Thursday, May 14, 2009

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

You will see that I deleted my previous post. Thank you for all your suggestions and prayers. That issue is going to take some time to resolve. What the post did was to free me from the idea that I cannot speak freely about feelings and although I deleted the post, it did liberate me.

On Sunday evening the sermon at our church was about what motivates you to get up in the the time I could think of a number of spiritual reasons that motivates me. This morning was a different story all together...but let me give you some background!

Before you read any further....This is not a moaning and groaning you can proceed without fear.

I have had Fibromyalgia since 2003. For those of you who don't know what it is "Fibromyalgia syndrome affects the muscles and soft tissue. Fibromyalgia symptoms include chronic pain in the muscles, fatigue, sleep problems, and painful tender points or trigger points at certain parts of the body. Fibromyalgia pain and other symptoms can be relieved through medications, lifestyle changes, stress management, and other fibromyalgia treatment." It all started after a very prolonged period of stress. I guess strange things happen in the body when you stress, adrenaline is released for fight or flight, and you don't use the adrenaline.

Anyway, as you are aware I am a very positive person and made a decision that as my body caused body must heal itself. I have a very bad sleeping disorder and seldom go into the deep sleep that is needed to restore damage to muscles. The conditions gets better or worse depending on levels of stress, amount of sleep and the weather.

So this morning I woke up with a very stiff neck and aching shoulders. I lay there next to my DH and started giggling....and the conversation went something like this:

DH: You seem happy this morning.
Me: I am just thinking about why I should get up this morning.
DH: (Concerned) Why? (He is such a great guy...sees that I am never rushed in the mornings, coffee in bed, taking DD to college)
Me: If I was not so disciplined, I would just pull the blanket over my head...and stay put.
DH: That bad?
Me: Yup....I think when I wake up without pain one morning, I will think that I died during the night and had gone to heaven.
DH: Should I make an appointment with Dr. Pottie?
Me: No, are you going to use the treadmill first...or can I go?

It is just incredible how the endorphins that are released numbs pain...see the body has it's own way of looking after itself. So after my excercise, I am ready to face the world!

What motivates me to get up:
  • The fact that if I don't, I allow this body of mine to rule over me...and I am too stubborn for that. (something of a mind over matter)
  • The fact that people rely on me to be there for them.
  • The fact that God has called me to bring Good News, even if it is through the way I handle what life throws at me.
  • The fact that if I pray for healing, I must live as if I have already received it.

On Sunday evening at the Vistarus Church I was so blessed. The pastor asked people to honour there mothers by telling them what they mean to them. Some men and women (some much older than me) got up and thanked me for being there spiritual mother. These are people that have never had a mother that accepted them, or loved them or gave them guidance. This is another thing that motivates me to get up every morning....just to love and care for the people who God entrusted to us.

So now my friends....what motivates you?



  1. The cup of tea waiting for me in the kitchen!!!!

    The fact that I have been blessed with another day. To be the best mother, wife, carer, employer, friend, sister, daughter and child of God that I can be.

    I admire your strength my friend. Mind over matter most definately.

  2. Wow Lynette - you are an inspiration!
    And yes, I know that is not what you are wanting to hear but for people like me, it is wonderful to hear how you handle your life and its difficulties.
    I'm not surprised there are people who see you as their spiritual mom.

  3. Shayne...sometimes I don't think it is strength...I think it is fear. My greatest fear is that if I give in to the constant and nagging pain, that I will slip into depression. That is one place I don't want to be.

    Allie thank you for the compliment. It is a choice everyday.

  4. I don't have a choice during the week! I have to get up and make certain that the kids get to school and work. On Saturdays we normally dawdle a bit, coffee in bed, etc. On Sundays I am motivated because I want to go to church where I can praise the Lord! I have to admit that sometimes I struggle in the mornings.

  5. I always feel I have so much to complain about until I talk to women who haven't married and had children and they have so much pain and unfulfillment.
    I have so much to be thankful for... all it takes is perspective. Thanks for yours!

  6. Oh Lynette I LOVED that post - I missed the last one - the one you deleted - sorry - I have been MIA since last week due to other commitments! I know just what you mean & think a good quote for you is "Happiness is actually a form of courage" - think about it, it's actually so true. I could whinge & complain about a multitude of things but I also have many blessings & am a true believer like you as well as being a responsible person so we just have to get on with it! I have to be in the car by 7 and HATE that as I refuse to wake up before 6.30 as I am a nightowl! I also find that everything looks brighter after I have been awake for an hour (it takes THAT long for me to fully wake up!) then I make a cappucino & some toast & sit down at the pc & life ain't so bad!

  7. Oi. Makes you think doesnt it?

    I am a bit emotionally immature in the morning. Its takes me a while to realise I am a grown up.

    In life my motivation is seeing my kids grow up to be healthy, postive, awesome, christ-centred individuals and I realise I need to be that/model too.

  8. Lynette, I admire you in so many ways beyond just scrapping! I think I'm blessed to call you "friend." ;)

  9. Well I hate I missed the post you deleted. I trust it was good.
    I love you motivations to get up in the morning! Those are awesome for whatever effects us!

  10. I missed the deleted post too...
    This is a great one. I am NOT a morning person, but thankful for each and every day God gives.
    Thanks for sharing.


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