Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To see you all better...

I had some laser eye surgery I am not supposed to be sitting here and blogging. But try as much as I like...I can't stay away. So this is just a short post to say that I will catch up on your blogs when my eyes allow me to.

I am just posting these layouts I made this weekend. The first is the photo of Kobus and me with our gorgeous grandchildren.
This second photo of Kobus and his two little ones I did for a Fathers day challenge and made it pink as part of the challenge. But you will amount of pink will make him look less masculine:) Things are looking up in his life as well. I was so worried about him a while ago...he appeared so depressed. He has however set clear boundaries in his marriage and now things appear to be not quite as dark anymore. So please continue to pray for this little family and that God will bring healing.Lastly my gorgeous girl. Somehow the age of 20 seems so magical...For years she was this angry teenager...I don't know if it because of the epilepsy or because she was going through a identity crises because of her adoption. I guess I will never know...sometimes she said incredibly hurtful things to me. Now at 20 she is telling me that she loves me and I even got a SMS today from her just to tell me that she loves me... I cherish that.

I will be back to leaving comments soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My baby turns 20!!!

Today my beautiful girl turns 20!!! I am forever more teenagers...until my grandbabies get there:)

How much you have grown since you came into our lives. How much you have touched and changed our lives. I would never trade my years with you for anything in the world.

Kobus took this pic of Bianca this morning. I am so proud of my beautiful daughter.
This is my message to her today...the author is unknown:

Be strong. Be intelligent. Smile.
Know that beauty has everything to do with how you feel about yourself
and nothing to do with looks or other people's opinions.
Never do anything just because everyone else is if you believe it's wrong.
Always be true to yourself.
Expect the best from life and that's what you'll get.
Learn from your mistakes and failures.
Believe in magic and wish on stars.
Love and trust and be compassionate.
Make faces. Play in mud puddles. Take bubble baths.
Turn off all the lights and watch lightening storms.
Dance, laugh, cry, and sing when you want to.
Read everything you can get your hands on.
Stand up for what is right especially if you stand alone.
Don't allow yourself or people around you to tolerate prejudices of any kind.
Don't be afraid to try something new.
Do something daring at least once a week.
Spin in circles and roll down hills.
Pet puppies, hold kittens, and talk to babies.
Take afternoon naps.
Stay up to watch the sunrise.
Never apologize for being a woman or for being yourself.
Never forget that I love you more than any other person in the world,
no matter how far apart we are you will always be my daughter.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am guest designer

at Little Shop of Sketches for sketch #40 and #41. Go and check out there super sketch site and leave some love. Here is sketch #40 and my take on it. I scrapped my favourite subjects as usual.

This photo of Leane and Dewan was taken only hours after his birth.
I took Bianca to the neurologist on Tuesday and he feels her medication is still at relative low levels. He increased the medication and it will increase again in two weeks. Instead of 6 monthly appointments she is now scheduled to see him every 2 months. I imagine he will keep on increasing her medication until he is satisfied with the results of the EEG. He does not want to give her a mix of medication until he is sure that it is we will just have to ride this one out.
Other news on the homefront....I am looking after my grandson Dewan today and tomorrow as his mother is doing a estate agents course. Sjoe, I wish I could password protect some of my posts as they do on Wordpress...there is so much I could add to this....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day and Lukas turns one.

I think I told you before that our home is the place where most family events take place. Lukas turned one on Saturday and we combined his birthday with Fathers Day. With all the grandchildren together we took the opportunity to take our first pic with all our grand babas. It was hillarious and dozens of pics later this was the only photo where we were all looking at the camera at the same time and no tongues were hanging out. Christian is at the "funny" age at the moment.

Here is Oupa with the two toddlers...shortly after the pic was taken they started pushing at each other. Lukas thinks Oupa only belong to there is a lot of rivalry.
Kobus with his two treasures. He turned up alone with his two babies...which tells a sad story all of its own. My heart bleeds for this son of mine.
Here is Lukas with his "own cake". I can't believe that a year has passed since his birth. He is such a jolly, happy baby. You just have to say his name to get a dimply smile.
Here he is peeking to see what Ouma and Oupa has given him for his birthday.
My two sons watching Grand Prix with their boys. They are such wonderful fathers.

I am taking Bianca for some blood work today and will be phoning the neurologist to hear what he is planning for her.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update on Bianca

Firstly I want to thank each of you that covered my family in prayer when we needed it so badly. I have had a number of e-mails from you to enquire about her, so I thought it easier just to do an update here on my blog.

Bianca is still very tired today. Her tongue is so swollen that she eats with difficulty and her whole body aches because of the severe muscle spasms during the episode. This morning she crawled into bed with us for coffee. She started joking about getting a big enough baby car seat that she can be strapped in whereever she is sitting so that she does not fall "next time". (My prayer is that there will not be a next time). She also joked about wearing dayglo green gumguards permanently so that she does not bite herself. I sat in amazement at her positive attitude...

