Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Week in Plettenberg Bay

With our line of work in the ministry we have to carefully plan our time away. Kobus and I always work ourselves into the ground the day before we leave. We have to make sure all the bases are covered before we go. We left on Saturday 27 September and decided to have a light lunch at Stormsriver Mouth. This is a photo of the river mouth.

Here you can see why it is called Stormsriver. Is it not beautiful.

Here I am standing on the main beach in Plettenberg Bay....the hotel where we have timeshare is in the background.These photos were taken from our room. As you can see the views are out of this world.

The little spot you see in the bay is a whale. Really!!!!

Here is a close up...see I never tell
Here is "Ocean Safaries" boat following a school of dolphins.
Drinking coffee and having breakfast.

On Wednesday the 1st October Ansie and Willie flew in from Cape Town to spend time with us. We had a ball....the men on the golf course and Ansie went sightseeing. Here we are a Birds of Eden...and look at the size of that parrot.
A Marmoset mommy feeding her baby on a wooden bench.
A toucan....what a beautiful bird.Before we go into the bird sanctuary we have to remove all jewellery as the birds will steal earrings out of your ears. This bird decided my sunglasses are shiny enough.
Here he is trying to get a stud out of my handbag...had to shoo him off....
This cheeky ringneck stole some food off Ansie's plate and then went for the food on her fork.

This one was a charmer that spoke sweet nothings into Ansie's ear.
Here the two of us are on our way to go Whale watching....oohhh so exciting and nervous...would we get sea sick?

The Southern Right whale is the most common whale seen in our waters. They come to Plettenberg Bay to mate and have their young. Here you see two whales.
Wow these creatures are massive.

Eating of the things we did most..except sleep of course. Here is Ansie and Willie.

My favourite sister and I.

Kobus and I.We really ate way to much and slept now we are ready to tackle the work again.


  1. Wow, it really seems like you had such a lovely time in Plet and really relaxed for a change. Love all those naughty birdies and your photos are lovely.

  2. wow your pictures are amazing!! What a beautiful view you had!! I can't wait to see the LO's you make!

  3. WOW! That looks like it was a beautiful vacation! What amazing pic! I am sure we will see some beautiful LO's out of these! Welcome home!

  4. great pics - and the views are really stunning! you must have had great time there.
    welcome back :-)

  5. Such beautiful pictures and what a blessing to share the experience with friends.

  6. Such neat pictures! Looks like a great place to vacation!

  7. What great pictures! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

  8. Wow, that must have been so much fun! Great pictures too.

  9. Beautiful place! Your pics are looks like you had a very relaxing vacay.:)

  10. The photos are stunning, looks like you had a fantastic time.

  11. Your Plett trip was so productive. My Hubbie also saw whales this week, just as he drove through groot Brakrivier... he was so fortunate.

    Stormsriver mouth had changed a lot when we visited in December, what was your impression?

  12. Wow! beautiful photo's...looks like there was plenty of time to relax. Aren't the whales just fantastic this year??? They are coming so close in here in CT too.

    Do you have time to join in my scrappy challenge?? Try if you can :o)
    Keep well!

  13. Looks like an awesome vacation in a perfectly beautiful place. Your pictures are lovely...makes me want to go there.

  14. Sjoe jong! What a lovely post. I must say it brought many memories back for man and I camped for 10 days at Storms River mouth and I could barely sleep cos the sea made such a noise! And he got tick bite fever there!!!

    And the pics of you at Monkey World (is it?) in the cafe...that is where I passed out at 8wks pregnant!

    Glad I found your blog - love "meeting" other likeminded SA bloggers.


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