Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am back! (Updated 5pm)

I was reminded this morning by Stefanie that I have been too quiet on the blogging front. Thank you Stefanie, I did not know I was being I have this warm feeling that someone cares. Shy Girl I have been struggling to shake the flu for nearly two weeks. At first the flu led to bronchitis and now I have sinus infection. I have come to the conclusion that if I just stayed in bed for 3 days when it started, I would have been fine by now....but stubborness has always been my downfall. So I have continued working and going to functions that we have to attend at night...and I am staying sick.

This past weekend my folks were here from Kidds Beach for a 60th birthday and DH thought it the ideal time to get the whole family we had a full house with my parents, all our children and grand children and a whole lot of cooking.

Last night my DH was awarded a "Paul Harris Award" by the Rotarians for the humanitarian work that we do in the community. I will post photos as soon as I get them.

Today is the court date to get rid of our "little problem" at the Mission (yes the name officially changed from a Centre to a Mission this week). We are getting our website up to date and then I will let you have a link to it. I am praying for righteousness in the court proceedings.

I also did a bit of scrapping. Here is a layout I did of the Little Shop of Sketches sketch #39. I must still submit it to their gallery.
Leane usually starts ignoring me when I whip out the you can make your own conclusions when you look at the progression of photos. She was not impressed with her Ouma at all. I used the WeR Memory Keepers Tiffany papers.
This layout was done for a challenge on the Personal Scrapper L.O.A.D. The challenge was to use black and white and colour photos. I printed the photo of Lukas' foot in b&w, colour and very red. The journaling is about how his little feet took punishment when he started crawling...even over rough areas...sometimes it looked as if he had calluses on his toes. I used the Autumn Leaves Cuteworld range of papers and embellishments for this layout.

This following layout is also a challenge on Personal Scrapper using a Pagemap from June 2009. Wynand and Nadia went to a 30th birthday party that had a pirates theme. When I initially saw these photos I did not recognise them. Fierce aren't they?

Update: Not a good day:

  1. Clerk of the court mislaid the court proceedings )which have been dragging since February)....has been postphoned for another week. Yikes!
  2. Doctor has put me on another course of antibiotics.
  3. I am feeling sooo SICK!
  4. We have another function brain is telling me we have to body just want to crash into bed, pull the blankets over my head and feel sorry for itself! (Did I really say that?)
Tomorrow can only get better.


  1. Lovely layouts. Your grand daughter is really cute! I love the last layout, you definitely can't recognise them unless you look closely.

  2. Good luck with your court date.

  3. Ah -
    Sorry to hear you've been battling with flu.
    Its a bad one this year isn't it?

    Glad to hear that you may get closure re your problem at the Mission soon.

    Congrats on the award - richly deserved!

    And lovely scrap pages!

  4. Woe they look like they were born to be Pirates - move over Johnny Depp & Keira Knightley! More lovely scrapping from you even when you are sick! Hope the court proceedings go as per your wishes & rightly so. Try not to go out in the evenings in the chill - these things can so quickly excalate to pneumonia X

  5. Pammie and you will see...court proceedings postphoned due to incompetence! The South African legal system stinks!

    Helen...I am afraid, I am a "duty" way out for me I am afraid.

  6. Oh Lynette. Typical SA legal system. perhaps there was a guardian angel looking over you for some reason?

    Sorry you're still feeling yuck. I think you need to climb into your bed tom (fri) and stay there till Tues - it being a long weekend and all.


  7. STOP being so dutiful and LOOK AFTER yourself now!

    Muzzer has spoke

  8. I hope today goes a lot better for you. Take care of yourself!!

  9. Very cute pages. Sorry you haven't felt well. Sure seems like a lot has been going around this year as far as flues and colds. Prayers of healing your way. =O)

  10. Such cute LO's!! I love the sketch too!! Right into my fave sketch files it goes!!

  11. Hi Lynette...I havn't popped in for a while..lots of reading to catch up on you..sorry to hear you are not well :( so scary to read about baby swallowing the battery..thank God he is alright...take care and feel better soon my friend :)

  12. Hi Lynette, eks so jammer om te hoor dat jy nie wel is die afgelope paar weke nie. Jy moet maar dalk 'n dag in bed oorweeg. Baie geluk met Kobus se welverdiende toekenning en eks seker julle albei verdien die toekenning. Die uitlegte is ongelooflik. Jy het 'n sterk kreatiewe sy!. Ek hou duimvas vir die hofbevel. Mooi bly.

  13. praying for you FRIEND! ALL the way from here! Joy. God has it all under control! He is loving you, and holding you as we speak! Nothing is too short for His reach!


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