Sunday, November 9, 2008

Challenge #12: Amaze

At last I am back to scrapping...I have been itching to scrap. Kim's challenge 12 needed to be done as the challenge ends tomorrow. Kim was using Christine's layout below as the sketch and the title had to be "Amaze". I took the most "amazing" pics of Lukas last week and it was the perfect pics for this challenge.
This is Christine's layout....we had to use at least 5 different printed paper.
Here is my attempt...I used MM Fresh Anthology paper, brads and buttons.

The beautiful poem by Julie Camacho reads as follows:

Heaven Sent

You often are gazing upwards,
When your mouth turns into a smile.
I wonder if you've met Him
And are remembering for a while.
I think that you were held
In your Creator's arms,
As He was putting the finishing touches
In your mind, your soul, your charms.
I hope that you remember,
I pray you don't forget.
Please seal it in your heart,
You were heaven sent.

Have a blessed week!


  1. This is gorgeous Lynette. Love all those different pattern cardstock circles and the poem is just perfect for Lucas' pic. Have a good week.

  2. Fab L.O Lynette! I'll post it along with the others tomorrow.

    Thanks for joining in again!

  3. I have just read Mel's blog...& found out you are Anita's sister...that is seriously weird...what are the chances of that happening :o)

  4. Gorgeous layout! He is such a stunning little boy! Thanks for a wonderful visit.

  5. That is a BEAUTIFUL LO Lynette. I so struggled with it. It looked so simple but I finally did my own thing keeping to the criteria but very different.

    I cant believe you and Anita are sisters! Wowee! We have to get together when you are next down.

    PE aint happening...Executive decision...Russ is COO and they feel that having the CEO and COO in PE is a bit shortsighted so we will stay here. BUT we are planning a vac to PE in the new year so we must get together!

  6. Anita told me today that you're her sister, can't believe you've been leaving comments and visiting my blog and I didn't even know the connection. The next time you are down in CT we will have to have a scrap day ~ keeping it all in the family. Awesome LO. Are you going to tackle a journaling junkie one next?
    Would be great if you did.

  7. Love your layout Lynette, fabulous color combo!


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