Monday, January 19, 2009

Interview Me

I read Mel's blog and then pulled the courage together to invite her to interview me. I waited in fear and trepidation for Mel's here goes.
1. Tell us something of your spiritual journey and how you came to follow Christ.

I think I always followed Christ...but I never really had a deep relationship with Him until 1994. At that stage my sister, Ansie was still married to Rainer and their relationship with the Lord challenged both Kobus and I. We still belonged to a traditional Afrikaans church and going to church was more of a tradition than a relationship. We went to church faithfully but the one day we walked out and I turned to Kobus and said that surely there must be more than what we are experiencing. I was so hungry for a real relationship with the Lord, I knew that I must seek Him until I find Him. The next Sunday we went to a pentecostal church and never looked back. Now we are in full time ministry and have never been more fulfilled in our entire lives. Don't get me wrong...when you go into ministry you set yourself up so that fellow Christians can take shots at you, criticise you and question your motives. Unfortunately that comes with the territory and often you have to choose to be blind and deaf where these things are concerned and ultimately to know that we were called by Him for His purposes.

2. What is your secret shopping Bags? Gloss! Mags? Scrapstash?

I have a problem when it comes to scrapstash...surely you all know, nobody can ever have enough. I am thankful that my dear husband does not realise the scope of my scrap obsession. I have many, many drawers and cupboards in my scrap he designed it for me. I am really hoping that I will someday use up everything I have collected over the past few years, from time to time I reorganise and then I make up a parcel to give away.

3. Do you believe one should grow old gracefully or would you consider cosmetic surgery?

I believe in growing old gracefully. I have never really thought much about cosmetic surgery. Most people I meet think I am younger than my age. There was a time that I would have liked to be enhanced (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) but we could not afford it at the time and now it is no longer important.

4. Looking back at your parenting days, what is the one thing you wish you had done more of or less of?

Today I have a very good relationship with all my children. With my oldest and youngest I went through a rocky time where they rebelled against authority in general. My oldest son still jokingly tells the stories of his "dates" with mom at Milky Lane. (When I needed to talk to him about something that was a problem I had to take him to a place where he would not raise his voice or walk away) I could never stand a shouting so I have never been a yelling mom, but I was very strict and only spoke once and expected to be obeyed. My husband worked in the supermarket business and was seldom available for sporting events and school meetings and I ended up being the disciplinarian in the family....I would have loved it if my DH took up this position so that I could have been the "fun" one. When the boys were in trouble at school and the principal wanted to phone their dad...they were quite long as he did not phone their "kwaai" mom. The wonderful thing is that even now they still share their hearts with me...and I am so grateful.

5. Tell us how you met the love of your life!

This is actually quite funny. I was in Matric at the time and worked for the same supermarket group during weekends and holidays (for pocket money). Kobus tried to set up a date for me with one of his friends...fortunately it never worked out. I adored him from the first moment I saw him...but thought that I was to young for him (only six years) We started dating in April of my final school year and got married a year later. On 31 March it will be 30 years. I have no regrets about marrying and having children when I was so young.

**Let me know if you'd like to play along and I'll send you some questions!

1. Leave me a comment saying Interview me and your email address.

2.If you want to keep your email address private, email me your request to interview you

3. I will email you 5 questions. I promise to be nice.

4. You can answer the questions on your blog.

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6. Try and personalise the questions to the particular blogger...if you know them well enough!

Come brave!


  1. I always think that it is wonderful to still be with your "first love" as such. You obviously have a very special relationship with K. Now i know you a bit better to. We'll def have to meet when next i'm in PE.

  2. Dit was nou lekker om terug te sit en weereens iets van jou te wete te kom. Ek het vergeet om te se dat daar toekennings by Doing Life vir jou wag. Mooi bly.

  3. I enjoyed reading about you Lynette!

  4. Ok, I will be brave .... interview me! You know the address ....

  5. I loved learning all those things about you Lynette! Great interview!

  6. wow! I enjoyed reading your interview. I'm touched!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I think, um...well, I guess, hmmm...sure go ahead and interview me : ) My email is on my blog, under about me.

    How fun that Jules was here! She is a good friend of about 20 yrs!

  8. You can totally interview me if you want! I enjoyed reading yours!

  9. I'm game!

  10. Love your interview Lynette..I adore your parenting style, and the story about meeting your sweetie is sooo romantic *swoon*


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