Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Life!!!

When I started this blog, my initial thought was to not talk about what we do in our ministry. I have now come to realise that I cannot compartmentalize my life. What we do is part of who I am, and as my blog says: "I am a work in progress". Sometimes I think that it is our very difficult ministry that is actually forming me into the person I am.

Okay, so what do we do? Ten years ago God called us to make a difference in the lives of the poor, rejected and abused people in our city. At that stage we were considering buying a francise supermarket and praying about it...but God had different plans. My husband and I both come from business backgrounds and I promise you... this did not come naturally. Add to this that I grew up poor and vowed never to become involved with poor people...well I think God has a sense of humour, don't you? So ten years ago we stepped out in faith and started doing that which we have never been equiped for. We took over the old railway hostel in our city and began putting all our finances, time and energy in the upliftment of people in body, soul and spirit. Suddenly our closest friends and family no longer wanted to be associated with us. They could not accept that we would give up status and position and make such a "silly" choice.

Today....I look back on ten very hard years....many tears....heartache....immense spiritual growth... and I would not change it for the world. You know, somebody once told me this: "If you truly want to know whether God is calling you, it will be something that you have to do that is humanly impossible to must be God doing it." So the price that we had to pay was good seed, currently we are seeing an immense harvest and that is what I live for.

We are looking back on a project that was doomed to fail, a project that is a registered non-profit organisation, but has never applied for funding from LOTTO, social development or the government. We have come to learn that God is our source, he sustains us. We currently house 435 people. Of these, 145 people are on our program for the indigent and destitute and 87 are children. We have a full time pastor and a full time social worker. It has come clear why God chose us, as I said before we come from a business background, at the centre we have started numerous successful job creation projects that now sustain this ministry...we are totally self-supporting. We serve an amazing God and the thoughts that He has for us, is thoughts of hope and a future.

I hope this blog was not to heavy!



  1. Wow, I have always wondered what 'your' ministry was all about. Your family are very special people who are really making a difference in the lives of those in need. I was in the Protea Childrens Home in Port Elizabeth from birth (in the 60's) to the age of 3.5 when I was fostered by my 'Mom & Dad' who has since passed away. So I know what 'special' people are all about. Keep walking your path jubilantly. Warm regards

  2. Lynette,
    I understand you well when you speak about compartmentalising your life. I also decided recently that I want want to speak openly about my fath and other things I love and are important to me - also in my blog.Wilna F. is a great example for me to follow - I admire her immensely. Thanks for this post and your honesty - it reassured me on my way.

    Good luck with your ministry - you must have a deep faith and lots of courage to started and continue this work.

    p.s. Could you send me your addy? I've just noticed your blog is named work in progress - and I've got little something that has this phrase included and would like you to have it :-)

  3. Lynette, I was moved by your story. Thanks for sharing, it is so hard to take the road less traveled so many times it is what God wants us to do but we have to be dragged kicking and screaming along that path at times. I admire you and your husbands courage. God bless, Lisa

  4. Not heavy - really interesting, & it sounds like the business bg has given you guys great 'thinking ahead' skills....or God has given them to you for that purpose:):)


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