Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So little much to do...

Have you ever started your day, knowing that today there is much more work than what there is time to complete it? That is how I feel today. For many years I had domestic help and since Liza passed away in June, I have been trying to keep up to date with my work at work and at home...and I am losing the fight. Somehow I have come to the place where my work at home is behind...with a mountain of laundry...and my work...doing the admin and finances for our ministry is also behind. When I get to work...the needs of the people we serve gets first priority and the admin is put on the back burner....sometimes I leave work to pick up Bianca from college, and I never opened my briefcase to get to the admin. Then the intention is to do the admin at home...but when I get home...I see dust in places I don't want to...the pile of laundry makes me feel guilty...supper has to be prepared....and as you can imagine...the briefcase does not get opened. So now the mountain is growing at home and at work.

It is then that I want to say: "I am only one person...and one person can do only so much...." Then I read Psalm 118:24: "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." I know that my life has purpose....I know that work is therapy...although what needs to be done is not always a pleasure. Now it is my choice whether I am going to be sorry for myself all day or whether I am going to find my joy in the Lord. I know that doing things that I don't like is a character builder and the workplace is the place God uses to mould us into what He wants us to be. So Lord today I choose to find my joy in You. This reminds me of what E & L Harvey says in the Christian Daily Challenge: "Men make work but work makes men. A workplace is not the place for making money, in the first instance, it's a place for making men and women who can glorify God in all they do."

Now I am going to put on a praise and worship CD of Hillsong...and tackle the work ahead of me.

God Bless you today!

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  1. Good luck getting everything done. You are an amazing woman!


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