Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am off to beautiful Cape Town...

Today I had to work hard, to catch up with all the work admin, see to it that everything that needs to be paid is paid and planning what will be needed at the Centre for the coming week. We are flying to Cape Town tomorrow morning. Wynand, Nadia and Christian just left for the drive down...little Lukas will be flying down with Oupa and Ouma in the morning. I am so looking forward to seeing the family there! On Saturday we will be attending Wynand's best friend Gerrit's wedding in Fish Hoek. We will be away for a week.

I know that my sister, Anita, have planned a scrapbooking morning with Stephanie on Friday, and I am really looking forward to meeting Stephanie. I don't usually go to crops or this is something new to me....and I don't have the THE BAGS and TOTES for the event. I don't plan to get any either, I will just be taking one of my Personal Scrapper kits and a photo or two. I love my "alone" time with my scrapping and that is usually when I clear my head of all the goings on of the week. Recharging my batteries to speak!

I do hope I will be meeting some of my Cape Town blogging buddies. Melody, I am taking your cell no with me...will contact you when we are there.

Here is another of my Christmas layouts that I managed to complete this past weekend. I just love the Making Memories Falala line. But not as much as I like my two grand bambino's...don't you think they are too cute?

Chat again soon.


  1. Have fun relaxing and scrapping! LOVE how you made a two-pager with the die-cut circle paper! YUM! :D

  2. Have a great trip. (A PS kit bag and pics is really all you'll need!)

  3. Aaaah, Cape Town. How wonderful. I hope you have a divine time, and that the wind behaves itself for you. I'm in serious need of a trip there! Enjoy your time with Stef, you'll like her.

  4. Wow, Lynette! This is a new favorite LO of mine...just love it! Your rocked the MM for sure!

    Enjoy your get away and you sound just like me at a cropping event...just take a kit and your adhesive and enjoy!

  5. Cape Town!
    Lucky Ducky :)
    Have fun Lynette.

    I adore your 2 pager, and I have to agree, the MM is nothing without those cutie bambinos ;)

    Have a great week :)

  6. Thank you for letting me look into your window and seeing all of the nice people in your life.

  7. This is just beautiful Lynette. Love the curved shapes the flowers and the title following a curve. But, as you say, nothing beats the cuteness of the bambinos. You must enjoy your CT trip ... see the tint of green here from Gauteng ... Hugs from Desire

  8. I can't wait to hear about your trip Lynette! Love the scrapbook pictures!

  9. wow! This 2 pager is STUNNING! Hope you had a great trip!

  10. Have fun and once again I am in awe of your pages! Just beautiful!

  11. Hi Lynette,
    Found you via Stefanie's blog. Looks like you have a lot of lovely scrapping on your blog so have added you to my subscriptions. Know what you mean about carting scrap stuff around - it's not fun - I much prefer to scrap at home on my own ;-)


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