Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day and Lukas turns one.

I think I told you before that our home is the place where most family events take place. Lukas turned one on Saturday and we combined his birthday with Fathers Day. With all the grandchildren together we took the opportunity to take our first pic with all our grand babas. It was hillarious and dozens of pics later this was the only photo where we were all looking at the camera at the same time and no tongues were hanging out. Christian is at the "funny" age at the moment.

Here is Oupa with the two toddlers...shortly after the pic was taken they started pushing at each other. Lukas thinks Oupa only belong to there is a lot of rivalry.
Kobus with his two treasures. He turned up alone with his two babies...which tells a sad story all of its own. My heart bleeds for this son of mine.
Here is Lukas with his "own cake". I can't believe that a year has passed since his birth. He is such a jolly, happy baby. You just have to say his name to get a dimply smile.
Here he is peeking to see what Ouma and Oupa has given him for his birthday.
My two sons watching Grand Prix with their boys. They are such wonderful fathers.

I am taking Bianca for some blood work today and will be phoning the neurologist to hear what he is planning for her.


  1. Love the Ouma and Oupa pic with all the grandchildren. You so blessed.

    As my sister lives in JHB it is not often that we are all together at the same time and my nephews are down on holiday visiting their gaga (they are 18) and we all braaied yesterday and I also wanted to take a Gaga and her grandchildren pic (but would have excluded Jess) but the littlies would not co-operate so I will have to do it another time.

  2. Lovely post. The photo of Lukas peering into the present is really great.
    Hope all the bllod work results in good news for Bianca too.

  3. Lovely pics Lynette. My heart goes out to your son.

    Let us know what the doc says xxx

  4. I can't believe that he is 1 already, it seems like he was just born yesterday! Lovely photo of you, hubby and grandbabies. I see your boys are already teaching their sons to watch sport!!

  5. A got goosebumps - imagine watching your two sons being daddies like that. Very very special picture that one.

    Lots of love to you.xxxx

  6. These kids mean the world to me.

    Shayne - my son's marriage is the other thing I don't handle very well. There is no way to keep them from getting hurt when they are all grown up.

    Meriel - my boys had a wonderful rolemodel in their father. He is crazy about his children and always stops to see the little ones one the way home.

  7. You have such a good looking family Lynette! Great pictures!

    The one thing I am not looking forward to is Gabe growing up and having some hard times and having to stand by and watch him go thru it. It hurts my heart already and he's only seven!

  8. Looks like it was a special Father's Day!

    You have a beautiful family!

    How is Bianca? Been thinking of you.

    Love Kate xx

  9. Lovely Pictures.
    I hope all is well

  10. Lovely post Lynette but I feel the hint of sadness. I am so sorry you are in this space with family issues and Bianca.

    The pic of your boys and their babies is simply breathtaking. What an amazing family you have - how proud you guys must be?

  11. I love your pictures Lynette! The one of Lukas peeking into his present is priceless!! I will keep your daughter in my prayers!

  12. precious pictures. blessings to you!

  13. Voorwaar seuns and kleingoed waarop julle trots kan wees. Ek voel vir jou want ek bespeur dat daar dalk heelwat onaangenaamhede onder die oppervlak rondkruip. Sterkte.


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