Thursday, May 21, 2009

Turn the other cheek?

My blog buddy Margie had this image on her blog this week and she wrote a delightful piece where she says that in some situations she knows that God has one of His hands on her shoulder and the other hand over her mouth. It made me giggle and at the same time challenged me...but that means I will have to tell you about the whole fiasco!

All of God's children know of the fruit of the Spirit...well on Tuesday I felt my fruit falling off my tree one by one. I think I told you some time ago that we have an incredibly difficult character at the Centre that is hell bent on destroying the ministry. On Tuesday I guess "patience" was the first fruit that fell...."love", "gentleness" and "peace" followed shortly after....and then it struck me my "joy" was gone. I WAS ALLOWING THIS MAN TO STEAL MY JOY.
Let me list what he has done since January and then think whether you "will turn the other cheek" when you know the other cheek is also going to be slapped.
  • In January he caused so many problems with other residents that at the end of January we asked he to look for alternative accommodation.

  • He phoned the Media, alleging that we are breaking the law concerning abuse to people and not adhering to non-profit regulations. Fortunately we have built a solid relationship with the local media and after a phone call it was settled.

  • We received a visit from the Dept of Labour...he had declared under oath that the people on our destitute program work under degrading conditions. Needless to say Labour gave us a clean bill of health and they were amazed at what was being done for the destitute and unemployed.

  • He phoned the Medical Board to report a doctor who is giving of his time free of charge as a service to the community.

  • He sent a letter to the Board for Social Workers declaring that our social worker did not keep confidentiality, that she caused a suicide and was generally not equiped for her work.

  • He phoned the Centre's largest food benefactor and told them the food is being sold.

  • He contacted the Receiver of Revenue and told them we do not keep accounting records.

  • The cherry on the cake was when we received a call from the Commercial Crimes Dept of the Police. Again he had made a lot of allegations under oath...all of it lies! (the only consolation is that the police have now opened a perjury docket against him and they have also told him that if he ever phones them again they will open a case of harrassment against him. (He phones them on a daily basis with charges of wrong doing)

  • The thing is he did not move out, he has been squatting in the building for the past three months...and it has been a very slow 3 months of getting a legal eviction order...and the end is still not in sight.

  • The list of incidents are at number 38 at this point....
Now please tell me, what do you do with a man like this? I was so angry on Tuesday (Righteous anger? I don't know.) I am the financial director of the organisation, and one of the allegations he made was that we have THREE sets of books. I took that personally. I believe in honesty and transparancy. As a public benefit and non profit organisation our books are audited very strictly. If felt like a personal attack on my integrity and my character. That is why the fruit fell in quick succession. The pastor was here at the time and he said. "Lynette don't get your heart in a mess about this." Difficult...very difficult. In times like these we want to say: "Lord, please just look away for a moment...I just want to punch his lights out/throw a stone through his window....whatever..."
The truth is that he is keeping us so busy and stealing our time that can and should be used in a more constructive way. He is taking time away from people that NEED and WANT help. That is usually what the enemy does...he keeps us so busy with things that don't matter that we don't get to the things that really matter.
The Centre is going to apply for a protection order for all the employees of the organisation. I just can't believe what is happening. Since when can you walk around, make all sorts of defamatory and slanderous allegations...and get away with it? The final hearing for the eviction order is in two weeks...then hopefully this whole thing will go away. In the meantime I will also ask for the Lord to keep His one hand over my mouth:/


  1. I don't know how you do it, I would have lost it a long time ago!

  2. Oh yes, I like your blogs new look, but it takes a long time to open!

  3. Hey strong Woman of God!!!

    You are very strong, I think I would have failed long ago.... I think the hardest part of everything is to keep quiet! I will pray that he gets put out and that you can do the good deads that you do!!! Keep Faith my friend....

    Oh yas, awesome new look!!!!

  4. Lynette I am dealing with the issue of people been jealous of me..... so in a completely different way I understand how you feel. I am not a jealous person at all and am really struggling with the whole issue. We will both come out the better person if we do the right thing which I am doing. Have a good day and weekend.

    I must also say that I love coming over to your blog not only to have a look at your layouts but you just inspire me so much in other areas to. :)

  5. At the risk of sounding "pi" I am going to say what comes to mind, ok?

    When we are wondering "How in the world am I going to hang on to those spiritual characteristics?" it is possible that all we will be aware of, is how they are slipping away.
    Our focus will be on that.

    A shift in focus may be the answer

    What came to mind was the beatitude about how we can respond to persecution when its for His Name's sake.
    Its a powerful, almost incredible thing that God says there.
    You almost want to say: "You must be kidding me!"
    But its a reminder to see the bigger picture
    Its a reminder of our identity
    Its a reminder that He is able to do the impossible in us.

    I am blown away by what you do and the heart that you have for righteousness.
    This man cannot take it away - he doesn't have the power

  6. Allie...thank you, I needed to hear that. I know that when we are week, He is strong. Ultimately we have control over how we react to what comes our way.

  7. I read this post before I got ready for work... and I've been thinking and praying about the situation. and for that man who is trying to be a distraction. He needs the love that only Jesus can give!

    It is when we take our eye off 'the prize' is when we fail. God is doing great things in the ministry that He has entrusted you with. I will guarentee that satan is MAD, not just angry but MAD! that jerk (satan) is trying to distract you from what you need to be doing, but it looks like he is not succeeding! he is a defeated foe and he hates it! I will keep you and your ministry lifted in prayer!

    We can't judge each day by the harvest that we reap but by the seeds that we plant.

    phil 3:8
    What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ

    phil 3:14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

  8. Clearly this man is deranged. Obviously no-one can take him seriously so that must be your consolation. I'd say a good sense of humour is what you need as the situation is soooooo outrageous. Just remember that this man is a puppet of the devil, put in place to throw you off course. My brother-in-law is like that (amazingly he calls himself a Christian...) His latest antic is to delete me off FB (long story why but not warranted) - at first I was livid but now I am glad to be rid of him!!!

  9. Lynette, dit moet seker baie moeilik vir julle op die oomblik wees en kan myself nie in julle posisie plaas nie, maar kan net dink hoe demoraliserend dit vir julle moet wees. Hou maar die ander wang ... al is dit hoe moeilik ... hopelik is dit eersdaags alles van die verlede. Mooi bly.

  10. You know - something else occurred to me, Lynette.

    It could well be that God is already turning what he meant for evil, into good.

    Think about all the influential people who have been exposed to the good that you do; to the integrity with which you do it; to the purity of your hearts as you try to deal well with this man and his attacks.
    So many more than if he had done nothing against you.

    Let's expect good things to come out of this in the future.

    I do hope the stress hasn't caused a flare-up in your physical condition?

  11. Charmaine...thanks for the compliment - I would not really call myself "strong". It is just knowing that God called us for a marathon not a sprint.

    Allie - That is the exact same thing I said to a lady in church last night...he is acting like a PRO (evil mind you) but God is turning it around for the good.


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