Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Massive waves pound the coastline of our city...

We have seen extreme diverse weather patterns...yesterday was officially "Spring day" in our country. But we had snowfall on the mountains around Cape Town...raging fires in Kwa Zula Natal because of high winds...and in Port Elizabeth (my home town) and Jeffreysbay(60km away) we have had a very angry sea...the surfers are loving it...I believe there were many absent workers as many set off for the beach at Jeffreys Bay where if you could catch the massive waves you could surf for up to a kilometre...or as some put it "Surf for your life".

Kobus took these photos of our shoreline...


  1. WOW!!!!!!! I hope that no one got hurt..... Great photos

  2. WOW! hope all is ok!
    you really captured the action with those pics; did you take them?
    Stay safe! Also, I know you said you listen to Calvary pastors... I love listening as well. My old pastor in Chicago is awesome. Pastor James McDonelle at click on sermon of the week. Enjoy!

  3. WOW! Those are some amazing photos. Hope all is well:)

  4. Hi Lynette. It is great that I have discovered you in cyber space and what makes it even more special is that you live in my home town Port Elziabeth where I also grew up and stayed for the first 6 years of my married life. We visit PE at least once a year to visit family and friends. We stayed in Blue Water Bay and I can see these storm pictures are taken quite close to Blue Water Bay. I suppose the 'dolosse' at least prevented more severe damage. Thanks for taking part in my blog candy guessing game on Doing Life. Hope to see you visiting there more often. Warm regards from Gauteng.


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