Friday, May 29, 2009

Becoming like a child

I had the wonderful privilege to look after my little grandson Dewan this past week. He was born 5 weeks he is going to be a new born for a little bit longer than the average baby. I can't explain to you the warm and tender feelings that well up inside your heart when you hold a grandchild close to you.

Staring at him with total adoration this just popped into my mind. Jesus says in Matthew 18 that if we want to enter the kingdom of Heaven, we have to turn from our sins and become like these little ones. So many people have the idea that we have to become as simple and trusting as a child....but it is so much more. If I look at this little one, I see a helpless little one who is so totally dependant on someone else for food, care, love, touch and the next clean nappy (diaper). That is how God wants us to be....totally dependant on Him for everything and when we are, He will care for us even better than earthly mothers and fathers care for their babies....He wants so much to take care of all our needs, if only we will trust Him.


  1. What a precious photo! Enjoy this time with him.

    And yes, your words are so true -easier said than done for many tho.

  2. Ai. Exactly. Yes. But I struggle with my dilemma of taking care of business and only relying on Him when I lose control.

    Beautiful post Lynette.

  3. Such a beautiful picture.
    Enjoy him while you can... he'll be a teenager if you blink again.

  4. Lovely pic, lovely words.

    There is something about grandparenting that is unique
    Its certainly not loving your grandchildren more than your children -
    Its different.
    I think it may be that
    you are free to just love them:
    Free from the need to discipline them:
    And all the stuff that can cloud the issue

    Simply wonderful

  5. So precious Lynette! Have a good weekend!

  6. Beautiful photo & thought...keep forgetting to congratulate you on your new blog design - can you give me some tips on how to do the gadget headers? Enjoy your weekend ;-D

  7. Helen you can find some beautiful blog headers, backgrounds and extras at

  8. What a beautiful picture!! He is too cute and you look wonderful as well.

  9. What a beautiful post and beautiful picture! I love it!

  10. Oh so sweet, what a lovely picture!

  11. Dankie vir die mooi boodskappie. Ek stem om moet probeer om meer nederig te wees. Mooi bly.

  12. Thank you so very much for the message on my blog. :)

    What a beautiful picture. Sirene and soft.


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