Monday, May 18, 2009

The upside down world.

First...a few layouts that I managed to do recently. This first one is of my son Wynand and his wife Nadia on his 27th birthday. Forgive me for saying that my heart just swells with pride and love when I look at my children. I stand amazed when I see what a wonderful husband and father Wynand has become, and realise how blessed I am.

I am still digging into the box of old photographs...and they are really challenging me. So few photo's were taken in the pre-digital era...and you never knew whether they will all end up beeing boo-boos. I have made the decision to spend as much time on the layouts of old photos as I do with the digital ones.
This one was taken in 1999 at school...I loved cutting up the WeR Memory keepers Nonsense line and use it as embellishments.I came across these very old pics taken on Mothers Day in 1993. The boys made me breakfast in bed and DH was there to capture the moment. I used this beautiful Prima "Sew Cute" stitched mulberry paper. This was also done using a Beggahuna sketch and when I reorganised my scrapping space I placed the Revolution die cutter in an accessible place. The leaves and vines were cut using border dies.
When I organised the photos to be scrapped I came across some very weird and wonderful photos...and these ones from 1994 I called "Why" because I can't remember why we took these in the parking lot of a mall. I came to the conclusion that it is so that we can look back and have a good giggle about the fashion of the day. Just look at the big hair, the Ray Ban's and the high waisted jeans.
This photo was taken in 1994, after Bianca was bitten by our dog. She however denied that he bit her...blaming the whole thing on the neighbour's dogs.

That brings me to the next thing....
Have you noticed just how upside down life seems when you are a Christian?
I was struck by this again while we were doing leadership training at Vistarus. (The Centre we founded 11 years ago) Here we are...working with people that have never really achieved much in their lives. People that have been broken and rejected. Then they turn to the Lord and the day comes when they take a leadership position. Now they have to help others that are going through hard times. (All our leaders at the Centre were once destitute or/and addicted to some substance or alcohol). The moment you place them in a position of leadership, the position becomes "who they are" and their (limited) power is more often than not, abused.
Now the challenge is to teach these people the following principles.

  • In the world a leader rules, but in the Kingdom of God the leader serves.

  • In the world a leader drives people to get results, in the Kingdom a leader gently draws.

  • In the world your CV lists all your achievements, in the Kingdom of God, He says "You are mine! My child".....what can be greater than that!

  • The hightest value in the world is to gain pleasure and to avoid pain, in the Kingdom the highest virtue is faith, hope and charity.

  • In the world we seek revenge for wrong done, in the Kingdom we turn the other cheek.

  • In the world the lucky people are the ones with possessions, abilities, fame, power, high education, in the Kingdom the blessed ones are the helpless, the meek, the merciful and the ones with pure hearts.

  • In the world it is all about ME, MYSELF and the Kingdom it is all about your love for God and for others.

  • In the world it is all about pride, in the Kingdom it is all about humility.

I believe that when you have a relationship with the living God, your life becomes right side up...the way it is intended. What is your view?


  1. My view is the same as your view but it seems to me that it is one of the mysteries of the Kingdom that you have to be IN it, in order to see it's truth and value.

    The work of transitioning us from one state to the other is something He does - and only He knows how.

  2. Lynette, you wrote the perfect words. I myself am a Christian - and we struggle daily to be a reflection of God's work. Your words are very inspirational.

    By the way, you have a ton of new and gorgeous pages! Your cutwork is amazing!

  3. I must agree, your scrapping goodies are amazing! I find it very difficult living my Christianity. It is as if we are always on "show" as examples and some days I just want to hide.

