will do the trick.
    Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Lots of love

  3. Cute layout! I wish I had the time for scrapbooking - I think I would LOVE it! But alas, between work, family and Josh Gen, my hobbie time is severly limited, ha, ha!

    Hope Bianca is feeling much better.

    Enjoy the time with your little baba. x

  4. As I said on Stef's blog i love you LO. It's beautiful and the mix of papers just works so well.

    Glad to hear there is a plan of action regarding B. xxxxx

  5. Also oeft you some love on Stef's blog...I know what you mean about password protecting some posts - boy would I love to do that too...there is so much more that I would like to discuss with my bloggy friends too. With blogs it is just too dangerous because you never know if family, etc are just stalking you & being uncommunicative. Your layout is gorgeous girl. Your flower spray (Prima?) is beautiful - where can I buy some? ;-D Also where did you get/which manufacturer is the paper from. So fresh!

  6. I love your layout - my word but you have nice stash! I think I must get myself some!

  7. beautiful moment you captured there.

  8. Thanks for the compliment.

    Stef - you don't have to read between the lines...just look at my previous post where I mentioned my son and his little ones came to us ALONE on should get it.

    Helen - I did not get my Prima vines locally, I got it as part of the Swirlydoos kit club. The paper I used is WeR Memory Keepers Tiffany line...gorgeous papers.

  9. Hi Lynette!!!!

    Very nice layout.... Love the flowers!!!! How do you get your Swirlydoos kit? I would love to get some kits....

    I just love your work...

  10. Hey Lynette, just wanted to say that I hope you are ok. Seems like life is doing its curveball thing.
    Sending prayers your way for strength and anything else that you need during this time.

  11. Wonderful job with the sketch Lynette, lovely page! I'm hoping things will work out with Bianca, and your DOL too...

  12. Congrats on your well deserved DT spot. Your interpretation of the sketch is just gorgeous and you still managed to stick to your unique style. I think about Bianca quite often and do hope that the increased dosage of her medicine will ease off her ceasures. As far as I heart the estate agent's courses are tough, so I will hold thumbs. Hugs from Desire


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