She had her first episode in 2005 in church. She was part of the praise and worship team and as she walked off the stage she fell and the seizure began. It was the first time ever that I saw this and when she started turning blue (they don't breathe during the seizure) the thought that crossed my mind is that we were going to lose her. Scary stuff! At the time the neurologist did not want to medicate her until "next time." They did a MRI and found what in medical terms are called "Mesial temporal sclerosis". In lay language it means that there is a lesion on her temporal lobe which causes epilepsy. The doctors reckon that the damage could have been done when she had meningitis at age 9 months. She has what they call "complex partial seizures" that lasts for a few minutes. She comes around fully after approximately 2 hours...she might respond to surroundings during the two hours but has no recollection of it afterward. Scary!!!

The next episode occurred in 2007 and she was put on anti-seizure medication. What really concerns me is that despite the medication the period between seizures are getting shorter every time. She had her third seizure in February this year and now again. I received a message from a pharmacist last night. She did a lot of research on epilepsy and she suggests that a mix of different medication be used until the problem is brought under control.

My dream for my daughter is that she can lead a normal life. She struggles with her short term memory and have to work so much harder at her studies. At present she is not allowed to drive at all, she is not allowed to swim alone, bath or cook while nobody is home. In actual fact I find it difficult to leave her alone...I always worry about her. I know...where is my faith? That is the exact reason why I find this so difficult in my Christian walk. I can handle almost anything that life throws at me, but when my children or grandchildren are involved...I fail the test misarably.

Friday, June 19, 2009

OH please God...not again!

DH just phoned...Bianca just had another seizure. She had been helping out at the Mission during her college break. He is bringing her home now. She is still all out...but will be exhausted when she comes around.

This is one of the things I struggle with most in my Christian walk...the things I have no control over. The things that make me go weak in the knees. The things I don't understand and don't always know how to handle. My heart is just ripped out when I can't protect my child!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


What is friendship? This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Mostly because the people I thought were my friends did a disappearing trick when we went into full time ministry. It was just beyond them to be involved with people who work with "those useless people" (our Afrikaans friends were quite outspoken..."slegte mense"). So I am honest if I say that I am somewhat jaded and a little sceptical when it comes to what we call friendship. There was so much more prestige in being friends with the "manager of such and such."
Then last week I came across something that blew me away. I read a friends blog, she referred to another blog...and while on this second blog...I read something that touched my heart. This must be a "God appointment" because I don't believe in coincidence. Now I find myself part of a "care village" that sprung up in cyberspace. Why have I never had this experience in the natural world? I do believe that just maybe....I have found the friends that I needed all along....friends that listen, give advise and except me unconditionally. The funny thing is that although I have come to know these fabulous ladies... most of them I have never met face to face. So to all you special girls out there...thank you for becoming part of my life!
Now onto something more scrappy. Still doing the L.O.A.D challenge on the Personal Scrapper forum. For this challenge we had to do a "before and after....or now and then". I took a photo of Kobus mowing the lawn with Lukas in his arms...and that took me back 30 years to when Kobus Jr. was a little boy and the photo of his daddy mowing the lawn with him in his arms. So you see DH has not changed through the years, he still needs a hand mowing the lawn. I used this May pagemap for the layout.

The next challenge was not to use alpha stickers, thickers or chipboard for a title. I scrapped photos of Bianca when she took part in an operette years ago. I used this pagemap for the layout and the WeR Memory keepers Tiffany line...I used the layers chipboard embellishment as a title.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am back! (Updated 5pm)

I was reminded this morning by Stefanie that I have been too quiet on the blogging front. Thank you Stefanie, I did not know I was being I have this warm feeling that someone cares. Shy Girl I have been struggling to shake the flu for nearly two weeks. At first the flu led to bronchitis and now I have sinus infection. I have come to the conclusion that if I just stayed in bed for 3 days when it started, I would have been fine by now....but stubborness has always been my downfall. So I have continued working and going to functions that we have to attend at night...and I am staying sick.

This past weekend my folks were here from Kidds Beach for a 60th birthday and DH thought it the ideal time to get the whole family we had a full house with my parents, all our children and grand children and a whole lot of cooking.

Last night my DH was awarded a "Paul Harris Award" by the Rotarians for the humanitarian work that we do in the community. I will post photos as soon as I get them.

Today is the court date to get rid of our "little problem" at the Mission (yes the name officially changed from a Centre to a Mission this week). We are getting our website up to date and then I will let you have a link to it. I am praying for righteousness in the court proceedings.

