Friday, December 12, 2008

Our week in Gauteng

On Friday 5 December we left Port Elizabeth for Johannesburg...a 1200km drive from the East Coast of our country to Johannesburg (our largest city). We have been invited to my brother, Andre's 50th birthday bash. Andre also invited us to attend the Nedbank Golf Challenge in Sun City. On Sunday morning early we left Randburg and drove to Sun City for the final day of the golf. When we entered the Nedbank tent we had to hand in all cameras and sorry no pics :(

This is what Sun City looks like.
The eventual winner, Henrik Stenson. We were up in the gallery behind him.

We were invited by one of my blogging friends, Desire Fourie, for supper on Tuesday night. Kobus was running late and when I eventually reached him on Andre's phone, he was up in the air. Andre flies a microlight and had organised for Kobus to go flying.

All Strapped in.

And off they go!

Free as a bird!!?

He enjoyed every moment!
Okay...that brings us back to our dinner invitation. My nerves were shot...I hate being late, so I sent a message to Desire that we would be late. Now I must tell you, when we left Andre's home it was dark...and did I tell you Johannesburg is big...and there is millions of roads...and lots and lots of traffic. Well, we got lost...we took the wrong turn off and we were totally lost. Conroy had to navigate us to their home. Now we have never met Desire or her husband this was somewhat of a "blind date" (as Conroy called it). We were welcomed by the couple and had a lovely meal. Desire I really enjoyed our visit and we must do this again!!
Desire and Conroy

Desire and Me
Andre's 50th

The theme for Andre's party was Wild West. Here you see Kobus attempting to make a haybale for a table setting.
The tables all set out. 80 guests would arrive at 6:30.

One of the tables.

Pocahontas and the Sheriff (also known as Gail and Andre)

Cousins - Erika and Bianca

A little fire made with streamers.
Kobus and me

A pic of me with my Aunt...haven't seen her in 40 years.

Gail and me
Children having a ball.

All the guests having a good time.

Bianca could not resist taking this photo of the Dutch Reform Church in Graaff Reinet. It was built right in the centre of the town and has stunning architecture.
Okay now it is off to scrap.


  1. Lynette, Thanks for visiting my blog today. I wish I could say that is my tag but mine isn't done yet. It is the teachers. Have a great day!

  2. Wow, what a great post. Looks like you had a fab time away...and how cool that you got to meet Desire!

    I cant believe you have not seen your aunt in 40yrs??? Does she live overseas ? What an epic ocassion.

    Great to *see* you again. Have missed your blog!

  3. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I especially love the top picture! I MUST come visit someday!!

  4. Hey Lynette what a fab! post...looks like you had an amazing trip. From the look of the photo's, the microlight flight must have been enormous fun...I have always wanted to do that.

    Happy 50th to your hubbie....'yeehaaa pardner!' I love the costumes :o)
    Have a super Sunday!

  5. It looks like the party was a lot of fun - glad you enjoyed it!


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