Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week in Cape Town in Pictures

Wynand and Nadia drove down to Cape Town and on the way dropped Lukas off so that he could fly down with us the next morning. Little Leane also popped in and here are pics of the two cousins. She is at a stage where she kisses everything that moves, but when Lukas started pulling her hear she quickly moved away.

This was another first for Lukas....his very first flight. We were still getting ready for take off when he fell asleep and only woke up when we landed in Cape Town.

On Friday 6 February, Ansie and I drove through to Stephanie's house to scrap with Anita and Stephanie.
My sister Ansie has 4 boys. William pictured below is her youngest. She received this little Yorky for her birthday, so he will probably be her "forever baby".
On Saturday 7 February we drove down the coast to Fish Hoek to attend a wedding. The wedding was held on the beautiful Clovelly Estate Golf course...a beautiful venue.
Here you see the bride, Cherie and her groom, Gerrit exchanging vows. Gerrit's mom emmigrated to Canada when he was still at school and him being Wynand's best friend ended up living with us for a year to complete his you can say he was one of my kids for a year.
Wynand took these pics and was not allowed to get in the way of the professional photographer, so I am hoping to get some pics from Gerrit to scrap.

The Golf course was a perfect venue to take the most awesome pictures.

Wynand and can see what I mean when I say this is a beautiful area of our country.
My sweet love and I.
Father and son.
Sunday was a scorcher and Lukas had another first...his first swim. Ansie and Willie has a heated pool and here the pool is 29 degrees Celcius, warmer than bath water.
Ansie and her "forever baby" Scrat. (named after the squirrel in Ice Age)
On Sunday I had a terrible Fibromyalgia flare up and was left with such muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders that I could hardly function. Ansie gave me a very strong tablet that had me paraletic even on Monday. On Tuesday I woke up feeling brand new and with no pain...yay!
I phoned Mel in the hope of meeting her somewhere along the coast. She already had an appointment with Kim for coffee so we met at Muizenberg at a coffee shop. It was wonderful to meet my blogging friends in person and they were even nicer than I anticipated. Kim came armed with her photo albums of recent layouts and I was left in awe of her wonderful creative layouts.
After coffee Kobus picked me up and we drove down to Kalk Bay. It was seniors day and you can see from this photo how the seniors are queuing to buy the special for the day. Fish and Chips for R15.
The harbour wall of the Kalkbay harbour.
Don't you think this is a gorgeous part of the country?
Okay that is it for today. There is a Valentines crop going on at Personal Scrapper and I would like to complete a few layouts this weekend.


  1. What beautiful pics Lynette - makes me quite homesick for CT.

    And great that you got to meet your blogging buddies in the flesh!

  2. I always enjoy seeing what is going on in your part of the world. The wedding shots were beautiful. It was nice that you were able to meet up with online friends, too.

  3. I am always in awe of your pictures from where you live! I picture what I see in the a dry tundra with elephants and zebras! I really need to come visit, huh? lol You live in such a beautiful place! Why would anyone ever want to leave there?

  4. Hi Lynette, haven't met you but heard all about you from daughter Kim and the wonderful work you are doing with the people of PE. Kim insisted I leave a comment to introduce myself. I haven't blogged for at least a year, I'm concentrating on a book I'm writing for my sister who is currently in Nightingale Lodge/Newton Park she is paralysed as she has Motor Neuron Disease. Prayers at this time for my sister will be fantastic - her name is Coleen. A maths teacher at Newton Park Tech sadly unable to teach anymore.
    Loved your pics of CT makes me very homesick - but Lymington UK is now our home, its cold, grey, icy/snowy/rainy but summer is on its way and the bulbs in the garden are beginning to come up.

  5. Great pictures Lynette! That was a beautiful place for a wedding!

  6. Oh, Lynette, you are so making me fall in love with South Africa!!

  7. Oh! I loved this post; being able to do your trip with you in retrospect. Was so great to meet you and I do look forward to seeing you again - and maybe even meeting Ansie!

    Fab photos!

  8. Hi Lynette! Fabulous photo's...I love the one of the three of us.....I NEED to scrap it OK! You have to mail be a big-ish file of it. Again it was FAB! to meet you in person.

  9. Wow - 20 photos in one post - that must have taken you some time! Loved looking at everything though & can see you had a wonderful time & was great for you to get to meet some bloggy buds IRL ;-)

  10. I think when you live in Cape Town you get so used to it that you don't always see the beauty. I know that we don't see half the places that tourists see!

  11. Wonderful pictures, beautiful scenery in your country and I love the shots of the grandkids! Sounds like you had a great time!

  12. great pics!! looks like you had a great time!

  13. I love your pictures Lynette! Your are a lovely lady!

  14. Gosh Lynette, those pictures are stunning!!!
    My Hubs really wants to come to S.A for a holiday in July (we havn't been for 4 years now).Part of the plan is to take the kids to Cape Town and then to Krugar (poor things have never seen any of the big 5).

    By the way, were you a model?
    I'm saying "were" instead of "are" 'cause I know you've never mentioned modelling at the're stunning Lynette..just gorgeous!!


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