Monday, November 17, 2008

My weekend

Okay now...guess what I did this weekend. No, no scrapping I'm afraid. Wynand and Nadia went away for the weekend and left little Lukas with us. Shame poor little thing... he is teething at the moment and he was so sick.... became feverish every now and then. So all he wanted to do all weekend long was this.
He would lie on my would seem he is fast asleep. But every time I moved or spoke, he would open those huge beautiful blue eyes and look at me. How precious these times a year he will not want to do this anymore...I am so enjoying this little man.


  1. I can just imagine that you enjoyed it!

  2. Ag hene, Lukas is te pragtig en dierbaar. Ek kan sien dat jy elke oomblik hiervan geniet het. Mooi bly.

  3. so sorry he was sickie but, how precious they are at this stage...glad you could savor it!

  4. Oh if this post doesnt send me into broody mode...nothing ever will!!!

    What a fab granny you are to take such good care of him so your kids can get away.

  5. How precious, makes me wish my babies were tiny again!


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