Thursday, April 2, 2009

I would marry you again...

On 31 March 1979 Kobus and I were married. Here you see a photo of the two of us signing the register. I was only 18 years old at the young. Since then 30 years have gone by and I cannot believe that we have been married that long. We love each other even more today than on the day of our marriage.
We celebrated our anniversary with our children last night. You can't help going down memory lane and talking about the little things each of these precious children of ours got up to during their childhood and the difficult times, the special times and the joy that our marriage have always been. We have been blessed with three beautiful children that have always been our pride and joy. They will always be the people that we most enjoy spending time with. Our children have blessed us with three beautiful grand children....(the 4th to be born in the next few weeks.)

It was so special to me when my daughter-in-law, Nadia told us that if she looks at our marriage that is what she is aspiring to in her marriage with Wynand...they always want to stay in love.

Older and wiser!
Our oldest son Kobus and his wife Lache.
Our younger son Wynand and his wife Nadia.
Our youngest Bianca with her boyfriend Marc
I came across this beautiful poem...and it expresses my feelings and thoughts perfectly.

I'd Marry You Again

(Carla Flamm)

Do you know how much I love you
How much you mean to me
I can't imagine my life without you
My world would be empty
It seems like only yesterday
I first looked in your eyes
But the years have passed so quickly
Much to my surprise
The life we've made together
Our children and our home
The memories we have to cherish
How much our love has grown
Through the good times and the bad
You've been right by my side
You've made me smile,
made me laugh
And wiped my tears when I have cried
You are my husband,
my companion
My lover,
and my best friend
If I had the chance to do it over
I'd marry you again.
I need to say, that our life together have always been built on Jesus as the Chief Cornerstone...without Him in our lives, to guide us, to change us into who He wanted us to be, it would not have been possible.


  1. Congrats, quite an accomplishment in these days. Lovely family you have, your daughters-in-law look like they could be your daughters too. I have tagged you on my blog, hope you play along.

  2. Oh wow. What a lovely post to mark a spectacular day. Congrats guys, I bet it hasnt always been a picnic but its the working through the rough spots that make a marriage stand the test of time.

    Am so pleased to see Lache up and about! Thanks for sharing these special pics with us.

  3. Baie baie geluk met jul 30 gelukkige jare saam. Wat 'n prestasie in veral vandag se tye. Mag die volgende 30 die eerste 30 by verre oortref. Julle is voorwaar 'n pragtige familie. Mooi bly.

  4. I loved seeing your wedding photo. congratulations on 30 years - may you enjoy 30+ more! :)

  5. You sure do have a beautiful family - from one who also does *grin*

    Congrats on your milestone and on having a marriage that gives the next generation hope and inspiration.

  6. Congratulations! What a beautiful post. I'm so glad you shared that poem. Our anniversary is next week and I may use it on a card for DH.

  7. Wow Lynette - 30 years. What an inspiration you are to others - i'm only on year 3!

    Such beautiful family pics also!

  8. There seems to be such a war on marriages right now and I thank-you both for your example! I think the key ingredient is Jesus! Blessings on both of you! =O)

  9. Wow Lynette - that is so beautiful...Congratulations! We have been together 25 years & we are still "in love" aswell as loving each other...people presume that the "eros" love eventually leaves a marriage (in other words - marriage is considered boring & obviously affairs are far more "sexy",lol!)but, living by Godly principles, marriage just gets better & better in ALL ways ;-) Thanks for your kind words on my blog regarding the Convention. It has been a real trauma for me instead of the joy I expected when I won a "prize" (of nothing...)

  10. I remember the day as if it was yesterday, and at the same time it seems like a lifetime. Wishing you lots of love and blessings for the years to come!

  11. I do agree that if we build our foundation with Jesus, nothing can shake or break us...
    Congratulation Lynette, you have such a wonderful marriage and a wonderful family. Wishing you have many many more years together. God bless

  12. ahhhhh
    Happy anniversary hon!!!!!!
    Love the pics of the kids!!!!!

    and I love that poem!!!!


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