Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A few of my recent layouts

You all know... that we always think our children and our grandchildren are the greatest...I want to introduce you to my wonderful grandchildren. In February this year Wynand married the love of his life, Nadia...and we became instant grand parents to Christian...we have known him from when he was still in nappies and loved him to bits....don't you think he is cute?
Here is playing with my daughter Bianca...he loves to wrestle...and usually keeps on at the game until he wins. :)

This is my son Kobus and his wife, Lache's little one, Leane...these pics were taken on her dedication.

Another layout of Leane...she is so cute....this grandma just loves her to bits!

Bianca and girls are so cute!!!

Pictures of Wynand and Nadia's little one, Lukas, shortly afther his birth. (the meaning of his name is "bringer of light" and he has really brightened our lives...he is now 10 weeks old and has the most gorgeous smile...with dimples in his cheeks.

We are always looking for a reason to baby Lukas is one month old and had his first sleep you can see we did not have much sleep the night before and grandpa and Lukas are getting some zzzzzzz! This was a very poor scraplift of Candice Greenways layout "Counting Sheep"

Thank you for looking and listening to the ramblings of a doting grandma!


  1. Your layouts are gorgeous. Your personal style is definitely recognisable. Christian is adorable.

  2. Hey - so great to see your work! Keep up the creative work! You are very talented. From the grunge side of life - in Benoni! Hope there weather is good with you in the Eastern Cape - I am not happy seeing all the bad storms in the Cape - My family live in the Western Cape and I am a Cape Towning by birth! Have a great day and keep up the fab bloggin! Rose x

  3. That playful layout is great. Is that word art???

  4. WOW you got a lot of scrappin done! I love the last one of Lukas napping with Grandpa! So precious!

  5. The word "Playful" is actually a Karen Foster rub-on.


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