  4. Phew! Of course you are right - that is what I am SUPPOSED to think but am guilty of not always doing it to be honest! It is a great reminder - I am about to print it out & stick it somehere I will see it everyday - thanks! I love your li8ttle "Lessons" on your blog - they are always short & easy to follow so they make an impact. Your layouts are gorgeous as usual - you haved the balance just right between stylish layouts & getting them done. You turn out a handful every so often which is more than I can say at times. I love the Nonsense paper as embellishments - I must look out for it - it is so effective! And the die-cut vines & leaves - have never heard of that machine of yours. Your header is lovely - I wouldn't change it but I suppose everyone gets tired of things after a while. Just make sure you have the image saved so that you can get it back if a new one doesn't work out. I have written another tutorial on it which I am going to post tomorrow. ;-D

  5. Allie - I agree, you have to be part of the kingdom to SEE the wise people of the world it will seem senseless.

    Iris - thank you for the compliment...your cutwork has inspired me to try my hand at it...and I am loving it.

    Anita - you are so right, we are always on "show" and the world looks to see when we are going to fall flat on our faces...the wonderful thing does not matter what the world thinks, we might fall, but we are sure to get back up again.

    Helen...the die cutter is the Quickutz one that comes with the platform to cut the 12 inch borders.

  6. Hi Lynette!!!

    It is so true what you say. I always pray for God just to keep me humble and always keep me the same. In every situation that I am in, I want to do what He would have done. I always admire your your strength. Your layouts are awesome as usual!!!!!

  7. Amen sista.

    How often I can topple over and begin to succumb to the standards of the world...indeed in doing so I become more disgruntled and discontent. In this I realise how important the 'renewing of our minds' is - and the imperative command to Not Conform to The Standards of this World.

    Great post my friend and my prayers remain for you in the challenges that your work brings you.

  8. Lynette, it is easy to see that your are a woman of strong faith and help so many with not only by what you say but with what you do. You said that your heart swelled with pride for your children -they are a reflection of you and Kobus in teaching them faith and strong principals. You and DH have every reason to be proud.
    Love your layouts and even though your digi pages are awesome, I am so happy that you still play with paper.
    Cheers, Irene :)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing..
    I agree with you and now you give me something to think about.
    Nice layout and cute pictures too

  10. Love the LOs, Lynette! The "mom jeans" on "why, why" crack me up!

    I love when you talk about how much you love your family and how proud you are of them. :)

  11. I thought I would come to your home.say hello,then scratch in your cupboards.Hi.

  12. LOVED THIS POST!! And I loved your note 'your fruit of the spirit fell off your tree'. I think I am going to do a post on that!

  13. Irene - I don't do digital at all, it just seems so...flat.

    Yvette - hi, you are most welcome to scratch in my cupboards and drawers after you greeted:-)

    Margie - I can't wait to see your post.

    Yes...I am afraid I lost all the fruit of the Spirit today....but that is "stuff" that will go into a whole new post.

  14. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Layouts.

    My parents are blessed to be able to serve in a drug and alcholol ministry and church. It is called U-turn for Christ, and Calvary Chapel Romoland. (there is a link on my blog if you want to visit their site) They recently started one in Africa as well. They have a few facilities around the US and a few in other countries as well. It is a true blessing to watch the Lord transform and save anyone. I have been blessed to be apart of watching the Lord transform the hardest of people into the servant of the most HIGH! It is truly amazing and only of the LORD!

    I love your thoughts about living right side up for the Lord. While it's not always easy to do with His strength it is possible. With men (and the world's strength) it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. That is why Jesus came to give us the hope, strength, power, and forgiveness to work out our salvation! It really is a beautiful thing and we are all working at different rates. However, it is difficult not to let the standards of the world creep in. That is why we have the Bible and fellow Christians to keep us accountable and to remind us of our call to be DIFFERENT then the world.... to be set apart! Thanks Lynette for the reminder! God is good and His Mercy is new every morning! Praise Jesus for His gift of salvation and His desire to help us grow to be more like Him daily.

    Thanks again; keep sharing and serving Jesus!

  15. AMEN sister and perfectly written! I agree totally and that is not heard nearly enough. I love the new lay-outs. Your family is beautiful!

  16. of course you can use the image... I got it off the internet... lol!!


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