Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by Shayne on 4 November (sorry completely forgot) to list 7 random or weird things about myself. Now that is difficult because I am positively square and never maybe weird?

1. Can't wake up without my first cup of coffee in my hands.
2. Hate, hate, hate answering the phone...talking on the phone...anything to do with a phone.
3. I put off buying groceries until there is no more coffee, sugar or Ellis Brown.
4. I hate noise...and shouting...I can happily be at home with total quiet.
5. I am rooted in my home, where I have been living for more than 20 years.
6. I totally dislike driving, my best time was the beginning of this year after spinal surgery...six weeks of no driving.
7. I only wear flat shoes...just looking at high heels makes my toes cramp.

I geuss neither random or weird....just me! Now I am tagging two of my blog buddies.....Desire and sister, Anita.



  1. Hi Lynette. Thanks for tagging me. Will have to go and dig deep, like you've done, for to find the weird side of me ... I'm probably just as square as you are. Quite a number of your weird mentions is totally applicable to me as well ... so it seems we are very much the same in personalities. Hugs Desire

  2. I will try ..... I seem to be a lot like you ... I wonder why?

  3. Sjoe - you and I seem to be somewhat alike...I dont mind driving and I love heels (altho I seldom wear them!) but apart from that...with you on the rest!


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