Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

I know...lame title. This post is going to be a bit of quite a few things.

Firstly, as most of you know Kobus and I are in full time ministry. The great thing is we meet so many people from all walks of life that really care about people. On Valentyns Day my favourite store (not allowed to name them) organised a Valentyns Ball to raise funds for the Centre. They supplied all the food and a three course meal was beautifully arranged by Gavin. (who also cooks for 270 people at the Centre every day).

Kobus and I
Our son Wynand and daughter-in-law Nadia
ItalicGavin....ready to serve a scrumptious meal.
Kobus turns 54

On Sunday 22 February my darling husband turned 54. The tradition is to invite all the children over for the meal.
Son Kobus and daughter-in-law Lache
Nadia had to work, but here is our son Wynand with sons Christian and Lukas
Daughter Bianca with boyfriend MarcGrand daughter Leane
This is my favourite photo of the day....Oupa with Lukas.
A story about a bag!

Now for a bit of fun....Shayne tagged me.

Here's what you need to do:

1) Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. Dont pull out that cute little bag you used back before you had kids. I want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house. No cheating!

2) I want to know how much it cost:) And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.

3) Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you're showing everyone your bag.
So here we go...this is my bag (of the moment)

Yep...that is beading you see!
And the story behind it:

My mother made this bag for me a couple of years ago for a birthday, so it cost me nothing. My other bags are black and brown, with summer and bright colours this bag just seem to go with everything.
When I change bags...I just pour out whatever is in the one into the other. Now just for fun I am going to unpack my bag and tell you what is inside :)
Cellphone (why I don't know....not terribly fond of answering it)
Reading glasses (after all I am over 40)
Comb (we live in the windy city)
A hot pink makeup bag...for just in case.
My ID and DH's ID. (I am minister of administration)
Jungle Energy bar. (Dark Chocolate)
A sealed wipe (I am a grandma and with little ones you never know when you are going to need one)
Nail Varnish (because that is where my teenage daughter won't look for it)
Nail clipper and nail file.
There you have life in a handbag. Now to decide on who to tag:
Please play along!


  1. Looks like the ball was alot of fun. You looked beautiful!

  2. Kobus jnr lyk darem baie na sy pa. Uiteindelik kan ek darem sien hoe lyk Bianca en haar sleep. Geluk dan ook met Kobus se verjaardag. Dis baie spesiaal dat julle 'n tradisie het waar die familie byeenkom en 'n maaltyd saam nuttig op sulke spesiale dae.

    Dankie vir die handsak tag ... ek sal so gou moontlik probeer saamspeel. Mooi bly.

  3. (I tried to comment earlier and got an error...)
    I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful family. I hope the ball was a success!

  4. Darling I'll play!!!
    If it involves bags or shoes, I'll play!!!!!

    Let me get back from my running around and I'll take a pic ;)

  5. Your family is beautiful. It is so awesome to hear all of the wonderful things you do together. You are blessed that they live so close to you.

    Love the bag! What a good window into your life :)

  6. Beautiful photo's, it sure looks as if you guys had a ball!!

    I love the contents of your bag...they say it beautifully sums up who we are you know??


  7. You and your husband along with your family are jsut beautiful! What a wonderful Ball you all had...beautiful and wow!

    I love your bag to, how pretty! our mom did a beautiful job with it and I love the fabric! Laughing at the discription of everything in it as

    My purse is in a long hear ya go...

    Hope you are having a fantastic week! =O)

  8. The ball looks like a blast!:0) I can see why that is your favorite picture! I am awful at tags but will do my best! ;) LOVE your purse!

  9. I didn't know you were in full-time ministry. My husband's sister & brother in law also are. We used to live in the same town so got to meet all sorts of interesting people through them but sadly we are now in Durbs & they are in Mukushi in Zambia. Love how you are so hands-on with your grandkids. My m-i-l turns 70 this week (in Botswana) & wants us to drive up for 5 days WITHOUT any (we have 4) children...very sad ;-( Needless to say we can't go.

  10. Oh yes, I've also been tagged to do the bag thing. Yours is very pretty & has a lot less in it than mine...very civilized!

  11. Nice pictures of you and your family. Lucas is so cute..
    Wow to Gavin, he cooks for 270 people everyday. That's a lot of work.

    I love the bag story. Interesting.

  12. That reminds me - I must dig out my bag like that as well! Will c what I can do with the tag.

  13. Great photos as always...will wait to see the pics scrapped!

    I love this bag tag. So fun to see what everyone has to say. I cant believe your mom made that - its exquisite!

    I am gobsmacked by how much stuff everyone has in their bags! Shucks, if I have pockets I stick my phone in one and my wallet in the other --- I leave the bag at home!!

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog today!! You have such a fun blog...I love looking at all of the pictures! Hope you have a great weekend and LOVE your LO's girl!!!

  15. You look amazing in the Valentines pics!! And the dinner looks SO yummy!! The grandkids are cute as always!!

  16. What a beautiful bag!
    Kind regards,

    Beertje Zonn

  17. just a note from your comment on my blog... if Phyllis knew i could send her down to Africa, she would go in a minute!! Better be careful what we wish for, you might have a little lady down there :)

  18. OMG! are you serious that purse is all beading??you and your family look gorgeous.


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