Sunday, June 14, 2009


What is friendship? This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Mostly because the people I thought were my friends did a disappearing trick when we went into full time ministry. It was just beyond them to be involved with people who work with "those useless people" (our Afrikaans friends were quite outspoken..."slegte mense"). So I am honest if I say that I am somewhat jaded and a little sceptical when it comes to what we call friendship. There was so much more prestige in being friends with the "manager of such and such."
Then last week I came across something that blew me away. I read a friends blog, she referred to another blog...and while on this second blog...I read something that touched my heart. This must be a "God appointment" because I don't believe in coincidence. Now I find myself part of a "care village" that sprung up in cyberspace. Why have I never had this experience in the natural world? I do believe that just maybe....I have found the friends that I needed all along....friends that listen, give advise and except me unconditionally. The funny thing is that although I have come to know these fabulous ladies... most of them I have never met face to face. So to all you special girls out there...thank you for becoming part of my life!
Now onto something more scrappy. Still doing the L.O.A.D challenge on the Personal Scrapper forum. For this challenge we had to do a "before and after....or now and then". I took a photo of Kobus mowing the lawn with Lukas in his arms...and that took me back 30 years to when Kobus Jr. was a little boy and the photo of his daddy mowing the lawn with him in his arms. So you see DH has not changed through the years, he still needs a hand mowing the lawn. I used this May pagemap for the layout.

The next challenge was not to use alpha stickers, thickers or chipboard for a title. I scrapped photos of Bianca when she took part in an operette years ago. I used this pagemap for the layout and the WeR Memory keepers Tiffany line...I used the layers chipboard embellishment as a title.


  1. Hey there
    I am glad that you're feeling better. I gave your stamps to Anita she will post them sooner than me I think.
    Love your mowing LO especially.
    As to the benefit of blogging buddies - they enrich my life many times over.
    Thanks for your regular commenting too, you are so faithful in that.

  2. Lynette I have been thinking of exactly the same thing where my blogging friends have become my friends even though we have never met. I also want to do a post about it. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Hopefully one day we will met in person. :)

  3. You know Lynette - when I speak to others about the Lent for Liam project they look at me like i'm crazy - almost like i'm expecting them to contribute - when i'm not. But look at how everyone in the blogging world has come forward to assist? For me that is incredible. I feel so honoured to be part of this whole community. But even more so to be able to have such a strong connection with my blogging friends.

    And not too long to meet you either!

  4. Stefanie...through scrapbooking you have enriched my life.

    Bernadine...I am sure we will meet someday...East Londen is just around the corner.

    Shayne...I have not really mentioned Lent for Liam to anybody...they don't even understand what our ministry is all on earth will they understand that we care for somebody that we don't even know.

    Thank you so much that with your friendship you have changed something in my heart...I was in a place where I no longer believed in friendship that does not have ulterior motives. You have given me back some trust in people that I have lost along the way.

  5. Isn't it a remarkable phenomenon?

    Even before the Liam project happened, the caring bond was there.
    But it has been taken to another level with that.
    I also believe its a God thing, Lynette.

    I'm so glad to be part of it all.

  6. Im still fairly new in the blogging world so havent quite got the whole blogging village thing just yet, but through my sisters blog, its been so great to connect with you. Some blogs just speak to you, have some sort of wavelength that just works, you know?
    As for your blog friends, I am glad that you are getting the faith back. God works in very mysterious ways and in most cases, pretty mindblowing ways too!
    So, heres to Friends on the net, heres to the blogging village, heres to Lent for Liam and to all the other things in life that make it so very very worthwhile.

  7. I feel it right deep in my boots that there is a ministry right here in this internet - the place with the potential and reputation to be a dark and yucky retreat.

    I am so glad to have met you all, you are a real blessing in my life.

  8. Your LO is simply adorable! I can't wait to be able to take more pics of Jadyn with my Dad and scrap them like that! Your LO's continue to insprie me!

  9. Think it's safe to say we all agree with you Lynette! I have also lost all enthusiasm for friendships, having had to move from our life long home (Zimbabwe) here 3 years ago & not met many people who I can call new friends, all the old ones now being literally scattered ALL OVER the world. I don't have the time to waste with people I have little in common with, most of whom have very different goals in life to me, so the blogosphere is really like the friendship version of an Internet Dating site, only it's free! You put your profile out there of what you are like, then you show it through your posts, & like-minded people come to you, or you to them, and different degrees of friendships are formed based on your common ground, etc. It's brilliant! I also don't have a lot of time to commit to relationships, with 4 kids & my scrapbooking I can't sit around inb coffee shops mid morning & from mid-day onwards there is no hope of anything social so this pc & my friends on the other side of it help me feel like a worthy person ;-D I also love your layouts. You have such a way of making them so lively & colourful & full of interesting detail.

  10. OMGOSH I have been away too long. I love the new look to your blog! Beautiful!!!!

  11. Thank you for beig part of the village people :)

  12. Hi Lynette. Jy is so reg, dis ongelooflik hoe die mens is ... maar jy kan verseker weet, dat die vriende wat jy nou het, lewenslank jou vriende sal wees. Maar dan is dit ook nie belangrik wat die mens dink nie, maar wat Hy wel weet. Mal oor jou uitlegte. Ek hou van die grassny deur die jare heen en Bianca is te oulik in haar operette kostuum. Mooi bly.

  13. I love your layouts! As far as I am concerned your hubby is still the same as when he was young and he is an excellent father and grandfather! You can be friends and sisters, I am sure you agree.

  14. Anita - yes sisters can be the very best long as we don't allow family politics to get into it.

    Desire - vir jou dankie...jy was my eerste blog maatjie wat ek in lewende lywe ontmoet het en jou vriendskap verryk my lewe. Dankie dat jy altyd opbouende kommentaar lewer.

    Wenchy - I it an honour and priviledge to be part of the village...I know that when I need you, you will be there for me too.

    Allie - what can I say...I have connected with you in such an amazing way that it takes my breath away - your wisdom and insight is highly prized and appreciated.

    All my blog buddies - YOU ARE THE BEST!

  15. Family politics!! I don't get involved - much safer that way! Love you and thinking of you!

  16. Beautiful LOs them.

  17. I agree - I never realised that the people I have "met" on the internet would mean so much to me. Sometimes we can be so different in real life, be different ages or live on different continents and so would have never met and yet here we become firm friend.


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