I also did a bit of scrapping. Here is a layout I did of the Little Shop of Sketches sketch #39. I must still submit it to their gallery.
Leane usually starts ignoring me when I whip out the you can make your own conclusions when you look at the progression of photos. She was not impressed with her Ouma at all. I used the WeR Memory Keepers Tiffany papers.
This layout was done for a challenge on the Personal Scrapper L.O.A.D. The challenge was to use black and white and colour photos. I printed the photo of Lukas' foot in b&w, colour and very red. The journaling is about how his little feet took punishment when he started crawling...even over rough areas...sometimes it looked as if he had calluses on his toes. I used the Autumn Leaves Cuteworld range of papers and embellishments for this layout.

This following layout is also a challenge on Personal Scrapper using a Pagemap from June 2009. Wynand and Nadia went to a 30th birthday party that had a pirates theme. When I initially saw these photos I did not recognise them. Fierce aren't they?

Update: Not a good day:

  1. Clerk of the court mislaid the court proceedings )which have been dragging since February)....has been postphoned for another week. Yikes!
  2. Doctor has put me on another course of antibiotics.
  3. I am feeling sooo SICK!
  4. We have another function brain is telling me we have to body just want to crash into bed, pull the blankets over my head and feel sorry for itself! (Did I really say that?)
Tomorrow can only get better.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A day in the life of a Hobo

You can never imagine living your life on the streets. There you see them standing at the traffic lights begging. With the money they buy bread and more important some alcohol. When the sun sets and it becomes cold they start drinking until they pass out and no longer feel the cold. Tomorrow morning they get up and it starts all over again. Do you ever look at them directly?...I you look them in the eye? Or do you look over them, pass them...through them?

I want to tell you about our experience as hobos for one night.

At the end of each year our church has a celebration evening for all cell groups. In Dec 2002 the theme for the evening was either to dress up in smart evening wear or according to a musical. Our cell group decided on the Oliver Twist Story and we all dressed in rags and looked like dirty street people. Our cell leader was also the master of ceremonies for the evening which was an added shock factor. We rocked up late, pushing a grocery trolley containing a dirt bin with our food inside in a cast iron pot. Most of the people did not recognise us. We looked around for the smartest table and spread our newspapers on the floor next to it. We sat on the newspapers with our candles in jam tins and eating from tin plates. It was interesting to watch the reaction of the other people in the church. Most of the people could not look at us, they really believed we were hobos. We had such fun, stealing food of the smart tables and generally being noisy, shaking collection tins for money and having a good time. In fact, I am pretty sure that nobody else had such a good time."

I did this layout with some of the pics taken that evening. (You can click on the photo to enlarge it)

Kobus and I started handing out business cards to the hobos of the city. Most of those on the streets today have in the past lived at the Centre for a time. They usually come to us when the first cold snap of winter occurs. The sad thing is that they go back to the streets the moment the weather turns toward summer. This whole summer I drove past "oom" Chris, standing at the traffic light at Greenacres. When he sees my car coming he hurries away, he can't face me. You see he had been in the Centre 5 times before and everytime when summer comes he hits the streets again. Last week I called him to my car, and he came but he could not look me in the eye. I told him to go back to the Centre, we would give him another chance... and the next morning he was there. I so hope that this will be the last time, he is getting old and I would hate it if he had to die on the streets.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My weekend.

My weekend started on a relative traumatic note. Little Lukas swallowed a large flat battery (about the size of a 50c piece) last week Monday. It remains a mystery how he swallowed it without suffocating. The ignorant staff at the emergency room told my son and daughter in law that it he will pass it naturally. By Friday nothing had happened and we urged them to take him to a doctor, you never know what can happen when the battery starts corroding and poisoning the little one's system. They were immediately referred to a surgeon and sheduled for surgery a few hours later. They did an endoscopy under anaesthetic and removed the battery from his stomach through his oesophagus. They struggled for an hour to get it through the tiny valve in his throat. Good news is that an hour after the procedure he could go home.Needless to say Ouma and Oupa was there all the time and we eventually went home at 11pm when Lukas was discharged. Other than left with a very sore throat, the little one is fine.

Saturday evening we went to celebrate Pastor Robin's(the pastor helping us at the Centre) 50th birthday.

I started working with the wonderful Personal Scrapper May 2009 kit this weekend.
My current favourite photo of me with Dewan. I love this is so versatile.

An old pic of 1995. Stephanie and Sean (my nephew and niece)
I just adore these little boys...they lived with us for a while, so a very special bond was formed.
Pictures of Bianca and her friend Deonella with Kobus and I. Deonella lived at the Centre where we minister. We started taking her home with us over weekends and she became very much "at home". She is now a wonderful 21 year old lady that is doing very well for herself and we are proud of her.
Bianca and my Sharpei, Smokey in 2003. Note the funny blue tongue!
Photos of Bianca fooling around with her hair.
Bianca with her two little cousins and Rocky. Rocky was a gift my sister Ansie received after the birth of her son Joshua.
A photo taken at Ratanga junction in 2003. This layout was done with the very last scraps of the kit.This month there is a L.O.A.D.(Layout a day) Challenge on Personal Scrapper. I am hoping to do all 30 challenges.