Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cupcakes and Coffee class

Today is a public holiday in South I had time to complete the half finished projects I am doing in this online class with Wilna Furstenburg. I find the class fun and inspiring and it is taking me out of my comfort zone to do projects that I would not even normally contemplate doing. If you read my paper cup woe' will know what a mission it was to find the perfect cup...and yes I found this one at Woolies. I then painted around the edges and added glitter for bling. Then the picture and the little cupcake from Jolee's Boutique was the perfect accent.
I have not added my photos to this album...we are leaving for our annual time share week at the Beacon Isle Hotel in Plettenberg Bay on Saturday. We will be meeting up with my sister, Ansie and her hubby Willie. We are planning to have a lot of out a lot and drink plenty of coffee. So I am keeping this album for pics taken during our week in Plett.

In the centre of my little cup album I put a printed paper heart and some vellum with the following word art on it: "I love COFFEE, I love TEA, I love this JAVA JIVE and it loves me.

This album was supposed to be made with the sleeve of a Starbucks cup...I made my cover out of handmade paper with a lovely texture. I am going to use this little album as a brag book of my sweet little cupcake grandchildren. It is so small that it will fit perfectly into a ziplock bag in my handbag.

I used Wilna's paintings and printed it out in A3 size on Canson paper. This had its own little problems. The moment the paper touched the glue it started making bubbles and crinkling. Thumbs Down Fortunately I spoke to Caro before I ripped it off. She told me to leave it because it should dry fine....and it did...thank you Caro!!!! When the glue dried I dabbed the pictures with Modge Podge to seal it. I dabbed it because the ink ran when I tried to paint it. Then it made bubbles again and the moment it is still lying in the sun. When I have decided where I am going to hang it, I will know what colour to paint the edges...and I want to slightly distress it. You will see I have 4 pictures, Wilna was kind enough to send me a JPEG of the coffee cup picture...she is so sweet. Cupcake

Did I tell you that I am square...well I I am making my mirror album square...I used the cupcakes picture from the cup album. But now the question do we fill the spaces between the little mirror tiles?

Can't wait for the next class that starts at 4'o clock this afternoon. If you have suggestions about how I should cover the spaces between the mirror tiles, please leave a comment. Just take into consideration that the mirror tiles are pasted onto chipboard.

Thanks for your visit.

Hugs Lynette


  1. Your projects look awesome. Your hunt for the perfect cup paid off. Have a fun vacation!

  2. Wow! Lynette this class certainly looks like alot of creative fun!! I am are doing a marvelous job...your are looking wonderful.
    You could use tile grout between the mirror pieces...the extra will wipe right off before it dries...& it comes in different colours. I assume you would have to make sure there are no other pages or embellishments under the cover because the chipboard will go a bit damp before drying out completely.
    I look forward to seeing the rest.

  3. I love all these cupcakes! Great projects!

  4. All of your projects look just so amazing!!!

  5. Love your albums, Lynette! I usually stop by Starbuck's on Wednesday nights in between drop off and pick up with the boys at church. I may have to grab an extra sleeve to play around with for an album. Have a great week away!

  6. Those look awesome! Great job and have fun on your vacation!

  7. Love your projects, Lynette! The class looks like so much fun. Enjoy your vacation :)

  8. This is so cool. I love the cupcakes.

  9. Lynette, You are so talented and Artistic! I read through your blog and your cup album stories crack me up. I really want to make one, I just am not sure what cup I need to end up using? Is it cardboard> Then you covered it with paper?
    Love your heart and God Bless you! That is a great Worship song and touching you is what it's supposed to do! Hugs Meliss

  10. Oh, I love your coffee cup album so far! What a great treasure it will be when you fill it with your pictures.
    For the mirror album, I would glue different color strands of yarn and leave some hanging off the edge of the book as a fringe. All the different colors would look so pretty with all of your coloring on your cupcakes!

  11. love your projects Lynnette. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog... You wanted to know about where my sister is involved. She works with the communities in Port Alfred and Grahamstown. Send me an email if you want me to send you her information.

  12. Oh your post warmed my heart! Besides being some of the absolute cutest work out there, I sang that little coffee song in high school, and it brings back such fond memories. "Coffee and tea and the Java and me, a cup, a cup..."

  13. Do you have any idea how beautifull this all looks, you really made it your own. Well done!!


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