Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy, busy weekend

It is Monday and somehow I want the weekend to start right now! On Saturday Angus Buchan spoke at our sports stadium...and it was totally sold out....yay for the Christians of Port Elizabeth. Anyway...Kobus Jr and Lache wanted to go, so I offered to look after Leane. So she came to stay with Ouma for the weekend.

Oh my! I must admit she is a tiny 14 month old dynamo...very, very busy. So by Saturday evening this Ouma was totally wasted. I have forgotten that a little one like that should not be left out of your sight for 1 minute...that is all it took...1 minute....for Leane to find Rattex in the broom closet and stuff 3 pellets into her mouth. After digging them out of her mouth and then feeding her salt water (as per the instructions on the box) to induce vomiting...I don't know who was more traumatised...this Ouma or my little girl.

Sunday morning the sun was out and it was a glorious day. We decided that an outing would be the ideal thing. So off we went to Homeleigh Farm, a touch farm close to our home. Here Leane could run free, feed the animals and use up all the energy that little ones that age have. Wynand and Nadia came along with Christian and Lukas...and the kids had a ball.
This apple went with her all the way...she was not going to share it with anyone!
She called everything a here is a large "woof".
Christian hugging a horse.
The teletubby family....:)
And off she goes...she reminds me so much of her daddy at that age...I just had much more energy!
And off she goes again...
My daughter in law, Nadia with my mom.
Sticking fingers into the goat's mouth.
Christian trying to catch a goose.
Bunny hugging!
More bunny hugging.
Oupa and Lukas.
Daddy Wynand and Lukas.
Do you think she is enjoying the ice cream?
What does that little face!


  1. Ag man your grand bambinos are so cute. But hey, I would have seriously panicked about the Ratex episode and would not have known what to do, but rush to the nearest doctor. You handled it so cool calm and collected.
    Oh yes, whereabouts are this Homeleigh Farm? Warm regards

  2. Hello Lynette. Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog - still learning this whole thing. Congrats on winning Kim's challenge!!! Your LO's are inspirational! Take care, Shayne

  3. Hi Lynette...those photo's made me smile because they remind me of when we were at Homeleigh farms last year. My boy had a blast...we were there the whole day!!

    We are going to PE again in December to visit my aunts & oupa, so we'll have to go there again!

  4. Hi Lynette - ag jong - I did so enjoy looking at all those pics! And wow...that whole Rattex thing is scary hey?

    Can you email me on; I am flying into PE next Friday because we may be moving there in the New Year and I would love to ask you about schools etc. Have done some homework but would like to ask your opinion...


  5. Hi Lynette. Hoop dit gaan goed. As jy 'n kansie het, gaan loer in by Doing Life, daar's 'n ietsie vir jou. Lekker naweek en mooi bly. Groete. Desire


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