Monday, September 8, 2008

Word Art

Do you just love word art...I am somewhat of a collector...sometimes it just adds that little something to a layout....there is some great free wordart on the web...I found this little beauty at You will also find a lot of "pooh" sayings that are wonderful to use on kiddies layouts.

For a wide range of different wordart go to:
I just could not resist these had me in will find it here with many other wonderful creations:



  1. Thank you for sharing this link ... I will definitely give it a go. Warm regards

  2. Lynette! Where have you been hiding-lol
    It's so great to meet other *scrappers* from SA- lol. But from PE is just amazing!
    AWESOME Lo's girl- LOVE them.
    Thanks for popping by and will link you under my *proudly South African* links! WOOOHOO!



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